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Her eyes widened as a dagger flew across the field and entered his back. He didn't even flinch in pain. He turned around, flinging his own dagger at one of them. One grabbed for his neck but he was too fast. He grabbed the man and flung him over his shoulder, sending him into the ground with a painful cracking sound as impact was made. She stared, horrified as blood dripped from his back and down his leg. It wasn't possible that he could still be fighting with such force. “Go, Sophie!” His voice growled at her. “Go now!” The pronunciation of his words becoming deeper commands as he flung himself into the abdomen of another one of them. Sophie couldn’t move. She found herself trying to move, trying to run, but her body wouldn’t move. Her brain screamed demands at her legs but they wouldn’t move. Her breath came quicker. She opened her mouth to scream as a man came barreling towards her but a hand clamped down over her lips and nose, blocking all airways.

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Thanks! No it's not a fan fiction, just a story. =P 

Yay!! An update!!

Sophie is a privileged but sadly depressed girl!!

I love the element of suspense here with the mysterious fruit and the guy!

Loved it!!


Yay! Thanks Rachel!!! =D

Yes, please keep me updated. Keep writing. Annette

=D Will do girly! Thanks for reading!

Sounds interesting!

=D Thanks girly!

I LOVE it.:-)




=D Yay! Thanks for reading!!!

Chapter Two; The Spanish Class 

Sophie walked through entrance of the school quietly, not stopping to talk to anyone. She pulled her backpack higher on her back as she pushed past the people in the halls. Her locker was located, unfortunately, on the second floor. She climbed the stairs, careful not to knock into anyone and grabbed her books. She grabbed her Spanish three and her English reading books and shoved them into her bag before slamming the locker shut.

She walked to her first block class, which was English, and sat down in her usual seat. She sighed and looked at the door, watching the people pass. She glanced down at her backpack, thinking about pulling Romeo and Juliet out but had to quickly look back up at the door. She saw a tall, broad shouldered boy pushing his way through the crowd. Was that the boy that she had seen in the woods yesterday? She couldn’t tell, he was gone as quickly as he had appeared. Her brows furrowed together in curiosity.

Who was he and what was he doing here? She wanted to know. It was unfair the way he had treated her. He was obviously new to the town, he didn’t know that the woods were her parents’ private property, and she hadn’t ever seen him in school before. She felt anger begin to boil in the pit of her stomach. She wanted answers.

She slumped forward and sighed heavily. She wanted them, but she knew she wouldn’t get them. She could never have enough courage to go and talk to him. It was why she didn’t have very many friends. She didn’t reach out to people.

The bell rang and she sat up, resting her head in her hand and watching the teacher in a daze.

Throughout the rest of the day Sophie kept her eyes peeled for him but up until third block she hadn’t seen anything. Although she had heard two girls who sat in front of her talking about the mysterious and, apparently, overwhelmingly hot new guy. She hadn’t really thought about it before, her eyes were a bit blocked by her anger, but she supposed that he was a good looking guy.

She walked into her third block class, Spanish three, and found her usual seat. It was towards the back. It wasn’t that she didn’t participate; Sophie loved her Spanish class to death, her teacher even more, but Senora Bayes was very conversational. Sophie wasn’t. So she kept to herself in the back.

She started to pull her things out of her backpack, notepad, folder, text book, R&J book, and pencil pouch. When the bell rang she was searching through the pouch for her pencil. She silently cursed herself; she must have left it in her second block.

Senora Bayes was talking in the front of the room, Sophie wasn’t paying attention but when her name was called she looked up immediately. Senora Bayes never called on her.

What she saw standing in the front of the room made her stomach drop and her heart speed up all at once. She felt her cheeks begin to burn. Everyone was turned around looking at her, but not really at her alone. The only empty seat in the entire room was the one next to her. But it now had a resident. Looks of jealously and disbelief bore through her and the empty seat. “Sophie I hope you don’t mind sharing the table with our new student.” Senora Bayes smiled and gestured to the seat.

The boy from the woods took it without a word.

Sophie watched him with curious eyes as did the rest of the class. Senora Bayes eventually cleared her throat and began class. She looked forward, away from the boy and let her long, pale blonde hair fall between them. She didn’t want anything to do with him.

He was obviously the talk of the girls that she didn’t want anything to do with either. After class had fallen into a sort of rhythm she felt a finger poke he shoulder.

Sophie’s teeth bit into her bottom lip and she looked over at him, pushing her hair behind her ear as she did so. She gave him a half smile and raised her eyebrows as if to say “Yes?”

He took the expression as a queue to talk. “Hey, I was hoping that I would see you today, I’d like to apologize for how I acted yesterday. My attitude was uncalled for. I just hadn’t been expecting to see anyone there.”

Sophie was taken aback. “I- Oh, uh, it’s okay, don’t worry about it.” She replied.

