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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


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Vicky I have to say I agree with ya on that WOW it is just a shocker and I will ALWAYS be an edward and bella fan myself. But this is true this probably has hurt her career and to think it just got off the ground She made choices and now she has to live with the consequences of her choices.

Have you gone to any other websites to read about the story? The negative comments about Kristen Stewart , both personally and professionally, are vicious. Does anyone know where she is now? How does Summit regroup? In all honesty, their private romance, to a certain extent, did help sell the saga. Where's Rob?

I have not read anything else on it sorry wow it is news. Now it is up to both of them to work it out if they so wish. Now that is out the media needs to leave them both alone so they can try to work it out. They can not do much if they get bugged about it.


If it helps...he has left.  They say he pack up and left early morning.  As I understand it, he is a wreck.  Some are saying that she will get him back because he is just too much in love with her.  They also say he has been wanting to propose for a long time but friends kept talkinghim out of it.  So I think friends knew things they never told him.  Maybe they will be more forthcoming now.

Thanks Pinkie. Personally, I hope Rob ends it. He gave her his undying and unquestioning devotion and this is what he gets in return? She was sneaking around seeing this man while she was wearing Rob's clothes? He loves her without question, but she doesn't even respect him, how could she say loved him or loves him still with a straight face? If his friends knew of her indiscretions, they should have been true friends and informed him. The real question is what does Summit do with all premieres and red carpets? Fan outrage is enormous.

Hi Vicky,

I think this may get worse before it gets better. I was reading that she tried to pay off the photographer which (if true) means she knew it was coming and even that did not give her reason to tell Rob. She was more concern with not being caught than protecting him. Rob was quoted saying how cheating was a BIG deal for him. He said his mom was 17 and dad 25 when they married and have seem happy together ever sense. So she knew that this would hurt him.

I also read how she and Rupert met up that day and again if what was said is true, theirs could not had been a first encounter. She got a call, turned her car around, met him in an area where several buildings were for lease and out came Rupert. In the car he went and the kissing was immediate to the point of neither could be seen for a while. That is not a first encounter. Two days later she is cozy in a restaurant with Rob without a care.

I do not know her but I would put money on her doing whatever she can to get him back - not because of love- but because of control. She got dumped and not the other way around.  I honestly do not believe she loves him but loves how much he loves her.  His leaving defies her control and she will fight to get it back, but she will cheat again because she does not love him.   I hope the friends who are now said to have been trying to warn him for some time to include talking his out of proposing already, will help him see that he needs to let her go completely.


Hi Pinkie,

I hadn't heard that she tried to pay off photographers. Ew! If she didn't want to marry him, why didn't she just say so and end it. This hurts  her professionally because what leading male, especially if he's in a committed relationship, wants to be seen or work with her. The press that she'll bring is a liability to any project, and don't believe the hype-enough bad press can damage your career. You're dead on about the control issue  and her cheating because I'm certain that she is the one who wanted to keep Robsten on the downlow. Rob always seemed fully committed to the relationship. She never did. Question, Pinkie, Pen & all my other Twihards- Do you feel that we as fans of Twilight pushed her and Rob into a relationship outside of the films so we could have a real life Edward and Bella? I don't think that we did. What do you think?

Hi Vicky,

First, let me say I do not know these people personally, but I do feel like I have heard enough about them to give my opinion fairly.  Rob is sincere in his feelings for her.  I see him as a wide-eyed adult boy.  That is, he is an adult in age, but child-like in most all other areas to include being naïve.  I see Kristen as mentally quick and self-absorb.  She is aware she is mentally older than he and uses it to her advantage.  Her goals, her wants, etc. are about Kristen and no one else.  She does have feelings for Rob and I would bet sincerely sorry for what she did, but...she does not love him...and never has loved him as he loves her. It is more like the love for a puppy.  Is she capable of loving him?  That I do not know but I do not believe she loves him today.  This is all about damage control and who left who. 

Fans are at fault to a degree, but not fully. As I said Rob is sincere but Kristen saw opportunity. The sense I get from her is that she not only likes control, but likes knowing she has what others envy.  Girls scream for this guy and she knew his feelings for her.  He was cute in her eyes and she liked him enough….so., why not? 

This was not planned out using him from the start, but that decision to be with him catapulted her into her stardom and for the first time in her career, she was known thanks to him.  So there was gratitude on her part to a degree as well.   While I can not say she planned this affair to rid herself of Pattinson, I think she liked taking the risk and/or believed he would forgive her anything.  Stewart has not been shy in saying she wanted to ____up.  The mere fact that she wanted that is telling of her mental state.   There is something there that I have yet to recognize but she has issues.   Sex for her is not an issue with anyone at anytime.  I see her as very much into exploration and I do not see that changing anytime soon. 

It is possible she felt she owned his heart enough for that, and it may prove true, but no matter what happens, I do not believe she loves him equally.  I actually can even see this as testing herself as to if she can get him back!  Again just many views of her possible state of mind.  That would not be love if you would play with someone’s heart either, showing again why I do not see love.   Kristen would be able to do what she did maybe if caught up in a sensual moment, but to have no guilt after? to the point of letting him learn almost with the public?  And from an employee instead of her?   That is not love.  That is self preservation.  You will never convince me that you can do what she did and just two days later be all cozy with him as if nothing happened!  Guilt alone would prevent that.  Had it been a mistake, she would had regretted it before it was public. That matters because it shows me that the cry for sympathy is not to Rob but media and fans.  In other words: damage control.  So to the degree that she knows her career rest with fans...yes they mattered in this relationship but ONLY for her.

She has already won from what I am hearing as fans are mixed in their feelings and they (MEDIA) are saying her level of film bankable stock has just went up as she is now the girl who cheated on ROB PATTISON! They are thinking people will come see her to see who is this girl that the hot young lover could not keep from the old married director. Hollywood sees dollars in that.   It is now up to fans and I think she will win them back if she ever lost them.

I also heard that Universal is talking about removing her or Rupert from SWATH 2 all depending on fan fall out over this.   So it is all in fans hands now.  They also say if Rob goes back it would send her stock even higher.  As for him?  They say that remains to be seen as his movies have not been all that and he was dumped!  Hollywood.  ;-/

Hi Pinky.

Love your analysis of the situation. You go deep! Personally I think his career will fair better than hers. Most people  I know saw SWATH to see Charlize ( I know I did) and so did the  critics. For Rob, if Cosmopolis as good as they say it is , he could be on to bigger and better things. As for KStew winning people over ,you're right that remains to be seen. I have read her being called all kind of talentless ( You fill in the balnk) on all types of gossip and industry websites alike. 

To answer your question Vicky No I do not think we did that. They are adults and made their choice to get involved they do not seem like two people that would let outside influences influence them in that way, you know what i mean? that is my intake on it.

I agree Pen, I don't think that we did. Have any of seen the video of that  screamimg "Twilight" fan denoucing KStew. It's creepy to say the least and that's where my question came from.

Vicky, I have not seen that video.


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