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    • (This story is Bella's point of view)

      My perfect piece of forever was supposed to be the end of the story. But I think it’s time I should talk about what happens afterwards.
      I’ve been thinking about how my life used to be. My dull, boring, human life. My life, before Edward (which I think is pointless). If there was no Edward in existence, what would be worth living for? Nothing. Not every person gets exactly what they want because life isn’t fair. 
      But for me, I have everything I could have asked for and more. For instance all I’ve ever wanted since I came to Forks was Edward. He is finally mine and I’m now known as Mrs Cullen (I’ve always liked the sound of that). I soon enough realized I wanted to marry him and I got what I wanted. I wanted to live for eternity with him, I got my way again. I also wanted Jacob to be my friend after I’d been changed the way it’s supposed to be, and yet again I got exactly that. 
      But what I didn’t ask for was a daughter, which I now have as well. Mine and Edwards’s beautiful daughter, Renesmee. She’s a big part of me and Edward now. I knew before I had conceived her that I was doing the right thing, keeping my precious baby alive. I vaguely remember thinking that my baby was a boy, a little Edward. I didn’t want the baby to have interference from me. But now I realise that just makes her more perfect. But back to reality (which I don’t think exists anymore) I’ve been on a long journey and yet it still continues. So here goes . . .

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Nice story. Keep me updated.
Thanx, it gets VERY good as the story goes on and i will tell you that there is going to be a sequel to this called Forever Lost which also has a very good story line. :)
I was told AGAINST MY WILL what happens in the end cuz me and Charley are friends offline. And I can say, it is going to be AMAZING.
Now I'm intrigued. Let's hope it has a happy ending!
Love it love it love it. At least you found something other to do then going insane about Breaking Dawn. Lol. :)
Love it please keep me updated.

New reader.

Chapter  ten

Our day at the waterfall was amazing. Renesmee couldn’t stop talking about it and we stayed until the stars were out.

At that moment we were all silent in a huddle in the water, and we stared up at the stars and smiled.

The next day Edward carried his laptop into the living room and started up the webcam. We were going to talk to our family back home. I’d asked Edward why we didn’t just speak to them when we got back but he couldn’t tell me yet. Apparently he knew something me and Renesmee didn’t, I knew I would find out but I had a feeling Nessie wouldn’t.

When we could see our family we greeted all of them. They were thrilled to talk with us and they asked about our wonderful time here so far. They asked Renesmee most of the questions considering we would give them de ja vu.

Jake was interested too he didn’t interrupt Renesmee once.

He said our trip here sounded wonderful and then he added

“I’ve added some more people to the wedding list, I forgot to put some people down.”

We waited for him to respond.

“There’s only two people I forgot, my dad of course and a friend of Tanya’s. Well, Irina’s friend.”

We were all silent for moment when the name of Irina was present.

“So . . .” He continued.

“Excited much?” He said with a grin.

Renesmee smiled at Jacob and laughed with him.

“Only two more days to go” Edward laughed.

“You know what I’ve just realized.” I said surprised.

“What?” Nessie asked curiously.

Edward smiled as I pushed my thought out to him.

“You will be Mrs Black on two days.” I said.

Renesmee gasped.

“I hadn’t really thought about that!” Jacob stated with a laugh.

“What do you think to that then Nessie?” I asked with a chuckle.

“I love it.” She giggled.

She reminded me of Alice when she said that.

Everyone chuckled and looked at Alice through the screen when she said that.

I wasn’t the only one who thought this then.

Alice then began to talk about the wedding “I have sorted out all of the decorations and I let Jake choose the location. She said with a smile.

I laughed “You? Alice Cullen. Letting someone else have a choice for their own wedding!? Unbelievable.” I exclaimed.

Alice pouted “Just because you didn’t.” She muttered.

Edward and I laughed at her.

Then Edward spoke “Good choice, she’ll love that one.”

I pushed my thoughts out asking him where Jake had chosen for the wedding to take place.

He whispered in my ear so no-one could hear.

“Beach, Isle Esme. He said Nessie wouldn’t stop telling him how beautiful it was so thought it would be perfect.”

I gasped, “How do you know?”

“I read the look on his face.” He grinned.

