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Fate can be an unexpected thing...A Jacob and Leah story

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This is a story about Jake and Leah, I have had this story in my mind for quite sometime, and am now writing it. I have always thought that they should be together. So here it goes. If someone can make me a banner that would be great.


3 months had passed since the big almost battle with the Volturi. Things since then have completely changed. Things with Nessie were going great, but there was another problem, Leah. Since the almost war she has not been the same, she tries to be near me all the time, and she is always worrying if I am late for anything. It was sweet at first, but now…I am not sure what to think.
Today was Nessie’s 3rd Birthday, technically she was not even a year old. But she looked the age and size of a 3 year old. So we are having a party. The entire pack and their imprints were coming. Nessie was way excited. Since the almost battle, Nessie has been wanting to spend time with Leah, Leah was not too thrilled about it, not sure why, but she humored her. When I pulled up to my second home, I was greeted by my favorite person.
“Jakey!!!!” I couldn’t believe how much bigger she was, she grew more and more everyday. She looked older today. I grabbed her and swung her around.
“How is my little princess?” I always called her that, I treated her like one, I would do anything for this girl.
“Oh Jakey, today has been great so far, daddy got me a bike!!! And mommy is letting me take horse back riding lessons! But everything is much better now that you are here.”
“Awe, well thank you, my dad is much better too. Where is this party anyways?”
“Out back, come on!” She grabbed my hand and started pulling me. “Jakey where is Leah? Is she coming to my party?” I was thrown by that question; Leah never did give me an answer.
“I don’t know sweetie, I will ask her if you want.”
“No, Leah won’t let me down, she promised she would come.” We made our way back to the backyard. It was like a zoo, Alice was ordering everyone around and was making sure that they were getting everything perfect. That was Alice for you.
“Good you are here, now you go and help the boys put the tent up while I take our birthday girl and get her ready to go.” She led Nessie back into the house. I walked over to the guys and helped put the tent up. During this, I couldn’t help but think about Leah. Where was she? The party was going to start any minute. She should be here. The party started, it was a talent show/Kareoke night. Then there was a big surprise for Nessie, we had rented horses and were going to all go riding. I insisted that I just run along side, but was persuaded that the horses would be more afraid of us to do anything. I had to admit, we were pretty AWESOME! After Edward and Carlisle performed their numbers, Alice was next. I kept looking through the back to see if Leah had snuck in. But once again, no Leah. This was going to make me, I MEAN NESSIE sad. We took a break to get some grub. I looked into the forest and saw Leah walking from the line towards the house. My heart started beating fast, Nessie would be so happy. Right?
“Leah!” Nessie ran over to her and jumped into her arms. Leah looked stunned than put her down and patted her head. “I thought you weren’t going to come! But I am glad that you did.” Nessie pulled Leah over to all of us, I tried to concentrate on the food I was dishing up, but I couldn’t take my eyes off of her, she looked Stunning, I had never seen Leah in a girly dress before. She actually looked like she took some effort to look nice. That was new. She locked eyes with me and smiled. She walked quickly over to me and stood in front of me. We looked at each other for a few minutes. I finally broke the silence.
“Er, you look nice. Trying to land someone are ya?” She blushed and put her head down. This was definitely not the Leah I knew. The Leah I knew was wild, and grumpy, hard headed, fearless…Not …shy.
“Well you never know, maybe I will imprint on someone.” This brought a silent growl in my chest. Wait! WHAT? Why on earth did I care?
“Okay, everyone sit back down, we are going to start our Kareoke part of the night. I have put everyone’s name in a hat and will draw your names at random. The song will also be drawn at random too.” Alice said getting everyone’s attention back to the party. Leah stared at me for a little bit then went and sat down in the back. I took my seat beside Nessie and hoped that I would not be called up.
“Emmett!” HA YES! Emmett growled and came up. He reached into the hat and pulled out a song. “Can’t touch this! YES ALRIGHT!” We all laughed at him and waited for the show to begin. He pulled Nessie on stage and sang to her. She blushed and giggled at him. He tried to teach her dirty dancing until Edward growled loud enough for everyone to hear. Emmett shrugged and remained dancing. Next was Bella than Jasper, the next one astounded me.
“Leah!” Leah gasped along with everyone in the room, we all turned and looked at her. She slumped in her chair and tried to hide. Leah was not one for attention.
“NO WAY ALICE CULLEN YOU DID THAT ON PURPOSE!” Everyone laughed except Leah.
“Oh come on Leah, we are all friends here.” Alice chimed in. Leah kept shaking her head and put her arms around her chest.
“Leah,” Nessie said running over to her, “Please Leah, for me, Please!” Nessie begged her with her puppy face. Leah tried to stand her ground, she looked at me than back at Nessie, she growled and stood. Everyone cheered and whistled. I must admit, I was excited, I had always heard from Sam and Seth that Leah had a beautiful voice. But she has not sung in front of anyone since Sam. Leah hesitantly reached in the bag and pulled out a paper. She gasped and growled at Alice. Alice smiled and announced her song.
“Feels like Home” I gasped. Leah sings this song when she thinks no one is listening. She does not sing it full out, just hums a little. The song started and Leah gulped loudly. She started to shake. Leah looked like a submissive person for the first time in her life. This was completely new. I looked around and noticed the entire pack was watching and waiting. Sam was slumping in his chair. The time for Leah to sing came. She started softly and shaky and kept her hair in her face. Alice only turned her up louder.

