The Twilight Saga

Okay so i've never done this before, and i'd be grateful for any feedback... thanks.




Takes place in the woods after bella and edward get back from Italy...





First Quarter. A Jacob and Bella Love Story

Chapter one

“Don’t make me choose. ‘cause it’ll be him. It’s always been him.” This was breaking my heart, but he had to know.
“B-Bella…” was all he could manage.
I turned my back on him and walked toward Edward.
“Don’t you dare, Jacob!” Edward’s velvet voice was cold and threatening.
“Don’t tell me what to do, you filthy bloodsucker!” Jacob was stepping toward me reaching for my arm, when suddenly he was flying backward through the air. A fierce growl rumbled in his throat as he phased.
Edward stepped forward - putting himself between Jacob and me - and slipped into a crouch.
Jacob charged forward while Edward slipped further into his attacking stance.
It was then that something clicked inside my head, just as Edward pulled his hand back to deliver the deadly blow. I had to stop him! I threw myself between Edward and Jacob, with my back toward the giant russet wolf that was still charging forward.
“NO, Edward don’t!” I screamed as loud as I could “I love him!”
Edward straightened up immediately, an intensely worried look on his face. Behind me I heard Jacob stopped dead in his tracks.
I was frantic; I didn’t know how to explain myself to Edward.
“What do you mean, Bella?” Edwards voice was shaking slightly; I’d never heard him like this before.
“I – I – I’m so sorry Edward” I fell to my knees and broke down in hysterics. Just then, Jacob let out an ear-splitting howl. Edward, with his eyes still frozen on me, walked slowly forward and knelt down so his eyes were level with mine. I stared back at him, hopelessly.
Three huge wolves ran into the small clearing then. I looked around at them bewildered by why Jacob had called for backup now, with Edward so vulnerable. Then one of the wolves trotted toward Jacob and dropped something out of his mouth. The Jacob wolf picked it up and ran into the woods. I was on my feet in a second. My hand stretched out to where Jake had just disappeared; my eyes filled with fresh tears. Edward had understood what I was trying to say – Why hadn’t Jacob? I looked at the giant black wolf on my right – Sam – and he shook his head.
I turned back to where my hand was still reaching out and gasped when I saw Jacob in human form now – the wolf must of brought him some clothes – reaching toward it. He took my hand and pulled me into one of his bear-tight hugs. I breathed a sigh of relief and then deeply inhaled his woodsy-musky scent.
He let go of me and placed his hands on my shoulders and held me at arms length and stared into my eyes.
“I – I love you Jacob” I finally managed to choke out.
He just smiled his most Jacoby-smile and shouted, “I knew it” at the top of his voice.

His eyes flickered to the right, and I suddenly remembered Edward. He was still knelt in the same position as when I’d jumped up to follow Jake.
“Edward…” I began
his blazing gold eyes were suddenly boring into mine, he lurched to his feet and started in my direction. I took a step forward then turned back to Jacob. He just nodded, then I turned back to face Edward.
“Him? You…love him?” he sounded furious and it scared me. I just nodded sheepishly.
“You love that…that thing? That flee-ridden mutt!”
That did it. I was not going to let him get away with that.
“Don’t you freakin’ dare talk about my Jacob like that! He’s more human than you! ” As soon I said that last part I immediately felt guilty. Not guilty enough to take it back though. Jacob scoffed in disbelief. I turned to glance at him and he was in complete shock. I’d never stuck up for him against Edward like this…even when he wasn’t there.
I heard the chocolate brown wolf – Quil, I think – barked out a snicker before Sam growled an order of silence at him.

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I think you should do what you feel you want to do. But I have a lot of bad news for you guys.
It is about Stefanie Rose *Black* she got banned for a week off the site so I joined to tell yuo guys that she is my friend so I will tell her everything for you guys.
oh no! why did she get banned? and thanks, when is she gonna be back on herself?

and sorry guys, i havent been updating a lot cos ive been workin on another story. which im gonna post soon. its different to a lot i've read on here. i will post the next scene as soon as ive typed it up, which im on doing now. its the one i origionally wrote, so if you guys think i should change it i do have other ideas, so just tell me. if you have any ideas or anything you want to happen in this story or any other story of mine, just tell me and i'll fit it it.

love H'F xx
Helen do me a favour and sen dto me first adn I'll help you like Steffy use to do.
okay :)
im still on typing it now, wont be long :)
okay then
As he embraced me I could feel he was still hard – I smiled.
“Not everything.” I whispered.
“Huh?” He sounded rather confused.
“Look, they don't bother me, don't let them get to you. Just pretend they're not here. I'm still up for it, and no pun intended here Jake, but it seems your still 'up' for it too.” i giggled at myself and Jacob chuckled.
“Really?” He asked
“Really.” I replied “Just forget they're here. Now where were we?”
He started kissing me. He pushed me up against the wall and started trying to unfasten my jeans. When he started to struggle with the button, he simply ripped them down the seam and they fell to the floor. He did the same with my underwear.
Then he pulled his pants down and kicked them off.
He pushed me harder against the wall then, supporting all of my weight and lifting me up slightly. It felt unbelievable to be this close to him, but it wasn’t close enough for me. I wanted…NO…I needed to be closer.
I carefully wrapped my legs around his waist, and felt him enter me. I winced slightly, but then all my emotions over powered me.
Jacobs’s lips were locked at the base of my neck. I started to moan as the thrusting of his hips and mine, moving together in synchronisation began to get stronger – more satisfying.
I let my teeth graze his earlobe gently and he let out a fierce growl. But this didn’t scare me; it only made me want him that much more.
He began to move faster now. Harder.
“Oh God, Jake!” I must of said this louder than I thought, as I heard muffled laughter and gasps coming from down the hall.
I started to kiss jacob’s neck to stop me screaming.
“Bella! Oh Bella!” Well at least I wasn’t the only one Quil and Embry would hear.
I gave up trying to hold my emotions in then. I just let whatever would happen, happen.

