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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


Twilight Breaking Dawn

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you are welcome

I'm really excited for Breaking Dawn.  I have so many questions for how they are going to pull off these movies.

I love Rob and Kristen as a couple, more than I should probably, lol.  I am way too invested in their relationship.  I really love how close the whole Twi-cast seems to be though.  I think they all really love each other and for a series that is so based in love, it really warms my heart :)

The wedding is my second most anticipated scene..the first would have to be Isle Esme so needless to say I am more than excited to see both play out on screen.

thanx for posting that Irene
OH yes I do. I am also hoping they will send something out for the rest of us to see. I wonder if anyone like mtv would do a live link on it?


By Twilight_News | July 9, 2011

Back when Laura went to Los Angeles to see the MTV movie awards, she met Jack Morrissey.  Jack is Bill Condon’s partner. Laura sat in between him and Erik Odom during the MTV awards show and the two of them had her laughing the whole time. they are both great guys, very cool, genuine and funny people.

Jack just started a Twitter ( @JackMorrissey ) account and he’ll be giving us some Breaking Dawn tidbits from time to time. Nothing too spoilery, all fun stuff.

So far he’s tweeted out a picture of Bill Condon’s and his dog (named Pigpen). He’s also put up a collection of the Twilight Saga books that they still have. (They had them all but gave away the early ones to an uber fan). And my personal favorite, the picture of Bill Condon’s Breaking Dawn clapperboard!

thanx Irene for posting that I always enjoy looking at those
I am with you there
Newly wed! Thanks,Pen! They look SO cute!!!!!!!! Looks like nothing new has been released.
unfortunetly Nope nothing new
*Sighs* They have kept us waiting for a long time. Nothing new after the trailer. Still 130 days to go. Give us something pleaaaaase!
I am in complete agreement with ya


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