The Twilight Saga

as bella and edward are of with the other cullens thinking everything is fine now, the problems are done. They r wrong. victorias true love is waiting outside of the cullens far off in the woods. leah , jacobs wife, knows all about it. she is againist the cullens and the wolves being friends. she feels what she is doing is right.well the cullens are celecrating inside the house they dont even realise that someone was pulling up the drive and was coming onto the porch. a second beofre the door opens everyone tenses..............Mike newton walks in. he says he knows everything about the cullens,the vultori,vampires werewolves.ect. there was gasps curculating the room,everyone was frozen.except, nessie, she ran up to him and asked if she was going to hurt them. he knew she a a vampire hybrid so he said he would try.everyone lunges to grab nessie but she is punching and kicking mike. everyone cant help but giggle. soon they realise that mike will end up overpowering her. rosalie runs to grab nessie but leah comes crashing through the wall. the cullens think that she is gonna help them. but edward was a second too late, leah grabs nessie between her teeth and takes off.

                                      chapter 2
 bella screams out in rage, everyone backs up, they have never seen a vampire so mad.She dashes out the door, soon the rest of the cullens follow. leah was just getting past the treaty line before bella attacked her  and grabbed nessie, then threw her to edward.  the rest of the pack runs down the road to the death match. jacob runs at leah and pulls her aside. she had morphed back to human, and gotten dressed. he sked what the hell is going on, bella explained everything, he was shocked. he couldnt believe that leah would tell mike newton everything even if she didnt like the friendsship. leah was shaking at jacobs words, bella was growling at her, noone dared to bee near either of them. finally bella said fine and turned away, the cullens did the same edward was already running , the wolves were turning. except leah was soon as she knew no one was looking at bella she attacked. the only sound was of bella and edward screaming. bella's  back and side had chunks missing,leah turned away thinking se scared bella straight. but bella dragged herself off the ground and bent into a crouch. she sprang at leah and sunk her teeth into her neck.

                                    chapter 3

the wolves attacked then the cullens a second later. leah was thrown across the street by bella. she stayed on the ground for a second then she was up and fighting again. she threw herself up in the air in a flip at bella.  of course leah wasnt thinking about the rest of the cullens. emmett jumped up and knocked her down. leah was on thr ground unmoving and covered in blood. emmett was surprised that the wolves weren't attacking him. but what was more of a shock was thatthere were no wolves, in fact even the cullens werent there. but there was plenty of blood, everywhere. had something happened he didnt notice? was it his fault? what had happened?emmett turned on his heels and ran home. there was blood leadin from the woods across the drive and on the porch inside.emmett bentdown into a crouch, slowly he walks to the front door, touches the blood on the porch, its cold and sends a shock down his spine. something is terribly wrong, its worse than he thought.

                                  chapter 4

emmett slowly opened the door. he just about fell apart, rosalie was dead somehow someone killed her a nailed her to a stake and was burning her. emmett screamed out in rage, the foundation of the house vibrating. emmett was tryingto smell a scent that he knew but for some reason the only scent he could smell was.................carlisle's.

emmett  would cry if a vampire could cry. but he was to mad to sit around and sulk. he got up and very carefully took roaslie off the stake and brought her up to their room, if the fire didnt totaly ruin her then she might have a chance of coming back. he laid her down on their couch. he descended down the stairs and searched the rest of the hosuee for any other scent, but all he could find was carlisle's. he knew that carlisle couldnt have done it, he knew it had something to do with the wolves.

         emmett was in such a frenzy he didnt realise thatt he was being watched , there was red glowing eyes in the wooods following his every move. the eyes seemed to be getting irritated somewhat as if emmett was coming  close to finding out what had happened here.

                               chapter 5 (moving to the other cullens)

jasper and alice where in a dark room, no lights no nothing. she was still knocked out , i didnt know we could even get knocked out. i look around the room and see that the rest of the cullens are alsoin her.... except for carlisle and nessie. what happened? jasper was beginning to get angry for  he couldnt remember what happened. there was a sharp pain in the small of his back. he reached around to feel what it was, he had a knife in his back. he pulled it out knowing nothing would come out of the wound, but for some reason gold liquid was pouring out of the gaping hole, he felt what he thought was alices hand trying to patch up the wound, he grabbed the hand and started to kiss it, he opened his eyes and saw that the hand was tan, he looked up and was staring into the eyes of leah. he was frozen, and couldnt move. she jumped at him and everything went dark.

                              chapter 6 ( bella)

bella was in a daze as she walked down the corridor that had no end, or seemed like it. she wouold stumble every now and again and wimper. there were doors every couple of feet she would check them, so far they were all locked. She needed to get out! to find her family!

she heard a faint scream, she tried the door, it was open! she stumbled in it was nessie!!! leah was knocked out in the corner and there was a door in the back of the room... opened. bella picked up nessie and ran to the door. the rest of the family was sitting in the room most awaking or comning awake. when bella saw her he started screaming at her saying this was all her fault. she just had to move to forks, she just had to be close to him! he was getting angry! he sprang at her!

                             chapter 7 (bella)

then bella woke up it was just a dream. crap! bella forgot what day it was. she was moving to washington today.

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when u do get it tell me what u think
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