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every thing breaking dawn new's, pic's ect....................

I know eclipse have not even came out yet but As far as I am concerned I am pretty stoked about BD getting made I noticed someone put something like this for eclipse and I though well why not BD here I will put articles I get from bd here and You all may do so to or pic's that you have everything related to BD. for starter's here is a article about summit thinking about putting BD in 3-D.


Twilight Breaking Dawn

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OMG I hope we get to see this in the movie awesome I cannot wait and thank you for posting

I am pretty sure we will!and you're welcome(:

I am soooooooooooooo looking forward to this movie

A very happy birthday to our talented director of Breaking Dawn Part 1 and Part 2, Bill Condon!

you can catch up with what  Rob did on Australia here- events,etc

Happy Birthday Bill and THANK YOU for being the director for this movie WOW I am impressed


yes, the glimmer is back!

also...physically his body is in great shape...have you seen his biceps and pectorals lately?

For a while there...prior to  "the cheating"...

His skin looked sallow, eyes dark/bleek(the light was  out)....and his body was doughy...

Post cheating:

He came out of his cocoon....a new butterfly...

it's so strange...he became radiant, alive and beautiful...again...

maybe he became complacent or too comfortable with kristen...and let him self go? or was he depressed? Did the cheating wake him up and he became introspective about himself and their relationship? Is there a silver lining to what kristen did? Was their identities so fused they lost a sense of self? Maybe the separation was "good" regroup and find who they are as "individuals"...outside the context of their relationship, being a celebrity and "Twilight".

it's all a mystery...but for whatever the reasons.....Rob and Kristen both look fantastic, healthy, happy and radiant...

life is strange and mysterious at times...isn't it...Pen?:)



Hello Danette,

I feel it could have been all those reasons rolled into one. It is easy to get too comfortable with the person you are with that you do not care what you look like because you just except that they love you for or supposedly do anyway so then we get comfortable with that and I feel that all this stardom they received might have gotten to both of them but in different ways, everybody reacts to certain situations differently. Sometimes seperation even if it is for awhile is good thing for all couples to do like an example for married ones to get into their hobbies and do something for themselves., you know what I mean?

But you are right, life is certainly mysterious:)


All your words ring with truth and wisdom....

and yes...I get what you mean...

In marriage/relationships there is a fine line between 'together' and maintaining your own separate self/identity and interests...

And accepting yourself and the people we love for who they are..without compromising your physical/emotional 'self ' in the process.

Being comfortable and accepted by someone you love is a beautiful, rare thing...but, sometimes when we're too inhibits us to strive or grow within ourselves...

we can never get too complacent..or '"stop" learning or growing...because that is how we become stagnant, uninspired..and predictable....

Separate but together and still remain interesting/challenged in a relationship.....:)

Thanks pen for your comments...




Maybe Rob and Kristen had a Sid and Nancy "moment"....

but, with a much happier ending!!!:)

'Breaking Dawn Part 2' Prequel to Last All Day Long

October 22, 2012 03:05 PM EDT

On November 15th Twihards can see a Breaking Dawn Part 2 prequel and the prequel to the prequel and the prequel to that prequel, too. It will last all day long.

According to a report from the York Dispatch, one of their local movie theaters will feature the Twilight Marathon, and that includes each one of the Twilight films Breaking Dawn Part 2leading up to the big release of the second part of Breaking Dawn on November 16th.

Frank Theatres in York Township, Regal in West Manchester Township and R/C Theatres in Hanover, Pennsylvania will all show the marathon. All the theaters expect huge crowds and are even prepared to open additional theaters should the need arise.

The marathons will begin at midday in these Pennsylvania theaters and admission will be $20. Those purchasing the marathon tickets will receive a special lanyard from the Twilight film studio.

Since Breaking Dawn Part 2 is supposedly the last in the Twilight series of films, it will be featured last in the marathon series. Those who wish to see just the newest installment will have to wait until 10PM. Those attending the marathon will be there for hours.

If the Twilight Marathon is offered at a theater in your region will you attend it as a huge prequel to the new Breaking Dawn? It sounds like a great way for Twihards to celebrate the last of the films in the series—what might be the end of the Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart on-screen love affair as Bella Swan and Edward Cullen.

Photo Source: Facebook

*NEW* "Breaking Dawn Part 2" TV Spot "Generation" & Soundtrack ...

UPDATE: Added Pre-Order links for Soundtrack at the end of the post 
*NEW* "Breaking Dawn Part 2" TV Spot "Generation" With Robert Pattinson 

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