His response was nothing more than a quick nod and a smile. After that he looked to the front of the room. If she hadn’t of just witnessed it, she would have assumed that he had never said anything. He wasn’t giving off any friendly vibes. He was scooted as far away from her as he could get, and was fully intent on Senora Bayes. He wasn’t even so much as leaning towards her. She still wanted to know what he had been doing out there though.

Sophie sat there for a second, just staring at him before she realized why he wasn’t being friendly toward her. She should have guessed it at first to begin with. He was just like all the other mindless monkeys at her school, doing whatever would make them seem “cool.” And talking to Sophie was definitely not cool.

It wasn’t like she wore big thick glasses, it wasn’t that that she had problems with her weight of complexion; it was the fact that she dressed the way she did, the fact that she wore lots of dark makeup. She didn’t mind that people didn’t talk to her though. She actually preferred it.

At least that’s what she always told herself. Deep down she didn’t what her problem was. When had the makeup gotten so dark? When had her clothes changed from blouses to over-sized band t-shirt? When did her shoes change from flip flops to Doc Martens? She didn’t know. She didn’t care to think about it much.

She didn’t let herself think. If she thought too much about things then they got jumbled up in her head, just confusing her even more than she already was.

The class roared with laughter, pulling Sophie from her thoughts. Senora Bayes had a smile on her face; it was obvious that she had just said something funny, probably about politics. She liked to poke fun at politics.

Sophie looked over at the boy who was chuckling lightly. She had obviously missed the joke.

Before she knew the bell was ringing though. She packed her things up into her backpack and waited for the boy to leave first. She pretended to look for her pencil. When he finally began to leave she found it and shoved it into her bag and then followed him out the door. She waited until the crowd was a bit less dense and then willed herself the courage to speak.

“Uh,” Don’t stutter! “Hey, I was just wondering what you had been doing out there?” She asked quietly, not even sure it was loud enough for him to hear.

“That’s not really any of your business is it?” He replied coldly. Sophie couldn’t believe her ears. What was his problem? Hadn’t he just apologized to her for this kind of attitude yesterday?

“Well no,” Well no? Of course it’s your business; it’s your property idiot! She scolded herself and then shook her head. She felt anger begin to churn in her stomach again. “Actually yes, it is, my parents own that portion of the woods.” She said matter of factly.

This stopped him. He turned around and looked at her, brows furrowed. “Your parents own that portion of the woods?”

“That’s what I just said,” She realized how rude that sounded and lowered her voice, “I mean . . . yes.” She said softer.

“Well then you won’t see me there again.” He said but Sophie could tell by the tone in his voice that he didn’t mean it. Either that or he was just trying to get rid of her.

What was so important that he had to be there?

“Oh, well, good.” She said, rather than confronting him. She couldn’t bring herself to do it.

“So if we’re done here, I think I’ll be leaving, goodbye Sophie.” His voice was distraught. His eyes looked everywhere but at her. He was obviously, for some reason, not comfortable speaking with her.

Was it just her? Or was he not comfortable speaking with people in general?

She suddenly realized that he had called her by her name. How did he know her name? He was already about a foot away from her, heading in the other direction. “Hey, wait! How did you know my name?” She blurted.

He sighed and without bothering to turn around, or even stop, said “The teacher called on you, remember?”

Oh yeah, she did, right when class first started; when she was telling him where to sit.

“Well since you know mine may I know yours?” She asked but watched as he engulfed into the crowd of people. If he had even heard her he didn’t let it show.

Sophie sighed angrily. What was his problem? Was she really that much of a social handicap that even the new kid could see it? Was she really not good enough to hang around? Probably. Her lips pursed together, maybe it was something. Maybe he just wasn’t a people person.

But neither was she, at least he had the appearance of a people person. She turned around and started walking quickly to her last block class. He probably didn’t want to start off at this school with someone who was socially impaired.

Sophie didn’t really blame him. If she had the chance to be someone new, to be someone who wasn’t grade F on the social report, to be someone who wasn’t known as the "new goth girl with social issues,” she would take it up without a second thought.

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wow well he was just down right rude. that boy need some serious attitude adjusment he does. Lol. I liked it. I am just a bit confused as to why it was called The Spanish Class when she was in English.I like that banner but who is Sophie being portrayed by? Is the girl an actress? I never seen her before and she's rather pretty. I am also a big fan of Dan so I am glad you're using him as a character in the story :) I liked this chapter. I think that the boy might be some different specie or something and that he is supposed to protect Sophie from something so that's why he's in the woods

She was in English at the first of the day, and then third block, when she had the class with Spanish, unless I made a typing error. Haha. 

Sophie is portrayed by Taylor Momsen, she played Cindy Lou Who in the Grinch, Jenny Humphrey on Gossip Girl, and is the lead singer to the band The Pretty Reckless. =D

Nice prediction!

I can't say whether you're right or you're wrong, but I can say that you're on the right track! =D

Thanks for reading girly! I'm glad that you enjoyed it!!!


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