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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


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here at this website is an audio interview with melissa sorry I do not have program on my computer to upload it


Melissa Rosenberg talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie details (Audio Interview)

To hear this new audio interview with Melissa Rosenberg where she discusses the Breaking Dawn movie split, the transition of the Breaking Dawn characters and more CLICK the player below (I am unable to embed the player). You will see a small ‘Click To Play’ link under the pic once you’re on the site – so click that to hear the interview.

This is a very good in-depth interview with Melissa, and she really lets us in the Breaking Dawn characters’ characters heads

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‘Breaking Dawn’ Birthing Scene May Occur Offscreen, Screenwriter Says

Melissa Rosenberg talks briefly to MTV about Bella’s birthing scene in the Breaking Dawn movie

Movie Trailers – Movies Blog

When MTV News caught up with Rosenberg to talk about Eclipse, she said she was going to leave a lot of those hard decisions, like how to show Bella giving birth to vampire spawn Renesmee, to director Bill Condon. “From a screenwriter standpoint that’s gonna land more squarely in the director’s hands,” she teased. “That’s one of those things [where] I kind of say [and] make a few sort of general suggestions on the page and say, ‘Go! Go, Bill! Do it!’ “

Franchise star Robert Pattinson told MTV News that he’s glad he doesn’t have to be the guy who decides how to bring the birthing scene to life. “I think that’s going to be very funny,” he said. “The only thing I know about it is the famous scene: the kind of cesarean scene … I do not envy Bill Condon to have to think of some way to do that.”

Do you think they should show the birthing scene? I think it should be implied – and they could show it using creative angles which wont be offensive to anyone. They need to at least show her pain to some degree is what I’m trying to say. Otherwise it will be like this magical child just appeared out of nowhere, you know
I think it should be in there. I don't want to see Edward biting Bella's stomach open, but they can show Bella's face, Jacob's panic, Rosalie getting dragged out of the room and coming back when she is under control, Bella seeing Reneesme for the first time and Edward and Jacob workig to save Bella after.
I think it will be in there, they just will not show it like the book. It will be interesting on how they do it
here is another article on BD
breakingdawnmovie breakingdawn


‘Breaking Dawn’ birthing & sex scenes will be in the Breaking Dawn movies Melissa Rosenberg Confirms!

Breaking Dawn movie screenwriter Melissa Rosenberg took to her official Facebook fan page to clear up some misunderstandings regarding the Breaking Dawn movies

Sorry, I noticed you said official Facebook FAN page. How many members does she have, one? Sorry again but I have not come across anyone who like's MR ability to bring TTS to life as it should be!
update on BD

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New Video: Melissa Rosenberg on ‘Breaking Dawn’ sex & birth scenes

Elizabeth Snead of The Dish Rag talked to Melissa Rosenberg at the Prevention Magazine Hollywood Heroes awards, about the “Breaking Dawn” controversy over the graphic nature of the sex and childbirth scenes. She’s not planning on leaving out the scenes, just just making them more ’suggestive.’

I really like this interview. Melissa is so lively, and you can see that she is aware of what we all want in Breaking Dawn, and is willing to deliver in the best way she can, while maintaining a decent rating so everyone can see the film

NEW Interview: Melissa Rosenberg talks ‘Breaking Dawn’ movie to Hollywood Reporter!

The Hollywood Reporter has this great, brand new interview with Breaking Dawn movie script writer Melissa Rosenberg. She again, gives us some great details about the final films in the saga & reveals that she recently has been trying to get into the heads of the Volturi & learn their back story for the final films:

How much pressure you feel anyway because of the fanbase to stay close to the plot points of the book?

Rosenberg: You know, they would love for me to translate virtually every word and simply type it in. I think there’s been an education process of letting people know what adaptation is.

But to what extent have you used that to try to tweak things. I’m thinking specifically of the end of the fourth novel and the decisions Bella makes. You can’t really stray from the decisions that are made, so is this a challenge for you on that front?

Rosenberg: Sure. You can’t stray from the decisions she makes, but it was about finding that middle ground, finding that place where I could feel good about it and feel like the message I’m putting out there is in line with my own. That was a challenge because the fourth book moves further away from that. But, what’s interesting is, again, it’s already in there, it’s just about stripping away some of the other things — which I have to do anyway, in the process of condensing I have to strip away a lot of stuff. And I still am able to maintain the emotional journey of the character without violating any of my own sets of beliefs. I think the issue on the table we’re talking about is choice. But the thing that gets blurry on the issue is that choosing to have a child is a choice. So she’s still going to make that choice, but it is about her deciding to do this. And I’m not violating the story at all.

You probably knew about this all along, but Summit finally publicly announced that “Dawn” would be two movies. Had you written it as one movie already? Is this a huge pain in the ass? Or had you been working on it as two from the beginning?

