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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


Twilight Breaking Dawn

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I just got caught up Danette on what is going on so it is true huh? OMG I wonder what was going through her mind?

What is odd is that E News had interviewed Kristen asking had she no camera''s around and she could get away with anything, would she do anything different.  Her response was 'no because she does whatever she wants already!  '

Takes on a whole new meaning now.

i seen the pics they are true i have been in denail since yesterday but after seeing the pics i realize its her the hair color face the way shes dressed we all kno kristen trademark lose shirt,jeans,converse,baseball cap i can't believe it 

The cap is Rob's according to what I read.  Having an affair hiding under his cap.

yea true but everyone keep asking will this mess things up for breaking dawn and i am like no way twilight to the end lol

Thanks penny! I love movie scores so it's no surprise that I am crazy about Carter Burwell's Twilight scores. I even have Twilight's score on my mp3! 70 musicians in 1 room..all for TTS Breaking Dawn: awesome! oh and btw, thank you penny for keeping me/us happy about BD2 even if the current news is not so "sparkling" today.

Hello nycmarie, you are right news is not too sparkling lately it should pick up a little bit the closer we get to it. I am happy that I can keep you all interested and happy for all of this yet that makes me smile. But I sure do appreciate EACH and EVERYONE of you that has put time in this also because YOU ALL HAVE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and thank you

awwww g'won penny. You're so sweet & humble. Take the least mine *applause*

So penny,

are we going to keep the non-sparkling news out of this forum or should we do it elsewhere? It's sad news but maybe you don't want your thread hijacked? Relating to BD2, I don't know how that publicity is going to play out...Wow, KStew also hurt everyone involved in TTS now that I think of it.

nycmaire you are right this is big news but and I APPRECIATE it very much for them posting but yes we all need to try to stay on topic on here. It does hurt knowing that she would do something like that but I just hope she and rob can work things out. Can not blame him if he does not want to work things out either. All I can say right now is I wish them all good luck and I will pray for them and that is all I have to say on it because this is now going to have to be between both of them and everyone else needs to stay out of it, that is my opinion.

By the way nycmaire you are sweet and thank you for everything :) :) :) :)

Dear Pen...and (Vicky)...

I have no intention to hijack your Fabulous Breaking Dawn it accidentally manifested into this Breaking Dawn post...was I saw late last night Us Magazine postulating that Kstew cheated on Rob with her Snow white director. At first, I totally dismissed it....laughed at it...and presumed it to be trash like all the other fabricated rumors about them for the past four years.

However, my six sense, was on high alert for multiple reasons....

1. The rumor kept multiplying by numerous sources and stated documented pics and involving Rupert...mentioning he's married with 2 young children. I said...hmm, that is a pretty vicious rumor to involve innocent children/wife....and that was the red flag for me. I didn't think the media could stoop that low(maybe they could), just didn't resonate well with me. I didn't want to believe it...I rationalized everything that was counter intuitive....I just knew in my gut it was true...I just couldn't face it.

2. This morning I scoped the forum to see if anyone here was thinking or saw the rumor last nite....Nothing...until I saw Vicky's comment to you about discussing "The elephant in the room" and that is how I landed on your post....not meaning to rain on your parade....sorry.

I feel sad...on so many levels...because "cheating" is like a spider web of deceit...effecting so many people. Kristen is a coward....if something in her relationship with Robert was not to her satisfaction....she should have addressed it or terminated the relationship. She wanted her freedom, liberation and "cake" and eat it Robert's expense....dangling him in her web "just in case" her sexual experimentation isn't what she 'needed' or wanted...Rob would be waiting/available in the foreground. "SELFISH" the only word for her actions...Rupert's wife/kids are the real pawns in her little Web of deceit. Why does a young woman tinker around with a unavailable, married man with children...shamefully in a car? A woman who has no regard for herself, her boyfriend or the other woman's children/life. Home wrecker is appropriate, who doesn't want commitment....what else could it be? Kstew's actions speak She's young...and impulsive....with no intention of committing to Pattinson in a honest/adult way. And even if she didn't have sex with's still cheating....a symptom of underlying problems below the is her drug...she risked everything....her career, her self-esteem/respect and most of all satiate a void within herself or potentially her relationship with Rob.

I actually love kstew...I think she is a amazing actress, but, I think her Ego got the best of her in this situation....the very thing that Rob fears from being a celebrity....she overtly embarrassed herself, him and they have become the cliche' Hollywood couple...rather than the the idealized couple we all were rooting for them to defy the superficial hollywood machine....and be the couple who defines commitment, stability and lasting true love. In my heart....I hope Rob forgives her, and get to the root of  the problem....because "cheating" is not a lapse of judgement or's a serious issue most likely stemming from underlying problems not resolved or recognized by themselves or their partner.

I can't imagine the betrayal Rob must feel...but, if they love each other enough....they can get through this very painful road  that lies ahead.....



DMK, Oh I know you were not hijacking this spot NO WORRIES, I am glad you guys posted this because like me I am sure others have not had a chance to see or hear what is going on so no problem but in my opinion it is now left up to those two to decide what is going to happen and this should be a private matter for them but to put ONE more word in on this I agree with you. Thank you for posting this and PLEASE NO WORRIES o.k.

Sorry...It's really not my style to exploit....or undermine/be judgmental of  people.

But, I had a bad feeling and was seeking the truth to my inner-voice....and I got my answer....not the one I wanted...but the answer.

I would love to discuss some Breaking Dawn topics...but, right now...I'm a little sad and uninspired....

I will not post any more about their relationship...okay?

thanks penny...




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