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I want to see how many people agree that S Meyer should finish Midnight Sun and write the other three books from Edwards point of view. I would LOVE to hear the story from Edward! Think about agruments with Jacob, killing Victoria, Bella saying yes, the wedding , honeymoon, and the birth of his daughter, all told from Edward!! I think it would be awesome.

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yes i total agree with you its soo good i would like to hear all of the books from his side
I agree! I haven't read Midnight Sun yet, but am really looking forward to doing so!
i can give it to u...jus gimme ur email id...its amazing!!!
sounds really good. i m with u.
that would be awesome, cool, and any other words you can think of
me too .. :) im so curious bout what he's thinking and what his mind hears ...
i wud LOVE to read those books!!!i want to knowhow edward felt when he left...when he told her "i love you".....when he tasted her blood n many more things!!!
yes i totally agree i would love to see new moon and the other 2 books through his eyes. knowing what he's feeling would be too kool
yes i agree so people could see that t not only bella how was in pain when he left for her own good in new moon
i totally feel that she should finish the book of edwards story
I would enjoy that so much! It would be cool to hear his side of the story. like that final fight scene with Edward and James. to see what really happened! the fire, Alice, jasper and Emmett's participation in Jame's demise...very interesting. to say the least. to get his take on his vampire conversion. how bad it was for him vs. how it was for Bella. lots of interesting details and info to be shared/ spilled. to get details about Denali. maybe get some more info on Alice and Jasper. Maybe get some details about Esme and Emmett. what do you think? awesome info to be gained. wouldn't you agree? I would imagine a lot of enjoyment and information to be gained from midnight sun. Maybe we would learn about Dartmouth, whether Nessie can have children and Edward hunting and more about how Edward sees himself and why. to see behind the face. beyond his mask. I like that.
I would love to hear Edwards thoughts.... She needs to finish it!! I need more :)


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