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So my friends have not been exactly kind to me when it comes to my Twilight obbsession and I constantly get made fun of and told that I'm to old to love this and it's only for kids, which is why I love this site because everyone here loves it and I don't get harassed. So I was just wondering how old everyone else is, I am 24 and people say I'm to old to love it, help me out!!!

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Ha...I'm WAY older than you (won't say how WAY), but I'm still obscessed with Twilight and Rob and don't care who knows it.
I have to agree with you there, i do feel sorry for him. And for him to make such an impact world wide i think we can all agree he is a great young actor whom has a lot of potential, even so to have women falling to their knees for him and edward character. I dont agree with the press never leaving his side the poor thing i bet he doesnt like all this attention.
I'd laugh in the faces of people who would say it's for children. No one's too old to like anything, you can like what you want and what you like is none of your friends business to intervene or comment.
I'm 17 but I know so many adults who love the series. My mothers friend is 45 and she loves it. Imagine having to deal with getting picked on by your kids. Thats what she goes through but she still loves the series.
I'm 21 and od obsessed with twilight so don't feel bad ur friends are aholes (no offense ) for making fun of u
Dude, I am 26 and I will love Twilight till I am old and on my death bed! So take that Twilight haters!
I'm 22, almost 23.. and the only reason I read it is because my 31 year old sister and 33 year old cousin kept talking about it!
well i have you beat by a few years since I am 35 and love the books. I have read them all twice and am reading Eclipse for the 3rd time. So go with the love and tell your friends to bug off.
Wow, I am way older than you and I love Twilight (books, movie, Rob). And you know the best part, I don't give a da**ed what anyone thinks about it...what are they gonna do, take my birthday away? LOL....Enjoy it girl!
Dude!They shouldn't harass you!If you think about it 24 is not hardly old!As a matter of fact your just the right age to be reading these vampire stories.Although I'm not sure what the age is for to cousin is only 7 years old and has read all the Twilight Saga books!Strange...But,anyways your not old or to old to read the books!Obviously,anybody can read them!!Keep following your obsession!Tell your friends to find one of those old lady books.
I'm 13 and i love the movies and books and i believe noone is to old to love the series TWILIGHT IS THE BEST.
24 is not old I guess it is if your in your teens but Im 36 so I can say for a fact age is just a number we are as old as we feel. I really don't care to much about what people say about my obsession of all things twilight and RPatz. I know for a fact I am not old.


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