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I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


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Michael Sheen at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Conference

Question: Does your daughter have any character she’d like you to play some day?
Michael:  When I told her I was going to play Aro, she said I was going to have to be bald. I thought she was going to be excited but she was really annoyed because it was HER thing.  I underestimated the effect. But she got excited eventually. Nothing can beat what you can imagine in your head.. even though I wasn’t a bald Aro hopefully she liked it.  And a character she’d like me to play… she probably wants me to just be her father. Be around as much as possible.
Q: Aro is obviously a very scary character. I think you play him with an edge of comedy.
M: One of the things I liked about the character that Stephenie hinted at in the book is that he thinks of himself as this sentimental fool.. and then likes to kill people. So instead of being the big bad guy, there’s someone who has fun, and he’s been around for hundreds of years… so he might get bored, so he has to come up with things that he can enjoy. So when he sees something new, it’s exciting to him.  There are moments when you see how much he enjoys the violence and the general meanness.
Q: Whenever I see Aro, yes he’s a vampire and he doesn’t blink. You’re human though.. you have to wear contact lenses.
M: I actually have red eyes, so right NOW I’m wearing my human contact lenses.  It is a challenge having the contact lenses.. they’re annoying things to go in your eyes on a Monday morning. But these ones for Aro.. I’ve never worn them that long before.
Q: What does a TwiHard get out of the entire book and movie series?M: Mine were bigger than the others’ because they wanted to affect my entire eyes, because I am much larger. You have to have someone lift your eyelids to get the top and bottom in separately… human beings aren’t meant to have things shoved into your eyes. But the more resist it, the more you’ll have to do it again and again. So you just have to relax. They have to put eye drops in all day. Things go as a pink-ish hue. You don’t have much vision, it does effect your vision.
M: When you come to the last chapter of the series, Bill has done a respectable job of serving the fans. especially for the people who feel like they’ve been with Bella, gone through with her journey. Bill has been very sensitive to that. I think Bella’s journey is one of.. a lot of people can relate to it even though it’s in the world of vampires. Bella’s journey is one that people can vicariously go through it.M: In some ways I’ve had a peculiar position with the films. I’ve come in and out of them, I’m not like Rob and Kristen. I’ve kind of came in and out, so I can still have a sense of what’s inside and what’s outside. Also, the younger fans don’t recognize me because I look different than my character. Until some parent goes… “see that guy over there? He’s in Twilight.” Then their kids attack.  I’ve seen the film twice now, and each time I get to the end.. I’m bawling. Goodness knows what 14 year olds are going to think.
Q: Talk about the new vampires.
M: We were all put in the same hotel for filming, and it was like Vamp Camp. It was very exciting running around together.
Q: Compare playing Aro to playing Tony Blair? What different skill sets do you have to do for either one?
M: One is a psychopath, and delusional.. the other one is Aro. (laughter) I’m only joking.  When Aro tries to convince all the other vampires about what to do with this child, he’s trying to persuade them and he’s being disingenuous. He’s laying it on quite think. He wants to sound reasonable but he ACTUALLY wants to cause chaos and mayhem. I instinctively started using Blair’s hand gestures. They’re both in positions of power
Q: Talk about the battle scene, and your crazies texperience with a Twilight fan.
M: We shot the battle.. I thought we were going to be outside and cold. When I was in the costume department, I made sure my costume was made of layers and cloaks and really heavy things. And then I turn up to film.. and it’s all CG and green screen, so I was boiling for weeks and weeks. We were on this snowy set. Team Aro was at one end, and Team Cullens were at the other. We were miles away from each other, so we couldn’t even talk to each other on set. And we had to stand around for ages.. some had nothing to do but stand.  Then on the last day of filming the battle scene, there was this huge dance that happened. The Cullen Team had choreographed this big dance, I think it was “Sweet Dreams Were Made Of This” It may beo n the DVD.
M: Strangest encounter with a Twilight fan… I remember being in a changing room in a store here in LA. I was buying jeans, and I came out of the changing room, and there were two thirteen year old girls, I don’t know how they knew, they found out I played Aro and they screamed at me. And I thought, “I’ll take these jeans.”
Q: Talk about your post Twilight experiences. You have a Showtime series and a new romnatic comedy.
M: Since wrapping this, since we shot a while ago. Recently I did a film with Tina Fey called Admission with Paul Rudd as well. I got to take on the role of Tina Fey’s British bonkers boyfriend.
M: I also did the pilot for a Showtime show called Masters of Sex. We’ll start shooting the first season in January. I play a real person and I’m looking forward to it.
Q: And the moustache? (he has right now)
M: It’s just for you. Well it’s moustache for Movember.. I even slightly waxed it this morning for you. (laughter)
Q: If you could go back in time to just before you joined the franchise, what advice would you give to yourself
M: I would probably give myself a good talk about.. I would’ve gone into therapy.

Director Bill Condon at the Breaking Dawn Part 2 Press Junket


Question: What feelings do you have now that it’s closed?

Bill: Real challenge was making sure itw as a satisfying climax. The film opens with an overture with scenes from all five movies. I did this thing at the end that brings you back.