Something in your eyes
Makes me want to lose myself
Makes me want to lose myself
In your arms

Everyone cheered making Leah smile and blush. She looked over the audience and met my eyes. She stared at me than back at the TV playing the lyrics. Even though it was obvious she knew them by heart.

There's something in your voice
Makes my heart beat fast
Hope this feeling lasts
The rest of my life
If you knew how lonely my life has been
And how long I've felt so low
If you knew how I wanted someone to come along
And change my life the way you've done

She gained more confidence as she went, she really did have a beautiful voice. My heart was doing funny things, I have never felt them before. At least not for a very long long time. She kept looking at me and singing. Was she singing to ME?

Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where
I come from
Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

A window breaks down a long dark street
And a siren wails in the night
But I'm alright 'cause I have you here with me
And I can almost see through the dark there's light

If you knew how much this moment means to me
And how long I've waited for your touch
If you knew how happy you are making me
I've never thought I'd love anyone so much

Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where
I come from
Feels like home to me
Feels like home to me
Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

Feels like I'm all the way back where I belong

When she finished, everyone was silent for a couple of seconds than everyone erupted into a loud and boisterous applause. I sat there, stunned, what just happened? Leah greeted everyone who hugged her but kept her eyes coming back to me. I had to get out. I needed to clear my head. I stood and left the tent and went to get some more food.
“Everything okay?” I turned around to see Edward standing there.
Look I already know you know what’s going on in my head, so maybe you could tell me. What just happened?
“You know you can talk to me out loud sometimes too.” He laughed.
Is there a point when I know that you will hear everything anyways?
“I guess not.” He laughed again. I kept filling my plate with food. “How about we talk about it. I am not sure what is going on, but I do know that you are feeling things that you are not normally feeling. Am I right?”
“That is stupid, I love Nessie, not like that yet okay! But I belong to her. There is nothing going on with me and Leah.” I am glad Nessie came and rescued me from the conversation, though the look on Edwards face let me know that we were not done. Nessie pulled me into the house and grabbed some of her new toys. I started playing with her when everyone started piling in.
“Oh Ken, thank you for driving me home, I had a nice time.!” Nessie spoke trying to sound all grown up.
“No problem Barbie, I enjoyed it, we should do it again.” I noticed everyone watching.
“Man Jake, Barbies? Really? You are going to where no man should go.” Embry said laughing, the rest of the pack was laughing. Except Leah. She looked blank.
“Hey wait till you have kids, or whatever, I would do anything for my Nessie!” She giggled and jumped into my lap and wrapped her arms around me.
“Love you Jakey!”
“Love you too Nessie.” I hugged her and looked up to notice someone missing, Leah.