“Jake, Yes! Oh God Jake don’t stop!” Quil and embry could say what they wanted. This was far too good to feel embarrassed about,
“Oh God! BELLA!” This was it, it was coming – the climax, the ultimate moment of exctasy. YES.
“Ahhh Jacob.” I sighed. He stopped moving then, and I felt him release inside me.
“Bella” he moaned one last time. I took his face in both my hands and kissed him, before I unwrapped my legs from around him. He stepped slightly back and I plopped onto my feet. He kissed me again, this time it was very gentle and short. I smiled up at him. He smiled back then walked to his bed and collapsed with exhaustion and sighed. I giggled quietly before walking over to a chest of draws and opening the top draw and fishing out some of Jacob’s boxer shorts. I slipped them on quickly then flicked some at him. He chuckled and put them on.
I went and sat next to him on the bed, he was grinning so widely that I was sure it must of hurt. I couldn’t help smirking back at him. I loved him so much. I crawled into his lap and he hugged me tightly to his chest.
“I love you.” He whispered
“I love you too.” I whispered back
“I’m gonna take a shower. Okay?”
“Okay.” I scrammbled out of his lap and started combing my fingers through my hair. “Hey lend me some sweats?” I asked.
He eyed the pile of cloth on the floor that was once my jeans, and laughed. He walked over to his closet, then threw some grey pants at me.
I put them on and stepped toward Jacob. He kissed my forehead, turned to the door and headed further down the hall to the bathroom.
I stood in his room for a moment, thinking. Then decided I wanted to go see what Quil and Embry had to say.
so far so good keep going in this direction, just an idea how about one day they get caught by Charlie or anybody just a thought
sounds good:)
im really stuck for ideas, cos i keep getting distracted by another two stories im writing. so if you have any more ideas ashley, will you inbox me? and we can have a little brain storm ;)?
that sounds good to me:)
okay, this is all ive got. im trying to work on some more, but i've got loads of homework! and i need some ideas! so if you've got any, let me know. thanks...

Chapter three

I walked down the hall and into the living room. I walzted around the front of the sofa and plonked myself between the two half-naked boys, and crossed my legs up on the seat.
They both looked at me, Quil was in shock, his mouth hanging open like a complete idiot. Embry was trying to hold in a laugh.
“Hey” I said turning to look at Embry. He started to chuckle quiety, then it grew into wild fits of laughter. Quil still hadn’t spoke, or even moved for that matter.
“You know Embry, it wasn’t that funny. Hmmm wasn’t funny at all actually…” I trailed off as I remanissed over Jacob and me.
I shook the thought out of my head, realising that embry had stopped laughing.
He was staring at me, I smiled innocently at him.
He snorted and shook his head at me then turned his attention the the T.V.

Just then I heard Jake shut the shower off, walk to his room. After a moment, he shouted my name.
“Im in here!” I yelled back.
He walked into the living room slowly, suspiciously even. He was glaring at Quil who, when I turned to look at him too, was still staring at me. I turned back to look at Jacob and shrugged.
He laughed “Quil?” No reply. “Hey, Dude!”
Quils eyes snapped up to look at Jacob
“What are you staring at?” Jake laughed
Quil huffed and turned to watch the television “Nothing.”

“Quil mate, this is how things are gonna be from now on.” Jake’s husky voice sounded rather smug “If you don’t like it, get out my house.”
“It’s not that. It’s just…” Quil’s eyes flickered to me then Jacob “Why you?” As he said this, his eyes narrowed to a scowl. I burst into laughter. I didn’t mean to, but I couldn’t help it. Quil looked at me for a second before he turned back to the television, his skin turned a beautiful shade as he blushed, embarrassed.
“Huh?” Jake was confused
“I think someones a littl jelous. Eyy Quil?” I teased. He just looked down at his feet,
“Now hey! Don’t be stealing my girl” Jacobs voice was light and playful, but even I could hear the seriousness behind it.
“No-one could take me from you” As I said this I got up off the sofa and skipped around to him. I jumped into his arms, he caught me and hugged me tightly and chuckled.
“Aww! Check you two out!” Embry chirped
Both me and Jake smiled at him. Then I walked up behind Quil and ruffled his hair.
“Don’t worry, I still love you.” Then I bent down and kissed him on the cheek. He blushed again and I giggled.
I walked around to sit between him and Embry again, Jacob followed me and sat on the floor infront of me, resting his head against my legs. I started playing with his hair, he let out a heavy sigh and closed his eyes.
“By the way Jake?” I asked
“Yeah?” He opened his eyes
“You owe me a new pair of jeans.” I giggled at the memory
“I couldn’t help it, I am a wild animal” he chucked
I quickly glanced at Embry who was staring wide-eyed at me, then back to Jacob.
“I don’t care. You ruined them. You owe me some more.”
He closed his eyes and smiled “Sure, Sure”
was that little bit alright? when you said something funny, it just popped into my head so i posted it haha x
i've ran out of ideas completely now hahah :)


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