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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


Twilight Breaking Dawn

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they are are not auditioning yet but here is the address to go and check it out check it everyday they did hire a casting director but they will not post it untill they get ready to start auditioning but here is the web address
I did find an update on audition's for anybody interested. I go to this website daily and check it for updates, I checked this morning apparently they are going to start soon on the audition's for these group's in Los Angeles Renesmee, Nahuel, Huilen, Jason Jenk's, the Denali Alaska coven sisters and of course Eleazar and the Amazon vampire's plus the new wolf pack. the film extra's will be hired near shooting locations, here is the website address please go take a look.
I've read in a dutch article that it's going to be in 2 parts (officially)!
Yes they are splitting it into two ain't that greattttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt
Now the only question is : where should it split?
Yea that is the question but I do have an interview with kirsten and melissa (screen writer) a couple of pages back if you want to read them they were talking about where the split should be too. I have put all the up to dated articles on BD on here
you are welcome
I think the first movie should end with Bellas' last heartbeat!!!!!
I also think that would be the best place to cut it off
yeah, me too

Kristen Stewart Talks about ‘Breaking Dawn’ sex scenes on red carpet in Rome (June 17th)

Here is a new video where Kristen Stewart chats about the Breaking Dawn sex scenes, and how they should be executed. This was on the red carpet in Rome June 17t


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