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please read and let me know if I should continue!
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I had to leave; I had to get out of there. I left quietly, but as soon as I was sure I was out of site, I ran fast and hard. My chest felt like it was breaking into two. I have not felt this pain in a long time. Not since Sam. I hated Sam for what he did, but now as time has come and gone, and I have become a better wolf, I now understand, and except it. It was simply not fate. Who can stand in the way of fate right? I HATE FATE, THE STUPID IDEA THAT YOU CANNOT CHOOSE FOR YOURSELF, THAT SOMETHING OR SOMEONE HAS TO DECIDE FOR YOU!
I got way into the forest and thought about phasing, I thought I was angry enough. I tried and failed. I tried again, and failed. What was going on! I am feeling anger! I am feeling rage! I am feeling…alone. I can’t phase, not when I am like this. I crumpled down to a tree and let it all come out. I pounded my fists into the tree. I felt them break eventually so I gave up and slumped down and cried.
I hated those STUPID VAMPIRES. I LOVE THEM TOO! But I hate them for starting this whole thing, if they had never come, nothing would have ever happened, no Sam imprinting on Emily, no wolves, and most of all…No Renesmee. I hate her! I love her! WHY! WHY! WHY! I hate Renesmee for taking Jacob from me, but I love her, because she really is a sweet and wonderful girl, she has no bad bone in her. I can’t compete with that. I have too many bad bones in my body, I am a wolf, I have to. I am also Jacob’s Beta. His right-hand man, er woman. I take over if something happens to him. Heaven forbid! (sigh) I also love the vampires. They have been nothing but great to us, there is no treaty because they are not like the others, they proved that 3 months ago, we have let it go, this is a new generation, and we want to start clean and fresh. Alice and Rosalie, especially Rosalie are my great friends, Rose helps me with my car and Alice takes me shopping, even though I try and get out of it. They really are great people. Esme is a mother to everyone and makes sure that we are all taken care of in every way. Carlisle is our own personal doctor, and the boys are great training targets for the youngins.
So bottom line is…I hate them because they are so good that you have no other choice but to love them. And how can you not, no wonder Jacob imprinted on her, she is everything that I could never be. She lets Jacob be the man, I fight 24/7 with him. She is always kind, I have to like you A LOT to be nice to you. MAN! I SUCK! No wonder Jacob never wants to be with me, I am an awful person. And I am going to live my life alone. I am never going to find someone who will want to be with me. In a way, I am glad that Nessie is here, because I know now for certain that Jake will have someone there that will love him just as much as he loves her. Guess it all will work out. I guess I will just always be here in the background. Story of my life.
“Leah?” I jumped out of my skin! I looked behind me to see Edward. I growled he had heard everything that I had been thinking. Great. “Yes I did, may I sit with you?” I hurried and wiped my tears away hoping they would not rat me out. I sat back down and wrapped my arms around my knees and pulled them into my chest. Edward sat down next to me and sighed. “Leah, why didn’t you ever tell me that you loved Jacob?” Oh crap!
“I don’t know, because we were not friends at the time, we were all still enemies.”
“You mean you have loved him since before Renesmee?” I simply nodded, the tears were coming on again. “When did you first start loving him?”
“When Bella started hanging around after you had left, Jake and I have always been really close, even when we were kids, but he was hanging around her so I gave up, like always, Emily was already pregnant with Sam’s baby, I was just living day to day. I tried to sorta win him over after Bella went back to you, but Jake loved her and wouldn’t give up, so…I did.” Edward leaned his head back on the tree and sighed.
“Leah I am so sorry, I had no idea that it had been this long, I am sorry that us being here has interfered with your life. I hope that you will not hold a grudge against us.”
“HA! I couldn’t even if I wanted to, you are all a great family, and you take care of us all very well. I really like your family.”
“Well that is good to hear. Now, what can I do to help you?”
“No offense Edward but I don’t think there is anything you can do. It is just the way my life is, heartache, and I am learning to live with that.”
