The Twilight Saga

This wolf pack and group of best friends thought they have seen it all.

From fights to vampires to failing the midterms.

But there is one species they didnt knew was real.


A group of girls have showed up at school and no one knows what they came from.

The girls dont even know,

They know nothing about the human world.

Strange things start to happen now that these girls are around, and the wolves are set to find out what it is. But can they stop themselves from imprinting?


Boy and Girl

Dont Ditch

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Rain Triton


Rain is very hyper and bubbly, she normally acts like a child. Everything catches her attention. She loves to ask questions and find out everything about everything she knows nothing about. She is very friendly and talks to everyone. She also loves bright colors. She can control weather to, just like her father


Brad Hayes


Brad sometimes thing he is leader of the pack, but knows he is just the brother of the leader. He can be hard headed and is the bad boy of the group. He has a soft spot for animals and for some reason has a thing for cats. He will come off as a jerk but once you get to know him he is a sweet heart


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Ill join when I get on a computer!

okay (:

Penelope Triton


Penelope is Rain's older sister (if that's ok!). Penny is the rebel of the 2. Despite her father's orders, she has gone up to the surface and joined parties on the beach with humans. She is that girl who just disappears after the party is over. Penny is sarcastic, laid back and daring. Instead of asking what things are, she prefers to figure it out herself. She is very full of herself and has an ego the size of her head.


Red Walters


Red is a bit scared of love. He doesn't know what he'll do when he finds his imprint! He covers up by being a player. He is unbelievably obnoxious and can come off as a jerk sometimes. He almost always has a smirk plastered on his face. Red is hard to yell at because he'll just stare at you with that smirk and un-caring eyes.


thanks! Once Ellie joins we ca start (:

if she dont ever join we can start if you want

lmao she just replied to another rp. She'll probably join soon XD

lol okay ill be here all night, im about to go get in the shower but ill be on on my phone...and yes i use my phone in the shower


Hello! May I join?
I dont have a computer at the moment so if you want, I can write down my characters info and give the pictures tomorrow. :)

I can give you pics if you'd like! and omg I use my phone in the shower too XD I have this waterproof speaker to play music in the shower!

Who ever joins join! Lol I'm ready to start xD I have a water proof case


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