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Eternal Night by Fierce Fanpire

(Ebony POV) Preface- They Came


They surrounded us. Six dark cloaks with gleaming red eyes and fierce snarls on their lips slowly advanced forward. Mother shoved Onyx and me behind her, and we both felt half of her vampire strength and powers flow into us. When a dark cloak let down his hood to reveal a pale white face framed by long, black hair, she spoke.
"They had nothing to do with this, and I accept full responsibility for the mess I've made. Please, spare them," she begged.
"Aro, you know the rules. No matter how much you favor a certain 'gift', she must die," a near twin of the man who is supposed to be Aro whispered roughly.
"Quite right, Marcus," he replied with a voice full of pity. "Come forth, Ebony." He was speaking directly to me.
I cautiously crept up to him, and he smiled down at me and took my hand. His eyes became unfocused and vague, and when he was through he said with wonder," It appears Jade is right, dear brothers. Let her death be quick, Felix and Demetri."
That's when they sprang toward her, and when she just said, "I love you, Onyx and Ebony. Never forget that", I knew she was content with dying. I closed my eyes, but I had already seen her blank expression in the fire. The sweet scent of a vampire burning filled the air, and it was over.
"I'm terribly sorry for the loss, but she knew the rules and broke them anyway," Caius said with a cold voice. "We hope you understand." They retreated into the smokey mist, and when we couldn't hear their footsteps anymore, Onyx and I streaked over to the remains that were our mother. I love you echoed over and over in my head, and I knew she was gone forever.

We were alone.



(Eb POV) 1. Going Home

It's been a couple of months since her death, but mother's last words still swirled around my head while we got on the plane. Onyx tugged me to my seat, and I heard her mumble about going to the bathroom before the jet took off. It'll be fine. You'll be fine, she sent telepathically.
During the flight, some weird guy just continually kept trying to have a conversation with me. I turned my back and switched my iPod on, but he still didn't get the  message. Luckily, the flight was only an hour or two of his constant chatter. The plane landed--Hallelujah!! I snatched Onyx's hand up and sprinted out of sight.
"What was wrong with that guy?" Onyx complained.
"Do you want me to answer that?" I replied, raising an eyebrow. She giggled and shook her head; silence hung between us until we saw a chauffeur holding a sign saying EBONY AND ONYX WHITELOCK.

We walked to him, and he spoke with a slight French accent, "Hello, my name is Pierre. Your father, Robert, sent me since he is unavailable. Please come with me." The stretch limo was tricked out, with a fully-stocked fridge and two plasma screens to match. The ride home was filled with oohs... and ahhss.... from both of us as we discovered the gifts Dad left us.
Rain poured down in the small town of Forks, and it was worse when we pulled up to the gate of the mansion. The bars of the gate were rusted and cryptic-looking. Opening his car door, Pierre got out and ran with alacrity to open the gates and get out of the rain. He put the car in park at the front steps, announcing, "Here we are. The key is in the plant by the step." And with that he cruised down the mile-long driveway.
"THIS IS SO COOL!!" Onyx exclaimed.
"TOTALLY!" I screamed back.

It had a god-only-knows inch Plasma with a whole wall of movies by it. There was an Xbox 360 and a Wii, with tons of games. A sofa had its back to a window and recliners to its left and right. A few simple wall lights lit the room, and a door next to the TV led into the dining room and kitchen. A dazzling chandelier hung high above the long oak dining table, and when I flipped the switch sparkles were everywhere. I couldn't help but notice the pictures of our childhoods were hung throughout the house, and I sighed, remembering when it was that easy.
"Onyx?" I worriedly shouted. She wasn't in the room anymore.
Turning around, I spotted Onyx fly up the stairs and nearly throw herself into a blue-and-green room. Sometimes I wondered when she was either going to give up being a Goth or start acting like one. I watched her for a second in the hallway and gave her a small smile before heading down to my own room.
Black and silver--literally silver, not gray-- were the dominant colors of my room, with white and black bedsheets and dressers. Silver and white stars hung from the ceiling, shining in the moonlight. I took out my contacts, flopped into bed, and wished Mother a good night, begging my mind for a dreamless sleep and a fresh start Monday.

Here are the characters, what I think they should look like.

Onyx Olivia Lunela Whitelock

Age: 16, Sophomore in high school



















Ebony Gabriella Rose Whitelock

Age: 17, Junior in high school






















The Cullens (if you're on this website as a member, I won't explain the character names)


Chelsea Turner (but with brown hair and green eyes; I'm getting someone to fix it.)

Christian Kelzern


The Volturi


Sasha (in human form)


Sasha (in wolf form)

Onyx (in wolf form)