“You can’t mean that, you will find someone and maybe imprint on them!”
“I can’t imprint, imprinting is only a man thing, we, well me woman wolf folk don’t get that, I am just not meant to have a true love. I am just here. Some freak accident.”
Edward was deep in thought, I could tell that what I had said had worried him, but it was the truth. If I was lucky, some other wolf would imprint on me, and the only one left to imprint was Seth, and yeah, not happening.
“Well Leah, if you need or want anything don’t be afraid to ask. I will leave you two alone now.” What, who two? Who alone? Who else is…
“Oh, sorry didn’t know you were here Edward, uhm…sorry were you two busy? I can come back later.”
“No Jacob, please I was done, you can stay.” Edward got up and left leaving me and Jacob. I will kill you later Edward. I heard a faint laugh in the distance.
We stood there for what seemed like forever in a really awkward silence. Finally he spoke.
“Leah have you been crying?” I looked up to see him looking in my eyes, DANG IT, TRAITORS.
“Uhm…yeah, sorry just talking to Edward, got a little emotional.”
“Leah you never cry, what was it about?” He stepped closer to me, my heart started racing rapidly, sssshhh…. Lie Leah! LIE!
“Uhm…just….missing my dad! Yeah missing my dad.” Phew.
“Oh well listen if you ever need anything you let me know. I am here for you.” I wrapped his big arms around me. I buried my face in his shoulder and took in his incredible scent. He must of noticed me smelling him, he pushed me away and held me at arms length.
“Leah what are you doing? Are you smelling me?” CRAP!
“Uh…no just uh, you well, smell,…” Jake was staring at me like I had grown three heads. Great. “You just sorta smell like my dad that’s all.”
“Leah I smell nothing like your dad, we each have our own distinct smell, now tell me what is going on, what is up with you tonight?” He seemed angry, about what? I didn’t do anything.
“WHAT DO MEAN WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME?” crap, Leah be nice. You want him to want you, not despise you.
“You are weird tonight. You get dressed up, you are shy, you SANG! You left before the party was over! That is what I mean.”
“There is nothing wrong with me, just thought…”
“Yes?” Now I was mad, I couldn’t let him see me weak. I was a wolf for heaven sakes!
“LOOK ALICE MADE ME WEAR THE DRESS, AND I HAD NO CHOICE IN SINGING, I WAS CALLED UP, and the party thing…I already told you, I was missing my dad!”
“Well I am not buying it, I am your Alpha, and I know you better than anyone.” Yes you do.
“Look you can not buy it all you want. But that is the truth.”
“Right I will find out soon.” He started to walk away too full of himself. Think Leah, Think!
“Well you better think of it fast, because…because…”
“JAKEY!” Renesmee called from the house.
“Look Leah, I got to go to Nessie, forget it anyways, I am sure that it was nothing important.” He ran off than after his heart. I felt my shatter even more, I couldn’t stay here, I could not watch that everyday. I had to get out, I had to leave Washington. Get as far away from here as possible. I ran into the house and passed the little couple in the living room up to Carlisle’s office. I knocked hoping to find Edward, I am going to take him up on his offer.
“Leah, what a nice surprise come on in, I take it you are looking for Edward.”
“Yes, do you know where I can find him.” Carlisle opened the door for me to come in, I saw Edward standing near the window. “Uhm…Edward I uh… would like to take you up on that one thing that you told me about.” Trying very hard to be discrete so Carlisle wouldn’t notice.
“Leah it’s okay, he already knows.” Oh well, okay. I didn’t care if he knew.
“Leah I am very sorry to hear about your dilemma, is there something we can do you for you, to help you.”
“I would like to leave, I am sorry, I just can’t stay here anymore. It just hurts to much.”
“Leah we would love to help, but are you sure, have you talked to Jacob about it?” Carlisle mentioned, crap, knew that was coming.
“No, I don’t want him to know, please, I know he is my Alpha and I should, but I don’t think I could do that, I just need a clean break, I don’t think I could take the rejection.”
“Rejection?” Carlisle asked.
“Oh come on! Who are we kidding here, he wouldn’t give me the time of day when I tell him, probably would be glad. I know that it is wrong, but he really won’t care! Please, Please do this for me.” I begged, tears began to spill. I needed a father figure to comfort me in times like these, when all hope seems lost, but all I have is a pack full of smelly dogs. Edward was looking at Carlisle, than Carlisle stood and wrapped his arms around me, usually a while ago, I would have run away from that, but it seemed completely comforting to have Carlisle do this. It felt…fatherly. I hugged him back and buried my face in his chest and cried. I let it all fall. Edward stroked my hair along with me hugging Carlisle.
