The Twilight Saga

i know many of you are major twilight fans.
i personally felt that the movie did not do justice to the book.
yes yes, i know its not possible to bring to live every single thing from the book but to me, everything was just way off.
here are some of the flaws i noticed in the movie.. everything stated here is completely different from the book..(feel free to add ur own)
1. bella has a mobile phone??
2. She finds out about Edward being a vampire AFTER the incident in Port Angeles.
3. She finds about him from a BOOK..
4. Bella tells him that she knows about him in a forest, near her school.
5. Edward immediately reveals everything in that forest.
6. His explanation about himself is done in such an angry manner.
7. Edward takes Bella to his home first and only then he spends the night with her.
8. Their first kiss is at Bella's home.
9. Rosalie wears Bella's clothes!!
10.Bella escapes from Jasper and Alice in the hotel.

this is not to critise the director..just my opinion.. :)
no offense intended.

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I love the movie but I love the books more an even bigger part of the movie (in my opinion) is Alice didn't find out about herself in the movie after they killed James!!! I was disappointed in the movie but at the same time I can't help but love it!
I would have to agree. However, there are not many movies that do justice to the books. Books are always so much better. I think they did a nice job with the connection between the two, but not in the right order. After seeing some of the trailers for New Moon, I think this will be the same. I think it is going to be a bit more fantastical and more of the Volturi - as there was not fight scene in Italy with the Volturi.
I personally like catherine Hardwikes movie. You can never do a book justice when it is turned into a movie. They didn't have a big budget on twilight and Stephenie did approve the final product so I don't have a problem with it.
they didnt have a big budget, i understand..
if they were tight on budget maybe they shouldnt have wasted money on scenes like the completely pointless biology field trip, scened where Laurent, Victoria and James killing Waylon, scenes like Edward and Bella running up a tree, scenes where Jake was brought too early into the story by delivering Bella's truck...
i can go on and on..

they could have just kept it more simple and closer to the book..
instead of the biology trip and the running up on the tree, they could have made the part about Bella finding out Edward's a vampire according to the sequence in the book, made a proper "the meadow" scene..
they could have spend more time showing Jake telling Bella about the Quileutes (no need for the flash back of the Cullens feasting on an animal) instead of James's coven killing Waylon...

i still dont think Stephanie approved on the final product..i mean, would you? they killed the story..
honestly, once they decided on making the movie, u really think SM would have given any say in the scenes or lines?? i dont think so..

i really wonder whats gonna happen in New Moon what with sooo many important scenes cut out from Twilight...
cant imagine whats gonna happen with New Moon..
One of the biggest flaws? Billy driving!!! HELLO? That took alot from the story line!!!
my biggest problem was that entire visit to the beach whatthe heck was up with that why were they going surfing even the blind could have seen it was cold and taylor in that entire speech on the beach imparted no information of use. The book store visit was weird she had a brand new computer not a old clunker. Ok the escape scene was so poorly written i was so disappointed inthat to thin that alice and jasper would be distracted by shinny things was so lowbrow and weakly written.
One of the main things I don't like about the film... The fact that Angela has a crush on Eric and they start dating?!?! How does that work?
I actually agree quite a bit with this. I watched the film first as I knew if I read the book first I wouldn't be able to enjoy the film at all. And I was right! Yes as a film it is good...but! They did miss a few things and add a couple of bits in which I found shocking. Although, if you think about it, the majority of the book is in Bella's mind. All in all, I'm fair looking forward to seeing New Moon but I still think I'm going to be a little disappointed cause I've read the book
miss "few" things and add a "couple of bits"???
omg..have u read the book?? it wasnt few nor was it couple of bits..
it was a lot of things...

i dono bout anyone else but from the trailer itself New Moon looked like it was gonna disappoint..
a FIGHT scene with the Volturi???
i think Stephanie Meyer made it pretty clear that the Cullens CANNOT fight the VOLTURI!

and why is Jacob wolf so SMALL???
they are supoosed to be Horse-sized..not regular size..

i'm sure there's gonna be alot more flaws to come..and not just few or bits..
just wait and watch..
I thought the wolves looked huge but maybe it's just me.

As for the trailer and the Volturi fight you are so right not in one single book do they physically fight the volturi. I was so upset when I seen that in the trailer I was like great they are crap :(. Also the confrontation between Bella and the wolves was on the dirt road where her and Jacob road bike and she didn't confront them she actually hid behind Jake a little from what the book says. I am sure I will be sitting there watching it telling hubby what all is left out or added like I did with Twilight.
I think the film is OK even though it didn't do the book justice and it's certainly better than no film at all! Maybe New Moon will be better, but the adverts look great!! Some things are wrong but that's just how films work.
i just saw new moon just to see how bad it was

ha that was new moon omg it sucked
if you haven't seen it then here are some spoilers...

there was no depth to anything which wasn't helped by the fact that everything happend so fast
she smaks or punches paul (dosn't she break her hand when she did that to jacob)
jacob and bella never share there secrets or why victoria is after bella so i bet jacob thinks it was edward that gave her that scar
the wolfs are pretty big just not really horse size
even after bella finds out jacob is a warewolf they still don't hang out
they don't say anything about edwards mom pleading to carlisle to save him
the whole volturi seen is diffrent
the whole ending is 100% diffrent (to but it lightly)
and bella seems increadable selfish
and if i thing about it long enough i can find like twenty more


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