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    • (This story is Bella's point of view)

      My perfect piece of forever was supposed to be the end of the story. But I think it’s time I should talk about what happens afterwards.
      I’ve been thinking about how my life used to be. My dull, boring, human life. My life, before Edward (which I think is pointless). If there was no Edward in existence, what would be worth living for? Nothing. Not every person gets exactly what they want because life isn’t fair. 
      But for me, I have everything I could have asked for and more. For instance all I’ve ever wanted since I came to Forks was Edward. He is finally mine and I’m now known as Mrs Cullen (I’ve always liked the sound of that). I soon enough realized I wanted to marry him and I got what I wanted. I wanted to live for eternity with him, I got my way again. I also wanted Jacob to be my friend after I’d been changed the way it’s supposed to be, and yet again I got exactly that. 
      But what I didn’t ask for was a daughter, which I now have as well. Mine and Edwards’s beautiful daughter, Renesmee. She’s a big part of me and Edward now. I knew before I had conceived her that I was doing the right thing, keeping my precious baby alive. I vaguely remember thinking that my baby was a boy, a little Edward. I didn’t want the baby to have interference from me. But now I realise that just makes her more perfect. But back to reality (which I don’t think exists anymore) I’ve been on a long journey and yet it still continues. So here goes . . .

      Please comment!

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loved it... can't wait to read more

Great chapter

Chapter twelve

This was it, the big day. The day that my daughter was getting married to Jake. I was happy or her of course, it was just strange knowing she would be married and a Mrs Black today. Edward understood too. He knew how much Renesmee loves him and how much Jake loves her. He understands it more since he can read minds and he gets the imprinting thing. Not that I don’t understand but he can actually see the perspective. Alice came in to the house this morning and greeted us all.

“See your own daughter has done what I said for once, she actually got some sleep the night before her wedding. I know you weren’t half vampire but it still counts.” Alice had said.

Me and Edward had laughed at that. Alice dressed Renesmee and did her make-up even though it was totally unnecessary. “It’s practically an insult!” Emmett had said as one of his jokes.

After Renesmee was ready, we took her to the beach Alice had her hands clamped over her eyes the whole way there. She knew she was at the beach though because she could smell the sea. It was beautiful, the sand was even and a gorgeous white. The sun was rising and the light blue sea was shimmering. Emmett had set up some trees for the altar just like mine. And finally the beach was filled with flowers. But not like the flower at my wedding, big, tropical, bright flowers. Alice had set down a long light blue carpet for Renesmee to walk down which led to the altar.

Me and Edward were dressed appropriately for the wedding. He was wearing black trousers, a white shirt, a black jacket and a black tie like he had at our wedding. I was wearing a plum coloured dress that was covered in sparkles. It was like the dress Alice had worn at my wedding but darker. We all sat down on the stone benches which were a soft grey colour. It was almost time. I saw Tanya’s family and their friend sit down. I hadn’t seen their friend before as she had just joined their coven. She kept giving me this look and it touched her eyes. Her eyes looked like they were burning like she wanted revenge. She had the same look in her eye as Victoria did when she tried to kill me on the mountains. The reason I could remember this clearly was because I couldn’t forget it. How could I? A few seconds later their friend asked to be excused. I confused expression appeared on my face as she started to walk towards me.

“Bella, I don’t believe we’ve met. Do you know where you’re daughter is?” Her voice was calm, patient but her eyes were fierce. I didn’t know why they were I had no theory but I answered her question without thinking.

“She’s around the corner.” I said slowly.

“Thank you.” She said and then she ran round the corner as fast as any human could. She didn’t want the humans here to notice. Suddenly I was curious I ran at the same pace she had and stopped behind the corner. I hoped she hadn’t noticed my presence. I knew it was rude but I listened in on the conversation. I had a feeling I should know about it.

“Renesmee I would like to show you something.” The girl said quickly.

“Um, ok sure what is it?” Renesmee asked back.

“I mean Show you something, I have the same gift as you.” She said.

“Oh, that’s interesting. Show me then” Renesmee replied with a giggle.

“It’s about your Jacob.” She said impatiently.

There was a quick pause but then Renesmee spoke “Show me.” She insisted a worried expression crossed her face.

I was suddenly worried but my instincts told me to stay put.

The girl put her hand to Renesmee’s face and Renesmee closed her eyes.

At that moment Edward was beside me his face screwed up in pain.

“No.” Was all he could manage to say.

“What is it, what is she showing her!?” I whispered.

Edward froze as he continued to read her thoughts at least that’s what I thought he was doing.

“Edward!” I repeated.

“She is showing Renesmee what Jacob said before she was born. All the horrible things he said, that see was a monster and he had said don’t ever compare me to that thing.” He hissed.

“I think Irina did this, something tells me she is involved she wanted to kill her so bad didn’t she!” I hissed back.

“I know.” Edward replied.

“Why!?” I exclaimed.

“I haven’t quite figured that out yet.” He replied with a sigh.

