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I was just on another site and they were discussing the amount of times Edward Kissed Bella. It was a total of 6 times. Was just wondering what kiss did it for you!! Happy or Sad....

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Forget the tissues, bring a hand towel LOL and boo hoo hoo! I imagine that will be magnificent and everyone will be standing and cheering and crying all at the same time (-: And we'll all be wishing we were Bella!!
that's such a hard one.

I love love love the kiss in the School car park [tingles just thinking about it] but then the one in Twilight, their 1st kiss, holy moly.....
I think its safe to say that every kiss that Bella and Edward have are the absolute best and that each of us wish that we are Bella when she gets kissed by him..... oh how divine Edward is!!! .......road trip to Forks anyone??? :)


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