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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


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Breaking Dawn – Part 2 tickets go on sale October 1, 2012 + Enter contest to win a trip to the world premiere of Breaking Dawn Part 2  

**Fandango announced today that you will be able to buy your tickets to see Breaking Dawn Part 2 on October 1st! You also will be able to buy tickets for the Twilight Marathon!

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Twilight fans have been counting down the days until the beloved series concludes with the second half of Breaking Dawn. And though the final Twilight chapter won’t be in theaters until Nov. 16, you can start planning when you’ll actually see the movie on Oct. 1.

That’s the day that Fandango will begin selling advance tickets for “The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2″. Tix will go on sale Oct. 1 at 12 midnight EST, more than six weeks before the movie’s actual release date. According to a recent survey, a majority of Fandango moviegoers named Breaking Dawn – Part 2 the most anticipated movie of the fall season, so you know tickets are going to go extremely fast.

How do you get them? Twilight tickets will be available at and on Fandango’s mobile site and apps. Moviegoers can now sign up for a Fandango FanAlert. They will then receive an email reminder when Twilight tickets go on sale in their area. To do so, visit 

And don’t forget, advance tickets for the Nov. 15 “Twilight Marathon” – where all five films of The Twilight Saga will be shown in order at select theaters — will also go on sale on Oct. 1. 

In anticipation of the film’s release, Fandango has launched its latest Twilight Movie Guide with exclusive content including video interviews with Robert Pattinson, Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner and all of the film’s stars, a comprehensive character guide and the latest Breaking Dawn news and updates.

**Enter for a Chance to Win a Trip to the World Premiere of The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2 in Los Angeles!

Grand Prize Winner Will Receive:

• Round-trip airfare for 2 to Los Angeles
• 2-nights hotel stay in Los Angeles
• 2 tickets to the world premiere of
The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn – Part 2
• Car rental

Click HERE to enter!

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New Face Friday Interview with Noel Fisher AKA Vladimir in Breaking Dawn - Part 2, and your favorite Twilight Fansites, have been invited to participate in New Faces Friday.  Every Friday from now until the end of October, a new actor/actress and Breaking Dawn - Part 2 character will be spotlighted along with a new interview conducted by fansites.  

This week Team Twilight is featuring the full interview with Noel Fisher who plays Vladimir!  The Romanian coven ruled the vampire world until the Volturi decimated the coven and took over power. When the Romanians were overthrown, both Stefan & Vladimir lost their mates during the battles. They constantly search for ways to damage the Volturi’s power & take any possible revenge against them. The Volturi periodically send vampires after them, but the Romanian Coven remains on guard against them.  We also get our first glimpse of Vladimir in the Breaking Dawn - Part 2 trailer here.


Now onto the interview:


It’s been a really good year for you professionally, with playing a great character on Shameless, and then the role of Cotton Top on Hatfields & McCoys. What made you pick a 3000 year old grumpy vampire? Why did you want that role?

I actually booked Twilight before Shameless or Hatfields & McCoys, but obviously the Twilight franchise is in a world of its own, a class of its own. It’s really really different from anything else I’ve ever done. And that’s something that I try and do with my parts, kind of pick parts that are really different from one another and I’m also just a huge geek at heart, too. I love vampire stuff, I love fantasy/sci-fi, and all that kind of stuff so it’s right up my alley. That was another lucky thing. I get to play like a 3000 year old bad-ass vampire. That’s awesome!

You filmed Hatfields & McCoys in Romania and you played a Romanian vampire inBreaking Dawn. Did you feel a special bond with the country when you were there filming?

I don’t know, I basically thought it was a really funny coincidence that I was going there just a few months after Twilight wrapped. I thought that was quite funny. We shot near Vlad the Impaler’s actual castle, which isn’t really a castle anymore. It’s basically a bunch of rubble now, but some of the drivers in Romania were telling us that just a few miles from where we were was a pile of rubble that was actually Vlad the Impaler’s old spot. So I thought that was kind of cool.

Read more.

See more New Face Friday posts:

Source: Twifans

Irene, thank you sooooooooooooooooo much for posting all of this.

Breaking Dawn Part 2 Ticket Details

By Rebecca Murray, GuideSeptember 13, 2012

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Breaking Dawn 2

It's been at least a week since we've had any The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2 news and we wouldn't want Twihards to go into withdrawal, would we? No. So, here's the latest on the sparkling vampire franchise:  Fandango has just released a Breaking Dawn Part 2 ticket update that should hold Twilight fans over for at least another week, revealing they'll begin selling advance tickets to the final Twilight movie on October 1, 2012 at midnight (EST). That's six weeks before the movie's official release date. Tickets for the November 15th Twilight film marathon (a back-to-back screening of all five Twilight films) will also go on sale on Oct. 1st.

The online ticketing agency also announced Breaking Dawn Part 2 was chosen as the Most Anticipated Movie of the fall season.

Says Executive Vice-President and General Manager of Fandango Rick Butler: "Each installment of The Twilight Saga ranks among Fandango's top pre-selling films of all time. With moviegoers telling us that Breaking Dawn, Part 2is their most anticipated film of the Fall season, we fully expect tickets to go quickly, while our fans rely on Fandango to reserve their tickets when advance sales start on October 1."