I was really glad that I was leaving, Carlisle and Edward and I made an agreement that I could stay on Isle Esme, Carlisle got me a job working at the marine on land, so I could also vacation there. I told him that it was too much. But he insisted. I was leaving tomorrow morning, and planned on staying for a couple of years, but they were welcome to come and use the house whenever they wanted to. Alice and Rosalie promised to come and visit often; Alice was already getting me a new wardrobe and having it sent to me there. I was packing in my room back in La Push, hoping to bypass the one person who was the reason for me leaving.
The next morning I was waiting for Seth to drive me to the airport. I heard a knock on the door, and ran to answer it. But was thrown back by the dripping wet Jacob standing at my door. Didn’t even notice it was raining. Jacob looked up at me with hurt filled eyes. I had not seen him like this for a while.
“Your leaving?” Crap…
“Yes Jacob I am leaving.” I had to hold it together for myself, I could not let him see me break.
“But why Leah?” He put his hot hands on my shoulders and held me there tightly. “Why are you leaving?” I couldn’t answer him, I had no planned on running into him, so I had no lie. Well I guess the truth couldn’t hurt.
“Because Jake, there is nothing for me here anymore. I have nothing here holding me back.” He winced at my last words.
“But you have the pack. We all need you.”
“No you don’t you can easily put someone in as your new Beta, you don’t need me. They don’t need me, they actually think it is great that I am leaving. In a nice way.”
“Jacob don’t get mad at them. I told them not to tell you till after I was gone. So get mad at me, not them.” Yes, get mad at me, that would make this a whole lot easier.
“Leah, why would you not tell me? How long have you known this?”
“A week, I talked to Carlisle and Edward about it the night of Renesmee’s party.”
“But why didn’t you tell me. I AM YOUR ALPHA, YOU HAVE TO TELL ME EVERYTHING!”
“NO I DON’T JACOB BLACK. I CAN LIVE MY LIFE HOWEVER, AND WHEREVER I WANT! I don’t need your permission!” I saw his face, I knew what he was about to do. He cannot pull that card on me. I had to stop him.
“Jacob please! Please do not order me, please, I need this.” The water works were starting, I was whispering now.
“But Leah, why? Why can’t you just stay here, with…me? I mean with the pack too!”
I sighed and stepped forward grabbing my bags, I could hear Seth honking outside.
“Because Jacob Black, I need to go somewhere where I am not constantly reminded of love, where I can get over…you. Yes Jacob I love you. I love you with everything that I am. I always have. I can’t sit here and watch you and Renesmee get happier everyday, I can’t be here when you finally marry her. I just can’t I need to move on and forget. Please Jacob. Let me do this! Let me go.” Jacob was staring at me with eyes full of fear and pain. I didn’t even let myself hope that maybe it was for me. I just needed to get a clean break. I gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek.
“Goodbye Jacob Black. Be happy okay? I really mean that.”
“Leah wait, please don’t go!” A single tear rolled down his cheek. Get a grip Leah!
“Jacob, you have Renesmee, but who do I have? I don’t have anyone, I will never get to experience true love, I just need to go. I am sorry.” I started to walk away but Jacob threw down the suitcases and pulled me into his big arms and kissed me. His lips were hungry and they held onto mine. I let myself feel this one kiss, this last thing I would always remember. Jacob moaned and pulled me tighter to him. He than pushed me off him and growled. I knew what had happened, he had remembered Renesmee. I sighed and patted his arm.
“Jacob it’s okay, I don’t expect or hope for miracles. Go back to her, be happy. Forget all about me okay? Please.” I kissed him one last time than ran out to the truck and threw my bags in the back.
“Seth DRIVE!” I needed to leave, get out of there before anything else happened. Seth stepped on the gas and drove out of there fast. I heard a faint sound of a howl in the background. My heart didn’t feel anything, for I knew I had left it back there, with Jacob Black. I would never get it back, no one would ever hold my heart, except him.
omg.... i don't have words...
it´s really good...

