The Twilight Saga

This wolf pack and group of best friends thought they have seen it all.

From fights to vampires to failing the midterms.

But there is one species they didnt knew was real.


A group of girls have showed up at school and no one knows what they came from.

The girls dont even know,

They know nothing about the human world.

Strange things start to happen now that these girls are around, and the wolves are set to find out what it is. But can they stop themselves from imprinting?


Boy and Girl

Dont Ditch

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Rain Triton


Rain is very hyper and bubbly, she normally acts like a child. Everything catches her attention. She loves to ask questions and find out everything about everything she knows nothing about. She is very friendly and talks to everyone. She also loves bright colors. She can control weather to, just like her father


Brad Hayes


Brad sometimes thing he is leader of the pack, but knows he is just the brother of the leader. He can be hard headed and is the bad boy of the group. He has a soft spot for animals and for some reason has a thing for cats. He will come off as a jerk but once you get to know him he is a sweet heart


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(Bahaha that's fine XD)
Penny laughed and playfully pushed him "chicken you dork! Like you taught me!" She opened the fridge and grabbed the chicken while getting everything else out with her mind. She set it all on the counter and looked at Brad "how much do you want?"

Red heard her crying. He softly knocked on the door "Rain?" He asked with a concerned voice. "Are you ok?" He started getting worried. What if she hurt herself? He took a deep breath.

Derek looked at her "you never got to wear them? How sad...." He said quietly, furrowing his eyebrows. "What's a prom?" He looked at her. Obviously it was something big if she bought a dress like that just for it.

Arlette laughed and playfully smacked him "then you're horrible at being an ugly wolf" she teased and poked his stomach. He jumped back "oh? Are you ticklish?!" She poked his stomach again
Brad grinned as he sat back in the chair "I could eat the whole chicken" he said and chuckled "just fix me two pieces for now" he said as his phone with off. He grabbed it and rolle his eye at the text before replying and rising the phone to the counter

Rain jumped when she heard him causing her to fall and hit her head on the side b"owe" she said and rubbed it as she got up. "I'm fine. Ill explain in a minute" she said as she quickly bathed and got out. She wrapped the towel around her and looke at we clothes. They smelt horrible so she walked out in the towel. "I can see my ribs when I look in the mirrow. I'm skinnier than i was yesterday. My dad has already taken my tail" she whispered softly

Breana smiled "it's a big formal dance. Kind of like a ball" she said and smiled "I really wish i could have gone. My dress cost a lot" she said and sighed as she ran her hand through her hair

Ryan was trying not to grin "no I'm not" he said as he crosse his arms over his chest trying to act tough but knew he looked more like a big goof ball
Penny grinned and made him 4 pieces instead and 1 for herself. She leaned against the counter and did everything with her mind. From breading the chicken to putting the pan in the over and closing the door. "Cooking is a lot easier than I thought" she said as she sat down across from Brad. She stared at his phone and started playing with it

Red quickly grabbed her clothes and through them in the washing machine. He came back and hugged her "I'm so sorry rain this is all my fault" if he hasn't met her, she would still be a mermaid. She could still talk to her father and her friends "I'm so so sorry" he mumbled.

Derek thought for a moment. He turned off the tv "go put on your dress we can have a prom here!" He was dressed in fancy clothing from the palace. He wasnt sure if that was what they wore at proms but he didn't think it mattered. She stared at him and he gave her a small nudge "go on..."

Arlette laughed when he tried to act tough. She jumped towards him and started tickling him. He fell to the ground and Arlette pinned him down. "You are ticklish!" She said with a laugh and poked his stomach again. She continued to poke his stomach and laugh with him
Brad smiled and watched her "it's harder to do when you use your hands" he said an laughed as he leaned over the table and looked into the living at his sister and fish boy. Breana looked up at him and brad gave her a look

Rain leaned into him "it's not your fault i was gonna give it up anyways but I thought I get a chance to tell everyone bye" she said as she let out a sigh

Breana just nodde as he got up and went to her room. She pulled the big ball gown out and quickly changed. Se grabbed the shoes and put them on to then looked in the mirrow this can't be happening she thought before going back down

Ryan laughe as he tried to get her off "stop!" He said and laughed as he finally for her off and sat up "now that wasnt fair" he laughe
Penny followed his look and looked at the 2 of them. She tilted her head to the side and watched them. He seemed clueless just like Rain and Penny had been. "She looks at him like Red looks at Rain when she isn't looking" she said quietly. it was a look of absolute love, adoration and dedication. She watched as Breana walked down in her prom dress

Red ran his hand through her wet hair. "I'm so sorry" he whispered again, feeling horrible. He felt responsible for her sadness and it hurt. "I wish I could give you your tale back I really do" he would do anything for her to be happy again. He took a deep breath and hugged her tightly, squeezing his eyes shut.