For ticket info and to sign up for an email reminder about the advance sale, visit

Nice one, Jess! Thanks for posting. Excitement level up but why am I apprehensive at the same time? Weird!

I'm with Irene: thanks Jess! & I am excited but also apprehensive about BD2. I think it is the sheer enormity of it is a saga, OUR SAGA. The Greeks had their saga, the Romans had their saga and now we, too, have OUR saga, lol. I was just thinking yesterday about what people will make of TTS in 100 years...500 it really that big that TTS will be remembered as a part of WORLD history? I think it will. There's like a mystical air about everything (even the Antis) connected to TTS. No one can really explain how or why TTS has influenced so many lives. Just the sheer numbers of followers, fans, haters, fanatics is mind boggling. I'm thinking that this is what it must have been like in America when the Beatles made their appearance on the United  States scene. For me, BD2 has me feeling the way I would probably feel if I could only have one child and then no more. I'd be happy & excited to have my baby but that would also mean the end of babies for me. Does that make sense? Also, a lot of times when working on a film the film is referred to as "the baby". There are no more TTS babies after BD2. It's exciting but a little intimidating.  The TTS world as we know it is over with BD2 coming out, I desperately want to see it but it signals the end of an era. 

Well said, ncymaire! All I can say is I am privileged to be part of this pop culture phenomenon. Who would have guessed! At my age? Who cares! I did my share defending the books, movies, actors from TTS haters and bashers, eager to learn about the actors' latest films, television appearances, career projects, collecting whatever TTS paraphernalia there is - all stashed safely away from dust and mites - just to mention a few that got me twilighted. Who would have guessed I whined and pined my family to buy me a piano because I wanted to learn, to play "Bella's Lullaby", eventually leading me to obtain without fail all TTS piano songbooks - OST and Score? These are perhaps my prized collection that will sail me far into the night when the hype and hoopla will have faded into oblivion. But oh no, not with me! I have my piano, my songbooks that will gear me to twilight mode and play with careless abandon when the TTS nostalgia hits me. This will be my own version of 'Twilight Forever'. 

May be an end of an era, hesitant and reluctant to accept, but may the friends I have met along this phenomenal journey know no end. Thank you, ladies! Thank you, Twilight! 

Wow, learned to play the piano?...and I thought I was getting the best out of TTS, lol. Seriously, I did: I have a chance to believe in love again, that maybe I will find my soul mate. That maybe I will be better prepared if I do meet him. And if I don't...well, a girl can always dream, right? It keeps me going, having the hope of true love one day..and at my age no less. But I think the biggest gift I got from being a part of Twilight is having friends. Even though you guys are in cyber space I know I can come here & feel at home. Truth be told I just had an 8 year relationship end. It was a very bad relationship, very abusive verbally and emotionally. Finally about a month ago he hit me & he admitted to sleeping around for years now. I would never have had the strength to walk away if I hadn't absorbed twilight and told myself I deserve better. Maybe not as much as Bell & Edward, and the other characters but I have hope and that is so important for me to have and hold onto.And of course I have friends now, The ExBF chased all my friends away. I have been terribly lonely. When I come here to share common ideas or just to see how we're all doing I feel welcomed and at home. We have here a spirit of "We" not "I" and that's a wonderful thing. I have made friends on here..friends that I truly love (you know who you are). I thank TTS for that. I also thank SM for writing the gives me hope (again) that I can write my stories and who knows? Maybe others will read them or get something out of them..something positive. Anyhoodle, I'm getting all choked up here. I hope that we can maintain what we have grown here after the last film, BD2 comes out. Perhaps that is also causing my sense of apprehension over BD2 coming out. And who knows? I said no more TTS movies but Hollywood is always making remakes although I am quite content with what we have been given thus far.

I hope that it is okay to post my feelings here. I didn't mean to move away from the countdowns (Thanks so much penny & Jess and everyone else who tirelessly posts here.). I am wondering if we should start a new thread about how we feel about the coming of BD2 and what TTS means to us. Whatta ya think? I'm not going to start one unless others want it only because it is hard to maintain a thread & I am not so healthy these days. In fact, I wouldn't mind finding a link to such a thread in my mailbox from one of you guys.  In other words, anyone can start that topic and I'll join in. Okay, enough out of me. hugzzz to all of you& thanks for being here for me.

Yes, nycmaire. Playing the piano again now has never been better. I'm grateful for the lessons I took when I was in grade school. It took Twilight to reignite my passion for it.

I admire your candor. I can only imagine what you have been thru all of 8 years. But that's all in the past. You no longer live there. It's good to know you found solace coming here, where, if we were face to face, I'd be holding your hand listening to you pour out your woes. Thank God for Twilight, twi-hards, twilighters, twifans and what-have-we. It's like an outpouring of emotions that only one can share openly, others empathize to, hope and pray for the best. We'll still be in touch after BD P2. I would like that to happen. Take care of yourself, ncymaire. Health is wealth. I'm here for you. 

*NEW* "Breaking Dawn Part 2" Poster With Robert Pattinson & Gan...

*NEW* "Breaking Dawn Part 2" Poster With Robert Pattinson & Gang & Previous Posters Now Untagged


We had these ones before but with a tag on them (and you know how much we hate tags), so here they are now untagged.

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