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whats your favourite part of eclipse???

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i love the chapter called fire and ice.its when edward and jake actually get 2 know eachother while bella is asleep in the tent listening to the the night before the battle of the newborns
I love it when Bella is trying to exclude Jacob from fighting in the newborn battle.
My heart was tearing and I was crying like a little kindergartener that was going to school for the first day and didn't want to be left alone...

I LOVE JACOB, and that was really sad for me.
Ugh there are so many but i think it wood have to be when she finally agrees to marry Edward or when theyre in the medow and hes like "common lets do it right now-Edward No-Bella Y not?-Edward" its kinda funny
oh!!!! and when Edward says if you ever kiss her again without her saying yes i will rip your head off and wen Bella makes and attempt to punch Jacob wen he kisses her
Arhhh.."stephenie's#1fan" just reminded me of another favorite part....there are so many!!

the part where jacob kisses bella...and she punches him...

team edward forever!!!!! (and bella when she punches him!)
I agree with u 100%! I also like the sleeping bag part and the sex talk with charlie(so funny)
OH! I love that part!!! Edward's like "I love you. I want you. Right now." I'm like oh Edward you horny little you! lol
my favorite part of eclipse is when he pulls bella of the bed and goes down on 1 knee, my hubby proposed to me in his room 3 years ago, he 2 pulled me off the bed. i thought it was very romantic cos i wasn't expecting anything
it's not my fav part but i know i thought it was hilarous when Edward and Bella pass notes in class and Edward writes "Why is the plane crashing?"
Yeah...that will be funni!!
to bad they didnt put that part in the movie
I love that part too!!!


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