The Twilight Saga

So, we've all likely picked favorites.  Tell us yours!



At the moment, mine are Full Metal Alchemist, Kuroshitsuji, and Bleach.  FMA's my number one, though.

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death note

blood +


naruto shippuden

full metal alchemist


Bleach(<3!), SoulEater, FMA, Fruits Basket, Black Cat.  :D

You have amazing taste my friend


BLEEEAACCHHH <3 *huggles grimmy*

*sneakily kisses Grimmy* ha!

XD yay! lol

You can haz Grimmy, Iz got Hollow Ichigo. XDXD<3

WHAAA WHY DID YOU KISS MY GRIMMY! YOU FEIND! *hits Venoma softly in the head* HE'S MINE *steals grimmy and ulqui away as punishment*


Hahaha <3 I LOVE SHIROSAKI *presents as a present to Lost Soul*

*sadly reaches for ulqui* naw...

*sees what was given and completly glops him* AHH!  XD

 . . . o.o maybe i shouldn't have done that

Soorry Shirosaki!

*sad over loss of Ulqui* Ah well! *shrugs and goes shopping with Szayelaporro*


*glarce* Mine....LOL

B-But we're just shopping buddies! no more!
Lol I WANNA JOIN! *follows Venomania and drags a very upset Grimm-kitty along*


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