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whats your favourite part of eclipse???

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lmao!! when Jacob makes Edward pissed off in the parking lot of the school!!
i love everything !!!!!
I like the entire book)))
Wow! There are so many parts that I absolutely love in Eclipse. Don't know if I can pick just one, but if I have to I would say that my fave part is probable the whole tent part from beginning to end. I love how Edward and Jacob are finally kinda able to come to an understanding about each other and call a truce. They will never exactly be friends, but they do know after that that they are sorta both going through the same things over Bella. Jacob worse than Edward, though, since Edward has her heart and Jacob doesn't. I also like the bedroom scene where Edward officially proposes and gives Bella her ring. I can't wait to see all that on the big screen. It better be done right.
my fave part of eclipse would have to be when Jasper is telling Bella about how he became a VAMPIRE!!!!!!!
Yeah, I like that part also. From what I've heard, they are putting that in the movie. Should be really interesting to watch. I'm going to love seeing everybody in all the period costumes for the different flashbacks.
yeah rosalies flashback was realy cool
that is defanintly one of my faves
i like when jasper is fighting with alice and he is about to " go for the kill " and kiss but she runs away and jumps on his back of course then she dose kiss him in the end
ahhhh so many favorite!
1. The sex talk with charlie, that was some level of funny i tell you.
2. Jasper and rosalie's story telling
3. The bed scene proposal.
4. When Bella punched jacob, that was awesome.
5. The tent scene. that was steamy... but i couldn't bear the kissing scene, *team edward all the way*
6. Chapter 26
7. Chapter 27 and epilogue.
I ♥ all those scenes!!! Especially #1...
I really like the parts where you hear Jaser and Rosalie's stories.
And then I also love the camping part where Edward and Jacob talks together and that they are both so honest. (Or where Edward is being honest, because Jacob can't really lie to Edward :b )


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