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Story and Characters belong to Stephenie Meyer
Story Adaptation by Erica Bailey

As I ran through the forest, Bella on my back, I wondered. Did I have enough control to gently touch my lips to hers? Could I be as gentle as I had been stroking her face with my hand? I had been strong enough to place my mouth right next to her throat. The memory was strong. Venom pooled to my mouth. No, I can’t, I thought miserably. At just the thought of it, my body was reacting in ways that were not safe for her.

If I were to try, I would have to be in complete control. I’d have to know that my thirst was at bay every thousandth of a second. Like I carefully stroked her face with my finger, I’d have to merely brush my lips against hers for a fraction of a second.

Perhaps if I was very careful I could give her one chaste kiss – just one. The thought of it overwhelmed me. Now that I had acknowledged the possibility it was all could think about. What would it feel like to have her soft, warm, pink lips against my cold, pale, lifeless ones. For the briefest of moments – so fast she’d not even notice, I pressed my face to her arm. The heat was intense, but bearable. I could do this…


“Open your eyes, Bella.” I saw her eyes search my face and then look into my own. Her eyes, the doorway to her soul. I saw only acceptance in them and warm invitation. Perhaps I could try.

“I was thinking, while I was running…” Perhaps I shouldn’t. I had already been given so much today.

“About not hitting the trees, I hope.”

She interrupted my thoughts. She had no idea what it was like to be able to run so freely and see so clearly. I chuckled at her, “Silly Bella, running is second nature to me, it’s not something I have to think about.”

“Show-off” she muttered at me again, lightening my mood, giving me the control I needed. Perhaps I could try.

“No. I was thinking there was something I wanted to try.”

I held her face between my hands to steady both her and I and also to ensure I properly gauged distance and the force with which I pressed my lips to hers. Very slowly I lowered my face closer, pausing with every fraction of an inch to gauge my thirst, my desire and my control. The venom pooled to my mouth as her scent assaulted me. I swallowed it back.. I could do this. My vampire brain was in full concentration on this one task – monitoring every movement, analyzing every action and reaction – both mine and hers.

And then, after what seemed like an eternity, my lips gently brushed hers. The pleasure of this kiss was unprecedented in my century long life. It was a hundred times stronger then the electrical shocks of joy her hand touching mind had sent through my body. The venom boiled under the surface of my skin. If it had been beating, my heart would have jumped out of my chest. And yet, I thought smugly, in all this, as I fully experienced my first kiss – our first kiss – I was firmly in control.

That all changed in an instant. In less than a millisecond, with more speed then I realized Bella possessed, her hands were around me, her hands in my hair, pulling herself closer, kissing me back. I could suddenly feel the heat of her body pressed against mine, her lips scorching through my own. Her lips parted and I could taste her on my tongue. Desire surged through me more potent then I thought possible – more then when I first held her scent that day in biology, only this desire wasn’t only for her blood. In an instant more I could have her on the ground and the monster in me would have his way.

In that instant I saw her trusting eyes and I froze. I wasn’t strong enough to pull away. I fought back the flames of desire and then gently pushed her face from mine, taking a breath to calm myself.

“Oops.” She said. It was the most amazing, incredible, passionate experience I’d ever had in my long existence – and also the most reckless I had been with her life. The potential for disaster had been great and yet her understand response was exactly what I needed to gain one more iota of control.

“That’s an understatement,” I waited another moment as I fought for enough control to move. My body was fighting me on this as her reaction had stirred several feelings I had not even been aware of.

“Should I…” she tried to pull away – to be helpful I supposed, but I wasn’t quite ready to let her go, yet, either.

“No, it’s tolerable. Wait for a moment, please.”

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thanks so much Minnie. that means a lot... (love the word "bloody")
this is so cool Erica you are awesome
thanks so much Alondra! :-)
Hey, thanks so much! I am glad you liked it. :-)
WOOOHOOOO! AND EDWARD SCORES!! That is sooo romantic! I wish I was the one in Bella's place. Well, that's the only thing I could do, dream. Next chappie now please!

Hey marielle... you and me both! I think a lot of us wish we were in Bella's place most of the time - except for all those times when she's being beaten up by vengeful vampires! :-) thanks.
Thank you so much Tracy! I'm glad you are enjoying them... :-)
Ah man
I so wish I was Bella in this chapter
and the Honeymoon chapter, if you get my drift
great job erica
I get your drfit... and ditto! :-) thanks Yamile...
bloody perfect, as always erica!!
wont you finish it off, though?
hey erica, will you add me?
i cant add you myself...
a problem with my computer
Um... Wow... I have no words.
It was so pretty, incredible! I hadn't read something like this since Epov Eclipse (You) or Epov Twilight (Steph)!
Write more scenes of the Twilight saga please!


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