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Hello, my name is Elena. I love to make banners and graphics so, I would love to fill your orders. Before you order please tell me what you want before you put the form and make them a new reply.

(All headers below were made by Nikki :D )

If  I dont have a specific form here, you make it up!

Character Banners

(800 by 600)

Character Name:




Anything Else?:


Story Banners

(800 by 600)






Book Covers

(256 by 400)






Lyric Banners

(800 by 600)


Lyric Quote:


Anything Else?:


Pop Outs

(640 by 400 or 800 by 600)



Anything Else?:




Who do you want on it?:



What Color Eyes:

Pale or Normal:

Hair Color:



 Please Remember:

  • Please use big pictures. It's very hard to work with small ones
  • Your orders might not be done right away.If you need it done by a specific date just tell me
  • If you dont like the banner or you want me to make improvements just tell me
  • Remember Im still learning some tricks :)


If you dont like my shop I reccommend these


 Have a great DAY!


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no worries i'm sure nobody will think it's a big deal

cool and thank you by the way =) for taking this one, it's kind a special story, last person to make a banner for this one was Minn and that was January last year for a national book thingie, when i started to post it on wattpad, i got all teary eyed lol... it's in spanish i hope you dont mind =)

title: Por Caprichos De La Suerte

Quoute: el amor suele ser confuso

sumary: (set in the decade of 1820) SHE is a young orphan heiress that refuses to behave like society wants her to, HE is a reaper, masquerading as a human to get more souls...THEY where never supposed to meet, let alone fall inlove, but fate, had other plans.

pictures: you dont have to use them all i'll leave that entirely up to you

(sidenote: isnt nina dobrev the best actress ever?) i know it seems like too much for a  cover but well, i guess i'm exited, i only got two chapters to go before i finish the story and you know what they say about stories being the writer's babies, i feel as if i'm about to send someone to college llol =) good luck with the cover.

I made two versions of it, not knowing where to place the guy. I couldnt fit the quote on their. If you want me to fix anything, just ask =)

i like the first one thank you very much..i'm going to upload it now

Your welcome

Hi!:) i'd like a banner for a band please:)

Title: A Day To Remember

quote: you can use whatever quote you want from any of these songs "It's Complicated", "You Be Tails, I'll Be Sonic", "Monument", "Out Of Time", or "The Plot To Bomb The Panhandle". so if you dont mind, i'd like you to listen to those and then pick whatever quote you want from whichever song you want, because I can't pick between any of those songs lol

theme: hard to explain. it would be best if you listened to the band, because you'll get a general idea of the theme that way


thanks! I'm sure your banner will be amazing:D

i got some quotes you can choose from in order to save you time if you want instead of listening to all those songs. however, i still suggest listening to at least one song to get an idea for the theme:)

"I just hold it in, no matter how I've been, so nobody, nobody can tell"

"there's a hole in my heart where you used to be"

"Don't go thinking that this was a waste of time; I couldn't forget you if I tried"

"I'll live with regret for my whole life"

"Good-bye for a lifetime"

"This is my time to shine, let nothing stand in our way"

"We're running out of time"

"I just hope you remember all of the countless times that I believed in you"

"Don't think you've got to go in alone here, I've got nothing left to hide"

"I thought this was what you wanted"

@C.A Drake

I am just adding last minute touches to your banner

I made three versions. If you want me to fix anything, just ask

they're great:) thanks!

do you mind if i post a few requests for each of the members?

Nope. I would love to help

yay! just a minute:)


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