Rosenberg: When we started, everyone was a little bit unsure. So it kind of came down to me looking at the book and going, Are there two movies in this? Which is a hell of a lot of pressure! Sure, we all wanted it to be two movies, but we had to look at it and see, Is there enough material for two movies? We all agreed there was probably too much for one movie, although I guess it could have been an incredibly long movie. So when I started getting into it I started to see, Yeah, we’ve got two movies here. Everybody agreed and I started approaching it as two movies. And then it came down to, Are the actors available for two movies? So there were a lot of things that went into this decision.

Maybe you haven’t gotten to this point in structuring it yet, but can you allude to what the cliffhanger of the fourth movie versus the fifth would be?

Rosenberg: We’re kind of still deciding that. I’m doing first drafts now. But I think it comes down to Bella as human and Bella as vampire. (“Breaking Dawn” director) Bill Condon may give you a different answer, but I think it’s a natural break. There’s her as a human with the baby and everything and then there’s her as a parent and a vampire.

Do you have anything on the burner? Do you have any scripts in the drawer for when you come out of “Twilight”?

Rosenberg: I’m still deep in “Twilight,” but it’s starting to loosen up a bit. So a month ago, I said to the reps, “OK, let’s put it out there that I’m coming up.” Things are starting to filter in — and they’re very clear as well about what it is I want to do — and it’s some really interesting stuff. Books. What I’ve found, because both “Dexter” and “Twilight” are both adaptations — and it’s really the first time in my career I’ve done adaptations — I kind of like it. I think I’m maybe kind of good at that. It pushes me creatively beyond my own limitations. Going into a world someone else has created, and I go there with a fresh eye and can open it. I really enjoy it. I’ve had the opportunity to be in “Twilight,” in which there are some strict boundaries because these fans are so ardent. You can’t just go wildly off into another direction. That is just unfair to the fans and you’re going to lose them. Whereas with “Dexter,” by the time we got to the end of the first season we were completely off the book. I’ve always worked collaboratively, that’s why I love TV.

So when you’re working with source material it’s like an indirect way of doing that.

Rosenberg: Exactly. I feel like I’ve been collaborating with Stephenie for four years. And literally, in some cases where I’m calling her and asking her, “What’s the deal about that?”

What’s the last question that you asked her?

Rosenberg: It would have been about the Volturi.

I love that you know that right away: “I know it was about the Volturi …”

Rosenberg: (laughs) I think it may have been something to do with, in her mind, in “Breaking Dawn,” what were the Volturi up to? We don’t see them until the end. And in her mind, what was driving them? She’s lived with these characters a lot longer than I have. She has a very intricate mythology and very detailed backstories for all these guys. At one point, I had so much in there about their backstories — it’s very interesting what she’s come up with and what I could expand on.

Oh, so you can actually work from stuff that’s not in the books.

Rosenberg: Oh, yeah. And that’s hopefully something that’s going to be fun for the fans. I was able to bring a lot of my own invention. Because the book is not quite two movies. There’s air, there’s room. With the other three it’s been a lot of condensing. And with “Breaking Dawn,” if you’re doing two, there’s a little air. It opens it up. But I need to stay true to the mythology. I mean, I can’t have it turn out that the head Volturi actually wanted to be a tap dancer and did vaudeville for a while
I agree with that, but her hair has to be darker...
here is another article on BD

breakingdawnmovie breakingdawn


What part of the ‘Breaking Dawn’ Movie is Kristen Stewart most excited for?

Kristen Stewart tells MTV which parts of the Breaking Dawn movies she is most excited to play in this new clip from her recent press junket:

Movie Trailers – Movies Blog

Long overdue weddings, unexpected pregnancies, vicious vampire wars: With so much ground to cover, how could “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn” possibly have satisfied fans with just one movie?

Frankly, it probably couldn’t have, which is why Summit Entertainment announced that the final “Twilight” chapter, “Breaking Dawn,” would be split into two separate movies. The decision to have the film unfold in two parts brings a sigh of relief not only from fans of the supernatural romance series, but also from many of the series’ cast and crew members. Kristen Stewart told MTV News that she was thrilled to hear “Breaking Dawn” would get a two-part treatment.

“I’m really excited,” Stewart said when we spoke with her as she promoted “Eclipse.” “I didn’t want to read the script that was just one [movie]. It would have lacked so much because you just couldn’t cram the story into one. At least that was my opinion, so I’m really excited.”

And Stewart has many reasons to be excited. Her character Bella goes through some dramatic transformations over the course of this final story. Stewart’s Bella finally marries Pattinson’s Edward and gives birth to their human-vampire hybrid baby, Renesmee Cullen. And perhaps most incredibly, Bella becomes a vampire herself. For Stewart, the “Breaking Dawn” story line is also pivotal because it’s where the Forks teen comes into womanhood.

“She’s a woman now and it blows my mind,” Stewart said of reprising her role as Bella one last time. “It’s going to be a completely different person to play. She’s like a matriarch now. She’s the strongest vampire, she literally can protect everyone. She’s literally impenetrable. I’m most excited about seeing Renesmee. It should be interesting, all of that stuff. It does have a video but the video they have I do not have the program to upload it sorry but here is web address
Anyone know how to find out about extras casting for Breaking Dawn??


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