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This is about Ellie, a human, and Eli, a half vampire hybrid falling in love. He was adopted by Rosalie and Emmett, and goes to public school with Renesmee, his cousin. Please read, oh, and if you would please make banners! lolz, would be greatly appriciated! :)

He was watching me, I could feel it. His eyes, blue green, stared at me as I ate my lunch, and I suddenly felt self conscious. Why would I though? I was pretty, I knew that. Why was I feeling like this then? Fidgeting in my seat, I toyed with the French fry in my hand, not hungry anymore. Looking up from my tray, my eyes met his, and I couldn't stop myself from staring. He was gorgeous. Brown hair ruffled, eyes laced with a darkening emotion. I didn't know what. His mouth was turned up into a smirk that showed his white teeth, and it chilled my spine to see them. They were just so clean, like he hadn't just eaten a whole hamburger in a matter of seconds.
"What are you doing Ellie?" Someone asked, and I turned, looking away from him. It was my friend Janet who had spoke, and she looked at me curiously.
"You and Eli were staring at each other again. Is there something going on between you two?" I shook my head at her, how could she think that? Me and him never talked. He was a Cullen, and I was just a Mathew, unimportant. Getting up from the table, I tossed my left over lunch in the trash, walking out. I didn't feel like being stared at anymore.
I was sitting in History when he walked in, saying he had been transfered. Transfered, eh? He quickly sat down next to me, getting out his History book and turning to chapter four. Molly read the first paragraph, but I took no attention to her, bothered that Eli was sitting next to me. Why would he sit by me? There was an empty seat next to Margret, and she was way prettier then me.
"Hey" Eli whispered, and I turned to him, staring blankly.
"Hey?" I didn't mean it to come out as a question.
"So, I hear your single" I nodded, looking down.
"What about it?"
"I was wondering, would you like to, I don't know, go on a date Friday night?" I was speechless. Eli Cullen wanted to go on a date with me, Ellie Mathews. This has to be a dream.
"Um, sure. 8:00 sound good?" He smiled at me, showing his teeth again.
"Perfect" Then he turned back around. What just happened?
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the anticipation!
haha im working on your banner. =)
i keep trying to cut a photo of Ellie out of the rest of it, and it keeps messing up. haha
this is my third time. D=
stupid render tool. lol once my dad goes to bed ill be able work on it better, its not easy with him in the room.
im not really sure why, it just isnt, hes not watching me or anything though. haha
i should be done with with it pretty soon once ive cut her out and put her into the new one though. =)
ps, i cant wait for more! you update really fast! haha more people should read this!!!!
its really good.
lolz, yay! And thats bad, lolz. haha, lolz, I can't wait! And you really think so? lolz, i hope more people read it, I would love that, lolz, :D
LOOOOOOVEEE it! plz keep me updated
I will, lolz, thank you for reading! :)
do you mind me putting the word out for your story?
i dont know if it will work, but i did it one time fore my friend Mia's story and she got likw atleast 7 more people reading..
and i finally got it!
did you want a certain quote?
all i have left to do is put your name on it, and if you want a quote then a quote.
=) oh and of course the title hehe
lolz, I don't mind, I would love that! lolz, oh and the quote "So, I hear your single." "What about it?" lolz. And thank you again for making the banner and now for telling people about my story! Your awesome! lolz, :)
u r like an awesome writer
keep me updated plz
I will, lolz, thank you for reading! :)
Chapter Four


I was walking through the hallway when I suddenly slammed into a stone wall. Wait, that wasn't a stone wall, it was my uncle. Uncle Edward.

"Sup Edward?" He smiled crookedly at me and spoke slowly.

"I hear you have a date with Ellie." I just nodded, of course he would know. He was a mind reader after all. "Don't screw it up, if I had with Bella we would have never married." I nodded again, looking at him weirdly, okay?

"Thanks for the advice Gramps, but I don't need it." He glared at the word gramps and then turned around walked away, who crapped in his corn flakes? Probably th Nazis, I thought silently, probably the Nazis.



I sat in the wooden desk, my stomach grumbling. When was lunch? I needed some food! The teacher, I forgot her name, droned on about some sciency thing, and I sighed, laying my head on the desk. It was so boring, sitting here and waiting, I wish time would just go faster, like in the movies. That would be awesome. The bell rang and I sighed in relief, picking up my stuff and running out. I swerved through people: couples making out by lockers, guys trying to be bad, even some nerds building a calculator. And I mean building, as in hammer and nails. I got to my locker soon after, and I put in my combo, 23 33 49, and I wrenched it open, throwing my stuff in and slamming it shut. When I got to the lunch table Janet was already there, Eli and her chatting. About I didn't know. Sighing once more, I walked up, sitting by Eli, across Janet.

"You better not hurt her, or I will bite your head off!" Janet exclaimed to Eli, and I watched intently, this was interesting.

"I wouldn't dream of it." He said happily, putting an arm around me. I blushed scarlet, smiling at them.

"Awh, wittle Ellie has a boy toy!" Again I blushed, slapping Janet playfully on the arm. The whole lunch time went like this, and then we dispersed, going to are classes.
cant wait for more!
by the way...
hehe i hope you like it!
if not, you can talk to me and tell me what you dont.
i can try my best to fix it.

I LOVE IT!!!! OMG OMG OMG!!!! lolz, you are the best!!! thank you SO MUCH!
=D im SO glad you like it!
i thought you wouldnt.. lol
it was no problem!
it was really fun actually!
the original pictures were just Eli by himself, and Ellie with Marco.
haha it was kinda hard to get her arm offa him but i did it!


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