The Twilight Saga

After the Volturi leave Forks, from confronting the Cullens about Renesmee they don't really trust the Cullens anymore. So Aro sends Alec and Jane to Forks to keep an eye on the area.

Emily is the other, unknown hybrid, daughter of Rosalie and Emmett. She is not the easiest to get along with, so when Alec and Jane show up, she isn't to happy. She stays away from them at all costs.

The Cullens leave for a night to go to the Denali coven, leaving Renesmee and Emily behind. Hoping that they can trust Alec enough to keep trouble away.

After Renesmee goes to bed, and Alec and Emily start talking, Emily see's something different in him. Something worth loving, something showing that there are reasons he is stuck with the Volturi.

Over the next few weeks, Emily notices that, without her control or permission she has started to love Alec. Her parent's hate it, and when they find out, they try to keep the two apart.

What will happen to Emily after all this?

Emily Rose Cullen

Named after both her parents, Emily looks more like Rose, and has Rose's attitude. She has her dads sarcastic traits though.

She is eight years old, but looks like she is eighteen and acts it also.

She just graduated high school for the first time, and is planning on having a fun summer with best and only friend Melissa, that is until Alec and Jane shows up, ruining her summer plans.

She wants to keep far away from them at all costs, but when Alec starts showing interest in her, she thinks he is out to torture her, until she slowly starts falling for him also.

It's very confusing for her.

 Name: Emily Rose Cullen

Actual Age: 8

Physical Age: 18

Crush: Later Will Be Alec

Ability: She has a connection with the air.

Family: Rose and Emmett

Friends: Melissa

Extra: Half Vampire, Half Human

Played By: Rebekah


Rose: Life In A Dead World
Emmett: Open
Alec: Life In A Dead World
Jane: Rebekah
Aro: Me
Other cullens, just ask.

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Emily(I changed it to Emily, it was Alex) was running through the forest, upset. She cant believe she believed Alec the whole time. He had been nice, but it was a lie. Why did she believe him, he was with the Volturi. She couldn't go home, now when her mom didn't want her there. Where would she go? She was in the middle of the forest right now, trying to get away from Alec.

Jane looked at Alec. "What, I thought I would let Aro know that yours and his little plan is going well, since the Volturi wants her, Aro doesn't like waiting, and you should know that by now." She says.

Alec- I flared up as I looked her right in the eyes. "No, that's not what you wanted to do. You wanted to tear us apart right as she started to trust me. Your sick. " I shoved past her quickly and ran outside the apartments;and at top speed, into the forest. I shouted her name until I found a trail of her scent. I followed it but it ran cold and I was in the middle of the forest, furious and filled with guilt. I continued to shout out her name as loud as I could though.

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Emily sat there, frowning. She now sat against a tree, near crying. There were tears in he eues, as she sat there. The wind swirled around her, letting her know Alec was looking for her, but she didn't care. The wind was also trying to tell her that Alec didn't write the letter. She didn't believe that since the air lied to her many times. She sat there, frowning.

Alec- Emily hated me. She believed the letter completely. Except that I was totally in love with her and Aro had nothing to do with it, in fact I hated Aro very much now. I sat slumped against the tree and banged my head against it. I will kill her, once I find Emily and tell her the truth I will kill Jane and bring it back to show Aro. I stood back up with a newly found determination to find Emily and tell her. I began to run and quickly heard wind howling loudly, a good sign that Emily was near. I followed it for a while until I found her. I didn't do anything but stand there and let we go off on me, I gues I deserved it in her mind and that was fine.
Emily sat there, crying. Yea, she was crying now. She was hurt, the letter had hurt her. Why did she trust him? Why didn't she see this coming? She wasmblinded by the trust in someine she should never have trusted. Her mom was right. And because of that, she sat against her tree, crying. She didn't even notice Alec standing there.
Alec- I wanted to go over there and try to calm her down but she would freeze me. I was sure of it, so I sat next to the tree next to hers and looked at her. "I didn't write it." I said over the howling of the wind. I wanted to make her realize that the trust he let me have should still be there and that she could fully trust me. I've done stupid stuff that she forgave me about but I think this went way over anything I had done, no I wa sure of it. She wouldn't forgive me easily at all. God, I hate Jane.
Emily quickly wiped her hand across her eyes, so he wouldn't see her cry. "It was in your writing." She says, the tears in her voice still. She sat there, crying, feeling more betrayed than she ever had in her life. She still didn't understand why she trusted him so much. She shouldn't, this was karma for trusting someone she shouldn't.
Alec- I hated seeing her like this, it was torture and I knew I had caused it. "Thts because Jane and I have know each other our entire life, she's good at that. Please believe me Emily. " I felt like she was slipping away from me every second. I wanted her to listen, to believe me. I would even bring Jane here by her throat to see Emily an tell her the truth. I needed her to trust me.

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Emeily was trying not to cry more than she already was. The air was trlling her to believe him, that he was telling the truth, but why should she believe him? She sat there, trying to keep as calm as possible, and not cry. It was hard, she wanted him to tell her the truth, the air was saying he was, but she didn't believe him. She sat there crying.

Alec- I didn't know what to do so I stood up, walked over to where the wind was howling and saw that it let me through. I walked right up to Emily, grabbed her face in my hands and kissed her. I've always wanted to do this but never found the right time to. I pulled back to see her reaction and say "I would NEVER do something to trick you. What was said in that letter was never true to me. "


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