The Twilight Saga

This wolf pack and group of best friends thought they have seen it all.

From fights to vampires to failing the midterms.

But there is one species they didnt knew was real.


A group of girls have showed up at school and no one knows what they came from.

The girls dont even know,

They know nothing about the human world.

Strange things start to happen now that these girls are around, and the wolves are set to find out what it is. But can they stop themselves from imprinting?


Boy and Girl

Dont Ditch

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Rain Triton


Rain is very hyper and bubbly, she normally acts like a child. Everything catches her attention. She loves to ask questions and find out everything about everything she knows nothing about. She is very friendly and talks to everyone. She also loves bright colors. She can control weather to, just like her father


Brad Hayes


Brad sometimes thing he is leader of the pack, but knows he is just the brother of the leader. He can be hard headed and is the bad boy of the group. He has a soft spot for animals and for some reason has a thing for cats. He will come off as a jerk but once you get to know him he is a sweet heart


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Arlette glared at Rain "it's sad when I'm caring more about your sister right now than you are" she hissed. Arlette wasn't one to piss off. She stomped over and stood between the wolf and the guard. She pointed to the guard "drop the weapon" her eyes were red with anger. The man dropped the sword with a clang. She turned to Brad and pointed "calm yourself!" She took a deep breath "now I'm sure there is a simple way to fix this without anyone dying"

Penny stood there, frozen. Arlette was usually quiet and sweet. She walked over the Arlette and nodded. She looked at the guard. "Ok so...daddy wants a king. What if I knew someone who was just as good and had all the qualities he wa looking for...?" She tilted her head to the side, watching his reaction. "Well...I suppose that would work" he said quietly.

Red just shook his head when Rain and Arlette started arguing. "She's right rain" he hated to admit it. He sighed, kissed Rain's cheek and ran upstairs. He grabbed pants for Brad and ran back downstairs. He dropped them by the wolf and walked back to Rain. He looked at Breana who was still standing there. He whistled to get her attention and gave her a questioning look

Rain just looked at them both trying not to cry. She cared about her sister and she knew it. She also knew her sister and knew that all she could do would be able to cause a storm and blow them all off the face of the earth. She knew her sister could take care of herself, and she knew all she would be doing would be getting in the way.

Brad growled once more at the guard before sitting down on the floor infront of penny. He looked around at everyone. Rain who was about to start crying again, they werent kidding when they said she was sensitve. Breana who was still staring at the prince. Arlette was still standing between them and the guard. He looked up at penny and gave her a questioning look

Breana jumped when Red whislted to her then she looked at Penny. 'Is this some one a he or a she? and if its a she will she being marrying this prince?" she asked quickly. She looked over at Ryan who just looked at her funny

Arlette stepped out of the way once they had both calmed down. She walked away, her muscles tense from being frustrated. She didn't care if Rain could create storms. Arlette knew she could rip her apart before a storm could form. Of course, she wouldn't. She stopped in the kitchen and took a deep breath

Penny looked at the guard with a smirk, glad that she was in control of the situation. She looked at Breana and gave her a questioning look before she looked back to the guard "that person is brad. I mean...he's smart and strong and he's the brother of an alpha. Leading runs in his blood!" Ok maybe she made the last part up but it seemed to be working. She wasn't sure what brad would think of it though.

Red put his hands on her shoulders "relax rain" he said soothingly "I just don't think Arlette does well under pressure." He said quietly. He looked over at Breana and the to the prince. "Why would you care?" He asked her quietly.

Derek raised his eyebrows at her. He didn't even know this girl. Why was she so concerned about who he married? He looked at the guard then at the othe princess. She was suggesting she married another guy and make him king. Was that even possible?

Rain moved out from other his hands and just looked at him. "you agreed with her" she said as she went to the other side of the room closest to her sister. SShe looked at the Brad, she didnt picture him as a king

Ryan had to bite his lips to keep from laughing at the thought of his brother as a king. He crossed his arms over his chest and just smirked at his brother, oh if this went through he was in for it

Breana looked back at the prince and smiled a bit."umm" she didnt know how to explain it to some one who she didnt even know the name of 

Red just shook his head. This wasnt the time to argue with her. Brad was in trouble at the time and she could not make him chose between her and his pack. The 2 things he cared the most about. He sighed and looked at Brad. Brad? As a king? Ha! This would be funny

When Arlette heard what Penny said, she slapped her hand over her mouth to keep from laughing. She could see Ryan as a king. But Brad?! This was going to be a train wreck from the beginning. But if it worked and Penny and Brad stayed together..why not?

Penny stared at the guard. He was close with her father and knew what would be ok. "Ok. That's a better alternative than nothing at all. Because it's obvious it will be a war to get you to marry the prince". Penny grinned with relief. Brad would need a lot of training to be king kept them together.