Question: The visualization of the vampire’s powers… how did you bring those to the screen?
Bill: Bella’s shield, something no one can seen, you had to bring that to the screen. It can’t just all be something that gets adjusted. Taking Bella’s power, I wanted to make it as subtle as possible. If you watch it, the first time it comes off her you see a bit of her shape. It feels like something that’s part of her. I didn’t want to do a Wizard of Oz bubble.. they all presented challenges. Alex’s power was the darkest power. Throughout, we tried to side with subtly.
Question: The cast has grown. How was it introducing the characters and giving them time to be absorbed by the audience?
Bill: This is the movie I had that chance. It was part of the casting process… realizing everyone had to pop in in a very short time. So by the time we got ot the field, we knew what they could do. I attribute it all to the gifts of the actors. They took it all so seriously and they all successfully managed to make their characters pop.
Question: You haven’t directed all the films but you’ve seen all the films. Can you talk about the arc Bella goes through, and the performances you got from the characters – Bella more than any other goes through the most changes.
Bill: I worship at the alter of Kristen Stewart. Her arc was pretty – it wasn’t that big arc across the first three movies. In Part 1 she fell in love with a guy she’s going to marry. We made Part 1 and Part 2 as one movie. And it speaks to the achievement of Kristen Stewart.  It’s an amazing arc that she has across this, and it’s important to remember we shot it all at the same time. She’d go from filming as a badass warrior in the morning, and then emaciated in the afternoon (to film pregnancy) She has this extraordinary energy. She’s really so focused when she’s in something. I was really worried when we looked at the schedule. It was this added challenge she got excited by. I think she was dying to play the vampire.
Question: Fight sequences are challenging at best. In this film there’s a major sequence. What challenges did you find in designing and choreographing these scenes?
Bill: That sequence.. the sequence we’re not supposed to talk about.. was THE biggest challenge. Battle sequences are hard. Usually you get horses, big flags, and banners. You don’t have any of that here. These people are impossible… the only way you can kill them is by pulling their heads off. Working with Jeff (choreographer) was amazing to the ballet of all that.  You do all the solid work on that scene, and then you get to editing. Our editors spent a lot of time on that scene. Even though we designed it a certain way, we created a whole new architecture in post.
Question: I noticed a duality in tone – this film seemed more self aware, more humor. How did you balance that?
Bill: In the first movie I put a clip in, Bride of Frankenstein. That was a model. It had great balance. Twilight is not the world of Batman. It’s got a different tone. And Michael Sheen to me perfectly embodies that. There’s something very enjoyable about him.  This is an epic action movie with vampires – some of them have to be funny. Because they’re so strange.
Question: There’s so much lore in this series…
Bill: In Part 1, there’s not one new vampire to be seen. I love that this came full circle. It came into this very full, original. vampire movie. Especially with all the new vampire powers we get to see.. it’s very very original.
Bill Condon says Coppola’s Dracula was a movie he just loves. Favorite vampire movie.
Question: Can you talk about the demands and differences of working in a big tent pole franchise like this?
Bill: When you’re actually making it, it’s the same experience as any other film. Around the edges of how you put a tent pole together… there is this awareness of.. and it was an interesting thing. First of all, the fan base. This seems to be the most interactive franchise. I remember the first thing I shot was in Brazil. We were in a mad dash and there were paparazzi pics online 20 minutes after they took their first shot. And fans noticed Bella’s wedding band was missing, so we were able to fix that.  There’s sometimes tension because you have to be loyal to the book. I’ve been very aware with this movie that you’re making it for people who love it.
Question: What can you say about the change at the end of the film? What did Stephenie think?
Bill: Stephenie and Melissa cooked that scene up over dinner. She approved it, she was right there.
Question: Can you talk about… has these films affected your job offers?
Bill: I’m about to do a movie at the same scale as movies I’ve done before. It’s just about looking for films that excite you.
Question: Can you talk about the CGI process for this movie? Like Renesmee
Bill: We had tons of special effect shots on BD2 and we just finished them a few days ago frankly. The biggest challenge was Renesmee. We had to show that she was growing very very fast. Every time we see her, she’s growing. This was a process done on a few movies.. it was a real challenge because it’s trying to image Mackenzie Foy, take what we know of her, and imagine her at these different ages. Very complicated stuff that we were, again, still working on a few days ago.  The saving grace is that Renesmee is such a great creature.
Question: How did the studio approach keeping this without bloating?
Bill: Summit is used to making smaller films, so they know how to do it. There are these additional expenses which are crazy. Like ‘set containment’ which cost millions of dollars.. to keep everything secret.  This is a fantastical story but it’s an intimate one too. It would’ve been betraying it to make it with 300 people behind the scenes every day.
Last question for Bill: The film had beautiful scenery and camera work. Talk about that.

Bill: This film goes around the wrold, and we did go around the world so we could have a bit of egypt, baton rogue, new orleans, etc. Then the field (at the end)… right from the start when I read it, there was an option to go back to the film used in previous movies. But I saw this white, expansive board.. and having the Cullens defenseless.

Question: Where was that shot?

Bill: A green screen in Baton Rogue (laughter)

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Photo Gallery of Costumes and Props From the Burbank Twilight Convention

They have everything from Volturi thrones to Bella’s first hunt dress.

Stephenie Talks 50 Shades and Wrapping Up Breaking Dawn November 3, 2012 By Twilight_News

11 Days Until 'Breaking Dawn Part 2' hits theaters!

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Michael Sheen on The Late Late Show With Craig Ferguson Talking Breaking Dawn Part 2

Michael Sheen and Craig Ferguson are amazing whenever they are together!

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