please post soon! i can´t wait to see what jacob will do.

She was gone! I couldn’t believe that she was actually gone. I wondered around trying to clear my head. Why did I have to kiss her? Because you wanted to you idiot! You wanted to! (Sigh) I wanted to. But why did I want to? What happened? I was feeling so many emotions right now I couldn’t think straight. I made it back to the Cullen’s home. Most of the lights were out, must be later than I thought. I ran up the stairs and opened the door only to be greeted by a smirking Edward. Great! What do you want?
“Jacob. Care to join me for a little stroll?”
“Where is Nessie, I want to see her.”
“She is already in bed and asleep, forget plus we have a few things we need to clear up. Bella love will you please join us?” Bella was next to Edward in a flash smiling her pearly white teeth. She grabbed his arm and kissed his neck. Together we walked to the forest and beyond, guess Edward wanted to make sure no one could hear us, although I had no idea what we were doing out here.
“So Edward, what are you two wanting to talk to me about?”
“We both know what happened, and after my talk with Leah last week, Bella and I have been talking, and we think that we need to figure something out right here and now.”
“Jake, did you kiss Leah?” Bella asked calmly. I was so ashamed, I just simply bowed my head and nodded. “Why did you kiss Leah, what feelings are there?” Surprisingly she was not angry, I thought for sure that she would be after betraying her daughter.
“Jake, we do not feel like you have betrayed Renesmee, she is still too young to even know what is going on with you two, she just knows you are always around. But we want to talk to you about Leah. Jacob, Bella and Carlisle and I have been talking, and we want to try something.”
“What do you mean? Try what?”
“We want you to think back to the fight between the newborns and Victoria, and us, do you remember?”
“Good, now think to when that newborn took you off guard and hid, what do you remember happening?” This was too weird, what were they getting at?
“Uhm...I remember smelling him, than hearing him behind me, he sprang at me but than someone jumped in front of me.”
“Good, who?”
“What do you mean who? You know this story what are you getting at?”
He smiled his famous crooked smile and said, “Humor me.” I growled softly and continued. I tried to remember every detail. Than it hit me like a brick wall, all the memories and emotions came flooding back.
“Leah.” I whispered, I looked up to see them nodding and smiling. “Leah pushed me out of the way and jumped in front of him. He took her down pretty hard. I rushed to her side to see her severely bleeding. I than took off after him and tried to kill him, than I got injured.” I couldn’t believe I had forgotten about that. Leah. My Leah had saved me, she risked her life for me. A feeling in my heart began to deepen, I felt…strange. I felt further away from Nessie, I didn’t feel as strong of a pull as I normally did. What was going on!
“Congratulations Jacob!”
“I don’t understand, what are you talking about? What just happened.” Bella and Edward smiled at each other than looked at me.
“You have broken some of the imprint. You have begun fighting back.”
“I WHAT?” I felt angry, why were they doing this to me! Did they hate me this much to not want me with their daughter?
“No Jacob. It is just that we think that you may have mis-imprinted. Meaning, you barely became an Alpha when Renesmee was born, your instincts took over as Alpha, you just suddenly did it. You could have done it to Alice for all we know. According to your tribal legends, Alpha’s will imprint almost immediately. Not really meaning to. I think that you and Leah are destined to be together, you being Ephraim Black’s heir, and she being the first female wolf. It is a King and Queen born to be together. The relationship you two have is quite unique! (Snicker) you two are definitely made for each other. To rule and rein over your species forever. You marry a wolf also, you blood line will flourish, live on, grow, etc.”
What were they saying to me? I was so confused, not meant to be with Nessie, Leah and I destined to be together. Blood line…WHAT?
“I know that it is a lot to take in, but think about it okay? We love you all so very much; this is nothing to do with how we feel towards you as a possible son-in-law. This is simply helping you all out. If you break this imprint you can easily imprint on Leah, This will change nothing about our relationship. We still all love you. And don’t worry about Renesmee, she will be perfectly fine, trust me, something else is in store for her.”
What does that mean? Alice? He smiled and nodded. Okay, didn’t want to know. I felt my knees giving out and felt…heavy. This was a lot to process; I was not sure how I was going to do this. But my pull for Leah was undeniable. I missed her like crazy, everything about her, but there was Nessie, she is still my imprint. Or was she? I can see what they are saying, look at Sam, he met Emily almost right after he became the first wolf/Alpha. I bet it worked out like that because Emily was already grown up.
Bella sat down and put her arm around me and rested her cold head on my shoulder.
“Jake, know that what ever you choose will be okay, you will always be my best man, whether it is as my son-in-law or a very close friend. I just want you to think about what you head and heart are telling you. Think about, go to Leah’s house think about her and think about Renesmee too. But please understand that this has nothing to do with the way we feel about you.” I looked up at Edward who was smiling at his wife.
“Bells, I just don’t know what to do, I love Nessie, not like that yet, but it will get there eventually. But…Leah, I can’t survive without her either. She already told me to leave her alone, to forget about her and to be with Nessie, what do I do?” I felt soft sobs escape my body; I put my head in my hands and just sobbed. They stayed there the rest of the night just comforting me and not saying anything.

