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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


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Robert Pattinson Says ‘Breaking Dawn’ Will Be Very Sexy!

Here is another video of Robert Pattinson chatting with a different Extra corespondent and this time he refers to the Breaking Dawn movie as ‘very sexy.



Robert Pattinson Chats About Breaking Dawn Filming To Extra

Here is a new video of Robert Pattinson chatting briefly about Breaking Dawn filming with Extra at the Golden Globes last night.

Breaking Dawn peter Peter Facinelli Tweets Hes Back In Louisiana! breaking dawn louisiana setPeter Facinelli (aka Dr. Carlisle Cullen) recently tweeted from his official Twitter account that he is back in Louisiana!!  Yay!!  Back to Breaking Dawn filming in Baton Rouge!

Here is a manip that a friend of mine did, she is excellent and I wanted to share with everyone her name is Nawehl:

Hi Penny, Long time no speak!! hope your good, Im ok stared volunteering working with local teens who are homeless and in sheltered accomadation.  Its going well, did you have a good xmas? mine was ok the kids really enjoyed, My husband really out did himslef on the present front this xmas so I was really chuffed (happy) with my gifts lol
Hello Kirsty yes my xmas was o,k, I'm glad you had a great one.  Long time no speak I might have overloaded your inbox if you want me to stop sending that stuff i will
Back to the story about what Peter supposedly said....if you look carefully in the story, there are * around what he says. The sentence about them never seeing eachother is not included in the *. HOWEVER......Kristen did an interview/pictoral in Vogue (more reputable than ok!) and there was a sentence in there that refered to Rob as her co-star/boyfriend. Hmmmmm.....But I totally agree that until they say it, just leave em' alone. However, it would be cool if they were together. I think they are cute together, not just cause they are Edward and Bella. They just fit. :)

I went and looked up the cover story for Vogue Magazine and i grabbed and copied part of that article. That sentence that was in the article, Vogue is who said that rob is her boyfriend she never said it she said she was not going to discuss it here is the part of the article:


I just can’t go to the mall. It bothers me that I can’t be outside very often. And also to not ever be just ‘some girl’ again. Just being some chick at some place, that’s gone.” She can pinpoint the week she stopped being “some girl” and entered the land of 24-hour security, lockdowns, and endless speculation about her relationship with her costar-boyfriend Robert Pattinson, which she refuses to discuss.


Even Vogue is speculating it  because she said she was not going to discuss her relationship with rob why should she. So basically she did not say that the magazine did. To me in my opinion everything is still hearsay their relationship is still not public knowlege just what the reporters are saying, Rob and Kirsten still has not come out and said it and untill they do everything else is speculation nothing more and it looks like since she will not discuss it neither will he.


So also in my opinion all those reporters and magazines need to lay off and leave them alone, If they do not want to discuss it, then they need to learn to leave it alone and not hound them on their relationship

Breaking Dawn x2 43962a9 560x420 New Picture & A Video Of The Swan House Being Built! bella swan

We previously showed you pictures of Bella Swan’s house being built for the filming of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and 2, in Vancouver!

Breaking Dawn normal aronessie 280x233 Breaking Dawn Filming News: CGI & Renesmee! breaking dawn filming has gained exclusive information as to how the CGI will rapidly age Renesmee for Breaking Dawn Part 2 -

We now have more info about the CGI techniques that are going to be used in Breaking Dawn to rapidly age Mackenzie’s character Renesmee. The CGI team is going to use a mixture of ‘Motion Capture’ and ‘Live Action’ Photography by fitting Mackenzie with an individually made skull cap fitted with a tiny camera positioned in front of her face. Like Avatar, the information collected about her facial expressions and eyes is then transmitted to computers.

As reported back in October Mackenzie’s face will then be digitally transferred onto the face and body of a younger child to create the illusion of her character’s rapid ageing. Besides the performance capture data which will be transferred directly to the computers, numerous reference cameras will give the digital artists multiple angles of each performance. All live action and motion capture footage will then be composited on screen Breaking Dawn biggrin Breaking Dawn Filming News: CGI & Renesmee! breaking dawn filming news

Side note: I don’t know about you — but I LOVE that fan pic of Aro and Renesmee!!

I do not know how true this is summit has not confirmed anything on this:

The page for Breaking Dawn Part 1 shows that Eliza Faria has been cast as Little Renesmee -

Breaking Dawn LR Breaking Dawn Casting News: Eliza Faria Cast As Little Renesmee? breaking dawn casting

Breaking Dawn Eliza Faria 280x357 Breaking Dawn Casting News: Eliza Faria Cast As Little Renesmee? breaking dawn casting

Here is more information on Eliza (via -

Five year old, Eliza Faria, began her acting career when she landed her first role in a Lysol Disinfectant commercial at the age of two.  Her subsequent TV commercial work includes Cisco The Human Network and Hasbro Scatterpillar.  She appeared as a featured background actor in an episode of Smallville and as a victim of a cougar attack in a television documentary, Animal Planet.  Eliza began working in student and independent films in 2009 and has completed nine projects and two music videos.  For the past six months she has been working weekly with Clint Mayers of First Call Casting, learning acting, directing and editing.  She is an active member of Vancouver All Star competitive cheerleading

This seems like a weird choice for a "younger Renesmee", since it seems that they are going to de-age Mackenzie, I do not see why this girl would be needed.  Unless maybe their is a child labor law issue and they can't use Mackenzie the whole time.


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