We talked for a while until they said they had some more organizing to do. We said our goodbyes and said we would see them soon.

After Renesmee had gone to the beach to wait for us, Edward told me what was going on.

He said that tomorrow everyone would come and stay at a hotel on this island and set up everything for the wedding on the beach. He also said considering Renesmee thought we were leaving in two days that he would tell her our flight had been delayed but we would still make it in time for the wedding. Then he said Alice would drop off the dress and other things while we had fun somewhere on Isle Esme where they won’t be.

I understood everything but I was still shocked with the idea.

I looked into Edwards eyes at that moment and whispered

“It will be absolutely perfect.”

He smiled my favourite smile that always took my breathe away and said “Just like ours.”

Nice idea!

great chapter update soon

Chapter eleven

A day before the wedding

We kept Renesmee away from the beach and the house for the whole day. She asked questions a lot but we had to lie of course. There was no way me or Edward would tell her about her surprise wedding on Isle Esme that would ruin it. One thing was most definitely certain, there was no way on earth that me and Edward would ruin our daughter’s wedding. Edward kept saying how much she was alike me. The wedding at eighteen, she looked like me (she obviously looked like him too) and of course, the fact that she doesn’t like people spending money on her (Edward thinks this is funny).

We went for a walk through a rain forest today. She enjoyed it but we didn’t run normally for us anyway, through the rain forest. We had to walk otherwise we would have been out in no time.

“Are they all set up yet Edward?” I’d asked him when Renesmee had jumped into the trees above us.

“Yes, they just need one more thing.” He said his voice like velvet.

“What’s that then?” I asked with a smile.

He chuckled and said “The bride of course.”

I laughed with him until I caught sight of Renesmee.

An hour later we reached the house and me and Edward hid the dress before Renesmee could find it.

We were going to tell her tonight, but she still wasn’t allowed to see anything. Even though me and Edward would have said the same, those were Alice’s rules. Typical Alice, I smiled at the dull memory of my wedding and Alice and her rules. I shook my head with a laugh and pushed my thoughts to Edward so he wouldn’t have to ask. He laughed too. Then Renesmee came in and spoke “Hello, You wanted to talk?”

I was about to talk when Nessie continued and said quickly “I know we have to go soon for the wedding and everything but I didn’t think we have to leave quite so soon, I just . . .”

I cut her off before she made a whole speech “Sweetheart, that’s not what we wanted to talk about.” I smiled.

“Oh.” She sighed with relief.

Edward laughed at her response.

“What is it then?” She asked with confusion.

Me and Edward looked at each other and I found he was waiting for me to tell her and so I did.

“Our family is here, on Isle Esme at the beach.” I said simply.

She gasped “Why!?”

“Because they’re getting things ready.” Edward said.

She was silent and then said “Getting ready for what, what aren’t you two telling me?”

We both chuckled and I said “You’re getting married on Isle Esme Nessie, tomorrow.”

We sat in silence waiting for her to respond.

But for a while she just sat there, her mouth wide open and her eyes sparkling.

Then she finally spoke “I’m getting married on ISLE ESME!?” She squealed.

I started laughing (I’d been doing a lot of this lately) and answered her question even though she already knew my answer.

“Yes Renesmee you are, but there’s no way I’m telling you where you’ll have to find that out for your self tomorrow.”

Then she shot forward to us and hugged us tightly.

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!” She whispered.

I smiled and me and Edward said “Your welcome, but you’ll have to thank everyone else tomorrow too.”

The night came closer and so Nessie went straight to sleep as she wanted to get plenty of rest for her big day.

Me and Edward suck into her room not long after she had drifted to sleep and we sat down on her bed.

I lifted her palm to my face and watched her colourful dreams. They were just like the ones when she was little, bright, colourful and mesmerizing. Edward did the same and sucked in a quick gasp of air as he began to see her dreams. He smiled and took my hand. A little while later we went to our own room and sat down on our bed.

He smiled at me and I smiled back. “She won’t be our little Renesmee Cullen tomorrow. She’ll be Mrs Black instead.”

I said. Edward stroked my face and said his feather soft voice “She will always be our Renesmee, our little girl.”

Then he hugged me and cradled me in his arms and I felt happy ad safe.



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