The Twilight Saga

I've deicided to make my own gallery to share some of my work with you guys 

I will also post some stocks, edits, songs I use in banners, and sometimes even random stuff! :3

If you see something you want to use, go ahead and use it, just please credit me if you do.

Also you can tell me where you used it! I would love to see what you did with it! =)



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A banner for someone in my book "Bitten"

Ashley Benson from Pretty Little Liars

*Credit to Zanica for the texture*

i need a banner for a event, a mutual actually and since we do one every two weeks or so i need you to leave a blank space where i can re-type the date and not order a new banner every two weeks, which would be bothersome... so here


Quoute: levantaos y brillad

its translated as: arise forth and shine

other subs: fecha/date


leave a blank space next to that so i can edit what date and time the mutual is than you so for the images here they are.

the theme of all the banner is friendship, and girls having fun i know you will do a great job

i knpw they are alot of pictures but well...its just to give you the "feel" of dont have to use them all and by the way thanks before hand =)

Something I made with a gradient I made

hey i was just wondering about the progress of my banner,  no rush, im just curious:)

I like the second version of this better

*Please credit if you use

I made four different versions of this


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