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I was here in the pretty meadow and Laurent was standing right in front of me. Victoria ..... I heard his voice in my head, but I could not outrun a vampire nor fight. And he had been on the hunt, typical me being in the wrong place at the wrong time. I hated to beign the center of attention, it was never good. 

While my mind was spinning in despair he grabbed my sweaty hand. 

"Bella, you are so mouthwatering, Victoria will find someone else to take revenge on." 

I shivered while he moved my hand towards his pale lips. I could see the battle which took place in his eyes. Was their any hope at all. "Laurent..." I whispered "She will come after you ... please ..." But before I could say anything more he put his feezing finger on my dry lips. 

"Bella, Bella I won’t hurt you. It will be over soon I promise." He held my hand against his smooth cheek "You're so soft Bella. So warm." 

He turned my wrist around smoothly and whispered "Soon Bella soon" 

His lips moved towards my wrist, I felt something. Like little needles puncturing through my delicate skin. As he raised his head in disbelief, I followed his movement. Out of the green bushes came a wolf, a huge black wolf. In his trail I saw more big wolves. 

Suddenly Laurent turned around and took off like a flash. The huge black wolf followed him after making a low rumbling noice. The reddish brown wolf stayed behind with me, looking at me. He watched me as if he was in dispelief and puzzlement 

I started stumbling backwards with a first hint of fire buring in my hand. I looked down cautiously and realized I had a blood ridden bitemark on my wrist. That's when I started running, I needed to get away from him. 

That's when I heard his silky voice again "Stay on your feet Bella, you need to keep going" And all I could do was scream "I know". My hand being eaten by fire. 

Just one second later I sat on the back of the reddish brown wolf, my fingers grabbing in to his thick fur. After a few senseless minutes I could hear someone calling my name. "Mom...." I whispered. But that made no sensce, unless Charlie had called her. I focused on the sound ... "Alice" I wispered .... "Alice, Alice" I started yelling. As if the wolf knew what I was stating he started running even faster. No, no was all I could think, I want to be here with Alice and I thew myself to the damp leaf ridden ground. "Alice!!!"

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Chapter 2

It was torture, every single cell in my body was on fire. I couldn’t stop twitching and moving I wailed and tried to keep the screams inside. Carlisle and Alice were always by my side; Jasper was there from time to time. The moments that he held my hand were my best moments but they always seemed so short.

Finally came the moment that Carlisle whispered, “It soon will be over, Bella,” in my ear. The relief, the knowledge gave me the strength, but I was so exhausted. Suddenly I felt the burning pain retrieving from every corner of my body. At first I was delighted until I felt the pain in my heart. The last struggle, the most painful moment of the change, my heart being consumed. I could not help it, a scream escaping from my lips filled with pain and loss.

When I opened my eyes again there was no sound coming from my chest. I heard a soft movement on my right and in a second I was up and turned toward the noise. Ready for...for what? It was just Carlisle trying to get past Jasper who stood in the doorway. I saw his expression and felt confused. Alice was peeking from under his arm and smiled at me.

“I’m so sorry for my reaction, this is very confusing. Like my body knows what to do and my mind can’t follow.” At that moment, I realized my mind seemed so much bigger, while I was talking and trying to ease Jasper. I also noticed the brightness of everything, the wild flavors in the air and I could hear a sound that was far away.

And that was the moment the mirror caught my eyes, I slowly walked towards it not knowing what to expect. I stared at my feet, Alice must have changed my shoes because I was wearing a pair of silver ballerina flats. I sighed when I realized I still had my jeans on and heard Alice mutter in the background. My blue T-shirt was still there, I was getting really anxious now. I stared in a pair of red eyes and smashed my hand in between them. The mirror exploded into a thousand pieces, I stumbled. “Red eyes, she has red eyes.”

Jasper stood right by my side in an instant and I felt his calming effect. I turned my head towards him in despair. Was I doomed already? “Bella, your eyes are red because of the fact that your body has consumed your own blood. It takes about 3 months and then the color starts fading and changing.”

