The Twilight Saga

A misconception kept them apart. A once in a lifetime experience might be enough to bring them together. Bella and Edward are about to learn some home truths about themselves and each other as they take a journey to Australia and find that things aren't always what they seem.


I know I said I wasn't sure if I would write another one but I couldn't help it. This was planned before I decided to help AnahyR bring her story ideas to life and I put it on hold. It keeps going around and around in my mind so I have chosen to just go with it and see how it pans out. I hope you enjoy.



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Loss to Love was written on the basis of AnayhR's ideas.


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Fire and Ice.


Fragility but still the strength


Warmth versus coolness


Openness........ yet  reservation.


She was a contradiction in terms and that in itself was what made her so interesting........if only she would be willing to let me in enough to experience every aspect of herself;  not just the ones that many would see as her negatives. I would give anything to be the one on the other end of her unwavering friendship and her beguiling smiles. It would make my day if, just once, she looked at me with the same emotional warmth that she gave to the other people around us; if I could see those chocolate brown eyes light up just for me because she could see me as someone worth knowing. Unfortunately that was not to be. Bella Swan held no love for me. To her I was nothing but the person she held disdain for, the person she only put up with because of our intertwining friendships with people who meant something to the both of us. I had long given up on making her see me in a different way. I had tried and failed. It was difficult to fix something when you weren’t aware of how it was broken in the first place. She had made it quite clear that for some unknown reason I was on her list of least favourite people and we had fallen into a completely useless relationship of ignoring, baiting and hidden jibes.


It caused me to ache with bitterness and confusion that Bella Swan was not my friend and would likely never be what I truly wanted and needed her to everything.


I loved her.


She saw me as nothing.


..........and I hated the whole sorry  situation!




He was beautiful but I told myself that that meant nothing to me.


He came across as kind, smart, loyal and everyone but me.


He was every girl’s dream of the perfect man.......even mine....... but I fought against that every single day and I even believed I was winning.......mostly.


He was hard to ignore......... but I managed, with a lot of effort.


His presence made me want too many things that I would never have with him..........things I would never allow.


Even as the non friends that we were, he unknowingly controlled me and I resented that.......I wanted him to be nothing.


No one understood what I warred with every moment he was around. No one got how a usually easy going girl, such as myself, could hold so much malice for a man they considered the good guy. They did not know that my attraction to him actually made me feel like less of a person; made me feel morally inept.


The problem was my vision was matter what good things he displayed I still knew the truth of it.......I knew what he was capable of.


And I refused to be the girl who would accept that. No matter what.......Edward Cullen was not for me!

wow great so far.. can't wait for more

Thanks Sharon. I hope you continue to read and enjoy.




New Story, another thing to follow..


Please update this story soon as you are available..I'll be willing to wait..


Nice to see you writing again, Michelle.


Love lots,


Hi Charmie. Glad to know that you are willing to follow this story as well :)  It shouldn't take too long before I update but I am just trying to take the pressure off myself when life gets to busy and I am unable to get them out as quick as I would like.

Thanks for commenting




hii Michelle!!

I am so glad you decided to write another fanfic. finding it simply made my day!!!

its so mysterious !! but i have a strangely good feeling about it! i hope you post more soon 

and by the way i just finished NO CHOICE (again i know i'm awefully late but it was really interesting !)




Thanks Monica - I couldn't help myself. It was nice to have a small break but it is really nice to get back to writing something as a bit of fun. I am glad that you thought No Choice was interesting. It was my first one and there are so many mistakes throughout it. I keep thinking I should rewrite it to make it better but time is against me with that :)

Thanks again




Back so SOON!!??

YAY!!!!!!!! Im DEFINITELY NOT complaining ;) Just take it easy and enjoy the journey (and again - thanx for taking us with you :) )


Love and light


lol yes I am back so soon. It seemed like ages to me ;) Thanks for your support and for starting to read this story too. I am going to take it easy and not stress about it - when I can get chapters out I will and if not I won't hang myself out to dry about it.


Cheers Malika


Perfect plan my friend!  

Thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!

i was just hoping the other day to read some more about out beloved edward and bella! thank you for keeping the story alive! sounds great and i cant wait to read more <3 always Morgan

Glad you are happy Morgan. It is hard to let go of the characters, isn't it? lol. I hope you continue to enjoy this story.


Cheers and thanks



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