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whats your favourite part of eclipse???

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I love eclipse that much that i cant decidce what part i like best....but i do love the camping, (sleeping bag) part with bella, edward, and jacob near the end...i think that will be pretty funny!!
I did too!!! I feel like they had that part word for word from the book. Throughout the whole movie I'm like "Oh! That line was in the book too! Good job!!!" I think I was getting on my mom and my sister's nerves.
i like the part where edward answers all of jacob's questions honestly when bella was asleep
yeah i like that part too, an then i also like the end, end and then the proposal.........its kinda funny how Edward took bella hostage instead of Alice.............i soooooooooo wanna be Bella
me 3 . it's nice to be in edward's head a little
Yeah.. i do too.. hope they don't cut that out!
my favorite part would have to be the sleeping bag part with edward, jacob, and bells
and my other part is the fighting scene/part/climax
I think the sleeping bag part is going to be hilarious - and when Jacob sneaks Bella out of school - that is in Eclipse, right??
Yeah...that part is in eclipse...when she sneaks out of school on the motorbikes??? Yeah i love that part...and of course the part where edward asks bella to marry cute!! :)
The 'sex' talk with Charlie should be pretty awkward and funny to watch....I hope they include it. Then when she finally agrees to marry him.......... B xxxx
that scene must be too damn funny ...
yeah the sex talk is super funny because the dude who plays charlie is so realistic ha ha ha


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