The Twilight Saga

Isabella is 18 year old  girl from Arizona that goes on a vacation with her step dad to Alaska while there she meets the beautiful Denali sisters and despite the unpleasantness that leads her into joining their family,she eagerly excepts the offer and love they give her......But how long will it last?.........What happens when the Cullens come for a visit...and get this Rose isn't the one that hates Bella lol :)

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"Bella are you sure your ok with this?" i asked when i was done sobbing on her shoulder
"Tanya i have nothing else my mom is gone Phil is dead and if it waasnt for you i would be to im not only ok with this life im thanfull because now i have you Kate and even though i dont reaally know her yet i have Irina." she said
"Oh Bella i promise i will always be there for you." i said
"Thats all i ask." she said
"Ok well since we're ok now lets talk you need to learn about our life style." i told her
"Ok." she said
"Well Bella as you know your a vampire but dont worry we dont hunt humans." i said
"Oh good i couldnt live with myself if i hurt one human." she said
'Bella your weird." i said
'What?" she asked
"No i mean your different you should be blood crazy not calm like you are now." i said
"Really why do you think that im different?" she asked
"I dont know mabe you have a gift we just have to figure out what it is." i said
"Gift?" she asked
"Yeah Bella some vamps have gists." i said
"Yeah like me i can shock a human or a vamp with one touch." Kate said
"Really?" Bella asked
"Yeah wanna feel it?" Kate asked
'Will it hurt?" Bella asked
'Maybe but ill make sure i dont use all my power on ya ok." Kate said
'Ok." Bella said walking towards Kate.
"Bella are you cazy?" i ASKED
"no." she said

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cool chapt.
lol the end was funny!!!!!!!!!!!!! post more soooon
Good job!!!!!!! Be REBELLIOUS!!!!!!!!! lol nice chapter!
lol thanks
lol haha
dont get in trouble at school
love the story
Love it.Hate the cliffie but thats wat makes yuh such a good writer. more soon but not too soon or there will be no time for skewl. l0l
"Ok Kate give me your best shot." i said closing my eyes...i waited but i never felt anything
"Kate c'mon do it." i said
"I am Bella im giving you all Ive got how are you not feeling it?" she asked
"I don't know." i said
"Maybe thats what she is ....a shield." Tanya said
"A what?" Kate and I said together
"A shield meaning shes not affected by other powers." Tanya said
"I guess." I said.."Hey when can i meet Irina?"
"Now." A woman said she looked a little younger than Tanya but i knew better.
"Are you Irina?"i asked
"Yes nice of you to meet me.' she said but she was just playing
"I think its the other way around." i said smiling
"So what now?" i asked
"Bella aren't you thirsty ?" Irina asked i hadn't thought about until she said something
"Now i am thank you Irina." i said
"Sorry." she said
"Its how do i hunt?" i asked
"Its easy just let your instincts take over."Tanya said
"Ok." i said
"Lets go outside." she said and within seconds we were outside
"Ok what do you smell?" Irina asked
"Umm deer." i said
"Good now what do you hear?" Tanya asked
"I hear this thumping sound." i said
"Ok where is it coming from?" Kate asked
"Three miles east." i said
"Very good Bella now just focus on that and let your instincts take over
thanks Mareesa
post more soon!!! love it!!!
Love it!! Post more really soon- can't wait!!


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