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luv this story keep writing u hav a true talent!
Thanks!! I love to write, so this just came to me!
This is great! Please update soon!
Don't tell me how it ended!!! I keep on trying to remember to buy it, but I forget easily. Anyway, I'm about to post!! Thank you for reading my story!!
I almost died because it was the ending of series! hahaha i almost started crying bc i fifgured out it was the last book!
Awww... It's okay. WAIT!!! IT'S THE END?! *FAINTS* Hey um... Yeah. This is Fierce Fanpire's sister, Eternal Goth. She just fainted, so I'm finishing the comment for her. I'll tell her when she wakes up.
                                                        (Ed POV) 7. My Beautiful Ebony
    The wolves were wary of our forms, standing as statues do in museums. The tan one--Onyx, as Alice veiwed in her vision--formed whimpering noises in the back of her throat as she saw Ebony faint. Her head suddenly whipped updward and began a mournful howl, while the smaller silver one we saw earlier followed suit.
    "Onyx," I cautioned. A confused look erupted from her face. "Yes. We know it's you; please, we just want to help."
    "Fine," a tinkling voice hissed from the wolf. Our jaws dropped--including Alice and Carlisle--and she chuckled. "You carry her, and follow me to my house."
    She trotted to the trail of broken branches and burst into a flat-out sprint. I scooped up Ebony's resting body in my arms, and she groaned softly. I was frantic, racing after Onyx and calling over my shoulder for the others to catch up. It was a race--a race to save the one holding my heart.
    At the rate we were flying through the forest, the house crept into our sight of vision fairly quickly. The silver wolf--Sasha--trailed behind us, her eyes shifting restlessly around the trees. Her ears twitched at every sound, and eventually she broke away from the group and did her own scout of the terrain.
    "The key is underneath the matt, and check her room for the First-Aid kit." Onyx's voice was worried and stressed. "I need to go phase, so please open the door."
    Carlisle found the key and unlocked the door; she swerved around him and raced up the stairs. The sound of a slammed door and popping bones came from the second floor, and Esme winced as she came from upstairs with the kit in one hand and some towels in the other.
    "What?" she asked as Carlisle raised his eyebrows. She began placing towels on the couch and patted the seats for me. "It would be hard to get the blood out, since it's white."
    I gently placed Ebony's warm body upon the couch, and Carlisle went to work, cleaning her wounds with something he brought and eventually pulling out a needle and thread. I stood anxiously over his shoulder, and he finally got irritated and told Alice and me to go look for some clothes for her to wear.
    "Finally," Alice muttered as she snatched my hand. "Your future is changing so much it's giving me a headache."
    We went to her room at the end of the hallway, and Alice pushed the door open. It was clean but unorganized. Books were everywhere: on her bed, the floor, the nightstand. A laptop was on a desk in the corner by the window, with a story I guess she was writing on the screen. My curiousity got the better of me, so I read over it in a minute. It was fairly long, and she left it at a place that had me aching for more. Alice cleared her throat. I turned, and she was wrinkling her nose at the scant wardrobe behind her.
    "I definitely need to go shopping for her. How can she wear the same clothes over and over again?"
    "Not everyone cares about fashion as much as you do," I dryly noted. She stuck out her tounge at me; chuckling, I turned and skimmed the story one more time. "She's a really good writer, you know."
    "Yeah. I heard some of her poetry in English," she casually responded, showing me a poem she wrote, Hear My Voice.
    "Wow. That was deep," I commented after Ebony finished and the memory ended. "I wonder if she really feels that alone."
    Edward, she's starting to stir. Get Alice to change her before she awakens, Carlisle and Esme thought to me.
    "Alice--" I started.
    "On it," and she saluted, dashing down the stairs.
    I only had five seconds before she would burst in with Ebony in her arms, so I glanced quickly at the trophies she had lining one of her bookshelves: Mr. Arnold's Piano Recital of 2005-2010, Large Group Performance Evaluation 2005-2009, Championship Softball Tournament 1st Place Storms of 2005 and 2006, and Championship Football Tournament of 2007. She used to play football and softball? Emmett would be interested in this. It also looks like she's been playing piano and an orchestral instrument. Wow, she is truly amazing.
    "Edward, get out! I'm about to change her, and I am pretty sure she doesn't want anyone to see!" Alice hissed at vampire-pitch.
    "Okay, okay! I'll go." She all but kicked me out the door when I lingered for too long. I stumbled on the last step downstairs, and Emmett smirked as he glanced over his shoulder at me.
    "Dude!! This place has every game system made! She even has NFL 2011! It hasn't even come out yet," he yelled at the top of his lungs. "By the way, did you just trip on the last step?"
    "I was distracted," I defended myself, plopping down between Jasper and Emmett. I could hear Esme and Carlisle mumbling in the kitchen about Ebony and Onyx. Pots and pans clanged together as she fixed an easy dinner.
    "By Ebony?" Jasper smirked, wagging his eyebrows.
    "Shut it!" I growled, smacking him on the back of his head, causing the game controller in his hands to fall to the ground.
    "Watch it! I was about to win!" he whined.
    "I won! Jasper, pay up!" Emmett gloated, holding out his hand. Jasper grumbled as he slapped a wad of 50s in Em's hand.
    "She's starting to wake up, Edward. Maybe you should be here," Alice whispered as she ran down the stairs.
    "Thanks, Pixie," I joked. I was in her room in a flash and positioned myself at the desk in the corner. Admiring her beautiful face, I leaned back and waited for my love's eyes to open.
     My heart, my soul, my love; that is how you appear to me. I will always cherish thee, my Juliet.You are the center of my universe, so hear me. I listen to your heartbeat as you lay next to me. I pray for the return of your love I would keep so near and dear to my heart.
Love it as always!!
Aww.... Thanks, Isabella! You know, I just thought of something... You know the Lizzie Muguire Movie? The girl that she was mistaken for, her name was Isabella. Cool!
Hahhaha I remember that movie!! I think i'll go watch it know! :)


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