The Twilight Saga

Isabella is 18 year old  girl from Arizona that goes on a vacation with her step dad to Alaska while there she meets the beautiful Denali sisters and despite the unpleasantness that leads her into joining their family,she eagerly excepts the offer and love they give her......But how long will it last?.........What happens when the Cullens come for a visit...and get this Rose isn't the one that hates Bella lol :)

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love it
cant wait for more
keep me updated
I Pounced on the first deer i saw sinking my teeth into its flesh..the blood was warn and kinda sweet in a way it made the burning in my throat go away.....When i was finished i decided to explore the woods running was so much fun. I was moving so fast but i never missed any detail.I felt so free jumping and spinning around it was only me and nature and i loved it. Soon i found myself in a beautiful meadow even though it was covered in snow. i stopped running and dropped down in the middle of the meadow and stared at the sky.
"Having fun?" someone asked and i jumped at least 20 feet in the air
"Tanya what the h3ll is wrong with u make some noise next time." i said
"Sorry know this is where i came when i was turned." she said walking to where i was standing
'Really?' i asked
"Yeah i come here when i need to think." she said
"I can see why its beautiful here." i said laying back down on the ground and Tanya laid next to me.
"It is....Bella can i ask you something?" she said
"of course Tanya what is it?" i asked
"Have you ever been in love?' she asked
"No why ?" i asked
"Well its this man named Edward..Bella hes perfect we've had an on off relationship but i want more...its like one day hes all over me and the next im nothing but cold turkey." she said
"Tanya any man would be lucky to have you even look they're way and if this Edward person doesnt see that hes not worth your love." i said
"Bella its complicated its like i cant not love him I just wish he would make up his mind.' she said
"Tanya i cant tell you how to live your life but at lest think about what i said ok i love you, your my sister and as of two days ago my best friend and i want you happy." i said
"Thanks Bella." she said
"Anytime." i said and we just laid there in silence and i liked it that way i finally had a happy family
~Back at the house~
"Tanya..Bella come here." Irina called
"Yeah?' i asked
"The Culllens are coming." she said..The Cullens were the Denali's "Family" i guess and I was ok with them being here well i wasn't ok with Edward being here. Tanya ,ay be clueless but im not and she shouldnt be letting him treat her that way but whatever.
"Im so excited." i said rolling my eyes
"Whats your problem?" Kate asked
'Nothing..yet." i whispered the last part so only i heard
this cant be good for edward bella hates him and dont even know him yet
love it
post more soon
I was in my study when the phone rang
"Carlisle its Irina can you guys come down here?"
"Sure hun whats wrong?'
"Nothing we want you to meet someone."
"Umm ok i guess i'll ask the family and call you back"
"Ok." she said then i hung up and ran downstairs
"Everyone in the living room now." i called and they all came
"Yes honey." Esme said
"We're going to Alaska for a while ok." i said
"Why?Rose asked
"Irina just said she wanted us to meet someone." i said
"I cant see whoever it is i cant see." Alice started to panic
"Alice what do you mean honey?" i asked
"I cant see whats going to happen when we go to Alaska." she said
"I dont know what to tell you Alice." i said
'Whatever..i have to pack." she said running upstairs
~The next day outside the denali house still cpov~
"Carlisle somethings wrong i cant hear any thought coming from the house and Jasper cant feel any emotions." Edward said
"Why is that?" i asked myself
"Everyone its ok its just Bella." Kate said
how does everyone keep guessing that it was supposed to be a secret dang it!!!!!!!!!!!!!
lol it's still good even though we know whats probably gonna happen:)
ahhh updattee sooon(:
love it
bella can block all sense
love it!
keep going plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz
update soon plz:)


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