Derek smiled when she walked down "beautiful!" He looked at her "what do you do at proms?" He titled his head to the side "the same thing you do at balls? Dance?" He got up and looked around "we need music" he looked at her and have her a sheepish smile. He don't know how to work any of the technology "whatever you wanna dance to" he said with a grin

Arlette sat next to him "it was completely fair" she said with a laugh. She threatened to poke him again and he twitched. She smirked and scooted over to him. She climbed into his lap and leaned against his chest. She loved his warmth against her cold skin
Brad nodded "I know" he said and sighed he didn't like the idea of his sister being with some one. It was his little sisiter. Sweet little breana who loved the color pink and loved flowers. "Jut hope he knows that if he hurts her i kill him"

Rain looked at him "it's not your fault. I was going to give it up anyways" she said again as she snuggled close to him. "I'm cold. Do you have something I can put on before my clothes dry?" She asked softly. "Or well i could steal something of breanas since we are at brads still"

Breana smiled "we dance to music" she said as she plugged her phone into the ihome and started a song. She walked over to him. "Do you know how to dance?" She asked softy and smiled at him again

Ryan wrapped his arms around her and looked up at the sun "your beautiful you know that?" He asks and grinned as he kissed her forehead
Penny laughed a little and looked at him "I know him. He can be flirty but he's a total sweetheart" she said and watched Breana teach him how to dance. "Aw they're so cute. Imprinting is so cute" she said with a grin

Red nodded. He ran upstairs and grabbed some of Breanas clothes. He threw Rains clothes in the dryer then handed her the clothes "Breana can take you shopping tomorrow" he said with a grin. Bre probably knew clothes better than he did.

Derek watched her turn the music on. He smiled and shook his head "only with a tail" he chuckled. "Do you? Can you teach me?" He gave her a sheepish smile. The music was slow and pretty sounding. He swayed a little to it as he stood there.

Arlette kissed his jaw "you're the best guy in the world" she paused and smiled a little "and the cutest wolf ever" she poked his nose. She turned around and gently kissed him. She put her hand on his cheek and smiled under his lips
Brad shrugged "still if he hurts her he is dead" he said and smiled a little as he tuned when the oven went ding. "Are you gonna get that with your mind or you really gonna get up and go get it?"

Rain smiled and went an changed. The clothes where to big on her. She sighe and came out. "I need to gain some weight. When mermaids lose their tail they are skinnier and weeker" she said and pulled the shirt up to reveal her stomach

Breana smiled and placed his arms around her waist then put her arms around his neck "now just follow me" she said and smiled and slowly started to move around the room with him some

Ryan smiled "I'm a ugly wolf" he said with a grin as he kissed her back. He held her close to his body loving the feel of her lisp
Penny looked at him and smirked "do you really have to ask that question?" She opened the stove with her mind and put the chicken on 2 plates. 4 for him and 1 for her. She turned the oven off and put the plates on the table in front of them. "Very easy" she said with a smirk and started eating.

Red cringed when he saw her stomach "yeah you definitely have to eat. You must be hungry" he went downstairs with her following him. He poked Brad in the back of the head when he walked by "didn't make any for us? I see how it is" he joked and took some more chicken out. He looked at Rain "you'll like chicken. It's good"

Derek nodded and gracefully followed each move she made. Soon they were spinning around the living room to the music. He was grinning ear to ear. When the song ended he chuckled "I wish we had something like that at home" he said quietly "that was fun" he looked down at her

Arlette giggled. "Fine you're the ugliest wolf in the world" she said, continuing the kiss again. She wrapped her arms around his neck and pulled him closer. They couldn't seem to get close enough.
Brad chuckled and watched her then looked up when Red and Rain came in. Rain really didn't look to good. He titled his head to the side. She looked smaller me more fragile than yesterday. He took a bite of his chicken

Rain smiled "how do you cook it?" She asked as she looked around for peanutbutter. She found it along with sardines. She looked at the caned fish and made a face and grabbed the peanutbutter and pulled the lid off

Breana smiled "well we can do it again when ever you want to" she said and smiled as he looked up at him. They where still very close together. She grinned again

Ryan smile and kissed her back as he laid back in the grass and pulled her with him. He smile as he ran his hand through her hair
Brb stopping for dinner


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