Derek coughed quietly and walked over to her. He smiled a little "I'm Derek" he said, taking her hand and gently kissing it. "What's you're name?" He looked at her beautiful brown eyes and grinned

Rain just stared at her feet, she scared about her sister a lot. She knew knew that her sister could handle herself and Penny always found a way to get what she wanted and all rain would do right now was be in the way, so what else what she suposed to do?  She sat down against the wall and watched her sister

Brad looked at Penny, he honestly didnt know if he could do that. He had a life here and wasnt sure he could give that up. Plus would it even work? Would he have to give up being a wolf. He loved being a wolf. He shook his head causing the fur around his neck to fluff up some. He then laid down and rested his head on his paws trying to think through things

Breana giggled as she smiled at him. "Im Breana" she said as she titled her head to the side and grinned as she fluttered her eyes lashes and smiled again

Penny knew he was going to be hesitant. There had to be a way to get around all this. She stared at the guard "can you please give us like..3 days to figure something out? I promise 3 days" they could work something out. They had no choice, they had to. The guard nodded and looked at Derek. Derek said he'd be back later and the guard nodded, looking exasperated and left. Penny sighed and just stood there, facing away from brad, staring at the floor

Derek smiled at her "what a beautiful name for a beautiful girl" he smirked "why do you care so much about who I marry?" He asked, tilting his head to the side and smiling a little. This girl was definitely beautiful and cute. "Is it another imprinting thing?" He unknowingly teased

Red walked over to Rain and grabbed her hand "hey. I wasn't agreeing with her about you and penny. You know you're sister and I think Arlette was just frustrated. But she was right about me defending a pack member. I'm sorry" he said quietly, looking at her. He bit his lip. He wanted to be happy that they were together, not fighting

Arlette walked back over to Ryan and leaned against him "what a big mess" she said, watching them all. She didn't want to be involved. But she was anyways and it was Ryan's pack so they couldn't just abandon them. She sighed, listening to the quiet of the house. Everything sounded some what normal once the guard left the house.

Brad put his paws over his eyes, he was freaking out and he knew it. He couldnt do this, he wasnt a king. He was a high school student who was dealing with turning to a huge wolf already.He rubbed his paws over his ears and sighed

Breana giggled a little bit and nodded "actuely it is" she said and bit down on her lip as she looked at him. What if he didnt like the idea of being her imprint, what would she do thenm? Would she act like Red and Rain where yesterday or would she be worse

rain looked up at him. "I thought you where agreeing with her" she said softly. "I do care about my sister, i just know she can handle herself and that all i would be doing was getting in the way' she said and shot a glare at Arlette

Ryan put his arm around Arlette and looked down at her "it will all work out" he said softly and smiled at her

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Penny leaned against the wall and closed her eyes "this is never going to work" she whispered. she knew brad didn't want to be a king and she wasn't going to make him. She opened her eyes and stared at the wall in defeat. She was ready to say goodbye to Brad and just give up. She had been fighting everything her father tried to do and it was getting old

Derek stared at her "you're kidding right?". When she just stared right back at him, he took a deep breath and rubbed the back of his neck "well this makes things very complicated" he said quietly, giving her a sheepish grin. "I'm Derek by the way" he said quietly.

Red followed the glare to Arlette then looked at Rain "don't take it personally. She's feeding off of Ryan's stress. I'd really rather you didn't get into an argument with a vampire..." He knew she could hold her own but he really didn't want to deal with holding Ryan AND Arlette back. "She said it under pressure. Just forgive her" he said quietly, kissing her cheek.

Arlette saw the glare and looked up at Ryan as if she down even see Rain. Why make it a big deal? It was something petty. "I hope so" she said quietly. She hugged him and sighed.
Brad grabbed his clothes and ran out back to phrase back. Once he was dressed he ran his hand through his hair and walked back in. He didnt know what to say or do. He looked at penny thn around at everyone else. He had just gotten his sister back was he about to have to give that up again? He shook his head and looke back to Penny. He knew he would give up anything for her though

Breana looked at him and smiled "you've already told me your name" she said and smiled as she pushed some of her hair back be hide her ear. "I you don't like the idea of being a imprint you can tell him" she whispered

Rain looked up at him "It doesn't matter. She doesn't know my sister. I do and I don't like for people to tell me I don't care about someone I love" she said as she leaned against Red. She knew she was to chicken to try to pick a argument with this vampire. She wasn't that stupid. She was attacked by one she didn't need to be attacked by another

Ryan put his hand on her shoulder an looked at Red and Rain then he looked over at his brother. He knew brad would give everything up for penny even if he didn't want to


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