If I could have cried, I would have. On the one hand, I felt relief, but on the other I was shocked by the news. I would have red eyes for 3 months. I would look like the vampires that had haunted me, that had tried to kill me. I felt two arms, no longer cold and hard, around me. Alice’s sent everywhere around me and her sweet voice. “Sweet Bella, everything will be all right. I have seen it, you know,” she added with a little laugh.

“I would never bet against you, Alice. I just hope I will be able to make your vision come true.”

Carlisle entered the room with a container. “Bella, this is for you.” When he opened it I saw some large bottles filled with a red liquid. I took one out and opened it, I could sense blood but it did not smell that good at all.

“Is it normal that I don’t really like the smell of this?” I was a vampire; maybe something had gone wrong while I was changing.

“I’m sorry, Bella, but this is the best I could do for you. We need to get going to a place far away from humans; you need to adjust to this new life as soon as possible. That’s elk blood; it isn’t that appealing because elks are herbivores. We will take you hunting but only when we have arrived at our new home. And Esme is already waiting for us there.”

I smiled because nothing was wrong with me and started drinking from the first bottle.

Chapter 3

I would never have guessed that a road trip could be so boring. We sat in Carlisle’s Mercedes with the blinded windows. Not that we needed them, we had been heading north from the moment we had departed. I sat next to Carlisle on the front passenger seat, Jasper and Alice sat in the back. Sometimes they would just look outside, other times I saw them looking into each other’s eyes. I felt like an intruder when seeing them like that.

“Riding in a car is pretty boring, isn’t it, Bella?” I heard Jaspers voice. I had totally forgotten his ability and if I would have been able to blush …

Alice’s soft giggle caught my attention, “Finally something normal about her as a newborn.” I turned around, not sure what she was referring too. “Well you still don’t like pretty clothes, you aren’t really the blood lusted newborn we had been expecting, and you deal so well with everything new; apart from the mirror. Esme won’t be too pleased with that news, she has searched long for that mirror.” Alice emphasized the word long; I sighed and shrugged at the reminder of the red eyes.

“I like my clothes, Alice, and nothing you say will change that. How should I behave to be a normal newborn? And what do you mean with finally having something normal?”

Carlisle answered, “She’s just teasing you, Bella,” while he was looking in his rear mirror towards Alice. “Newborn vampires have one desire and that’s blood, there is nothing so important to them. That is also the reason why we are going as far away as possible from humans. You just seem older than a newborn, you settled really quickly with the elk blood; even though you did not like it. Newborns are also unpredictable, they are easily irritated … you are still you. Not that there is something wrong with that, far from it, but it’s something totally new to us.” Suddenly he chuckled, “And I guess that now you understand why we love fast cars or prefer running.”

I smiled, “Yes I do.” Edward would have loved this, Bella Swan admitting that she saw the benefit of speedy cars. But he wouldn’t know it … they hadn’t told him … they hadn’t been expecting this … and he never wanted me to become a vampire … so …. I felt the anger grow inside, the injustice of this all, I had no problem with being a vampire. I would miss my family and friends, hoped that Charlie would accept what I had written in the letter that I left him:

Dear dad, I need some time away from here. I know you will be worried sick, but this is really the best thing for me to do. I have my cell phone with me, but have to charge it first. I will contact you as soon as possible. Please understand, I love you and will miss you.


But knowing that this would not change a thing for Edward was too much. I was sure that he wouldn’t want me anymore, even if I fitted in his world by being a vampire.

Jasper’s hand was on my shoulder and I could feel his relaxing presence. “All will be all right, Bella, you wouldn’t bet with Alice on that. Remember …”

“But how can you be so sure? Couldn’t I just flip and turn in this crazy newborn? I would never really take such a decision, so she wouldn’t see it coming. And Charlie … Mom, I will need to contact them but with this voice … Charlie will be alarmed before I can say that everything is all right.”

Alice put her finger on my mouth, it felt so soft. So very different from what I had been used to. “Give it time, Bella, and there’s always internet or you can blame it on the connection. Let your brain work, sweetie, not your fear.” The confidence in her eyes finally pulled me out of this state of despair.

“Thank you, Alice.”

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