6 Months Later

The imprint was broken. I had decided that one night, long ago that I needed Leah, and I could not subject her to a life without love, I knew that we would forever be happy together. That Edward and Bella were right, we would rein as king and queen per say in our world, watching our bloodline flourish, that we would be able to watch it flourish for the eternities together side by side. If that is, she will have me.
Seth however met his true soul mate in the mean time. Renesmee Cullen. As soon as the imprint broke, Seth was drawn to Renesmee, it happened immediately. And to tell you the truth, I couldn’t be more happy for them. Renesmee and I still close, she calls me Uncle Jake now, she looks about the age of 7. She is growing rapidly. Seth has never been happier, he was a little afraid of what I would do, but he got my blessing as well as the Cullens’, although Blondie was not too thrilled. Renesmee has already got Seth wrapped around her little finger.
Leah. I have tried contacting her since she left, although she told me not to, but she does not answer or return my calls. Alice and Rosalie have already been out there twice, and they say that she is doing good, there is something else there, they just won’t tell me what it is. Something although does not feel right. I have been fighting and begging for the past 3 days to let me go out and see her, after hours of talking, we have decided that we are all going. Great. We are leaving tomorrow morning. It made my heart jump just thinking about how soon I would get to see her, to hold her, to see her beautiful face and body. I just hoped and prayed that she would be as happy to see me.
Tomorrow morning came and three cars, 45 minutes later we were all pulling into the setac airport. We all flew first class; the seat next to me was empty, all the couples including the new one, Seth and Renesmee, were all sitting together. This didn’t bother me for I soon hoped to have Leah next to me coming home. We landed and made our way to the docks. My heart was racing, soon very soon. Leah had apparently been noticed to our arrival, but didn’t know that I was coming. We were making our way to the Island when Alice gasped. We all looked at her and waited. Edward started growling.
“What did you see?” Jasper asked Alice. Alice focused again than looked at me. What? What did I do?
“Leah, she…” Edward growled again but Carlisle cleared his throat. When we all looked up we were nearing the house and I could see Leah standing on the dock. She was more beautiful than I remembered. She looked breath taking. That is when it happened. I felt my heart leap from my chest. I wanted to run to her and scoop her up in my arms and kiss her, be with her that I have always wanted, with a woman. My woman, my new imprint Leah Clearwater. But my heart struck a cord when I saw what Alice had saw, Leah was standing on the dock when someone came up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. I growled thinking of someone else being able to touch her. She was not alone.
oh nooo!!! who is the guy? her boyfriend?? nooo!! lol
love it!! you are an awsome writer!!!
post more soon, please!!

(i just have to say that alice can't see the future of wolfs or Nessie, but anyway, i love it!!)
she at the end of Breaking Dawn has gotten better, but you will have to see who is with Leah that makes it a lot easier!!!! But thanks!!! I am really glad you like it.
ok =) forget what i said!! lol
i really love your story, and i can't wait to see next chapter!! so please post soon!
because now i´m more curious to know who is!! lol :D
ohh i know!!!!!! its gunna be.... uhmm... oh ahaha you'll love this. CAIUS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ehehe xD ;p


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