I ran to Renesmee at the fastest speed possible no human could see me now. She was stood there rigid with shock. Tears streamed from her eyes.

“Nessie.” I began to say but she cut me off.

“Don’t, he said all those horrible things, he said that he loved me, why would he do this.” Her voice broke.

“Nessie you don’t understand.” Edward began to say.

“DON’T call me that, he called me that, he is a horrible person. Don’t you get it!? I came THIS close to marrying him and I didn’t have a clue.” Her eyes burned with anger.

“Renesmee will you let us explain!” I insisted.

“Why should I, I already know what he said is true the girl told me so.” She snapped.

“Renesmee he’s not the bad person you think he is it’s all a…” I didn’t get to finish.

“Don’t you dare defend him after what he’s done, he ruins lives. He ruined yours when you were human by trying to tear you and dad apart. He tried to take you away. Just because you loved him once doesn’t mean you can make him happy by being with me!” She screamed.

I stood frozen with shock by my own daughters words.

Great chapter.  What a shocking turn of events!  Who is this spiteful newcomer?

Ah you'll have to find out in the story. You will know soon. ;)

Great chapter.  update soon


Chapter thirteen

Alice was then standing next to me, “Bella what’s going on you’re all meant to be down at the beach.” Alice said.

“Renesmee please I’m begging you to listen to me none of the things that girl has shown you are true it’s a trick.” Edward said quickly his voice pleading.

“But why shouldn’t I believe her, what have I ever done to her that would make her lie to me and ruin my life?” She asked.

Edward was silent for a moment.

“Exactly.” She spat.

Alice interrupted “Renesmee listen to me.”

“No, I can’t do this.” She whispered.

She ran to the beach at human speed and stared into Jacobs eyes at the altar.

“Jacob Black, I am not going to marry you and I don’t want you in my life weather your stupid mutt instincts chose me or not. You are a horrible man who ruins lives and now that I know the truth I’ not letting you ruin mine although it’s a bit too late for that isn’t it?” She hissed at him.

“Nessie, what are you talking about?” Jake exclaimed with shock.

“Ask her. Although you should know considering it’s all your fault.” She shouted while pointing to the girl who I now knew the name of- Tina.

I was still in the same place as earlier while Edward was telling me everything was going to be ok.

“Bella please talk to me. She didn’t mean it she’s upset. You know she is.” Edward begged.

“She’s ruined her life. She got what she wanted.” I chocked.

“But why?” I asked.

We all sat in silence and Renesmee ran off the beach.

“Renesmee, wait!” I called after her.

She kept on running and eventually reached the house me and Edward started to follow and so did Jacob.

“Jacob I think it’s best if you stayed here for minute.” Edward said sternly.

By the time we had got to the house (which obviously didn’t take long at all) we walked through the house until we came to Renesmee’s bedroom. But before we could go on we saw that the door frame had been snapped. Edward sighed and went into the room first. I followed him and found Renesmee curled up in a ball on her bed.

“Renesmee, she lied I know she did.” Edward told her his voice soothing her. She was as still as stone until she finally turned to look at him and said “How do you know though? How can you be sure?”

He stared at her confused “Because I could read her mind.”

“But she could have made herself think that to trick you.” She whispered a tear sliding down her cheek.

Edward pursed his lips and was silent deep in thought.

“Exactly.” Renesmee choked.

“I will show you what she showed me.” Renesmee said and she raised her palm to Edwards face. He made no move at all to stop her.

Why did you name the evil girl after your mum? Lol. 

Chapter fourteen

Edwards P.O.V

The images flashed before my eyes and the sound came with them.

Don’t ever compare me to that thing!

It’s a monster, it’s killing you.

Why hasn’t he got rid of the blood sucking demon.

Just like his father.

I knew he would always kill you.

It’d be better you were dead than one of them.

See the swelling monster in my head.

Life sucking monster.

Something that I hated so much had taken place in the body I loved….

The images were familiar, images of when Bella told Jacob she was becoming immortal, images of Jacob talking about Renesmee with hatred whether in his mind or spoken aloud.

I was frozen stiff, the images, the things he said shouldn’t have been seen by the eyes of any one let alone my daughter. I clenched my fists in fury. There were no words for what I’d seen. Bella was at my side in a fraction of a second “Edward what is it? What did she show you?”

“See for yourself.” I said straining my voice.

I watched as Bella’s eyes stared into space and then filled with horror as soon as she had finished showing her what she had seen.

“Renesmee I know why she…” was all Bella said before Renesmee spoke “You know what I don’t want to hear it, just tell Jacob I don’t want to see him ever again for the rest of my existence.”

Then she kissed us and whispered in our ears “I’ll be on the island I just need to be alone. I’ll be back before 5pm.”

And just like that, she was gone. I knelt beside Bella and asked her “What did you figure out?”

She opened her mouth to speak but just then Jacob walked in.

“I want to know what’s going on, I was just about to get married and then she suddenly hates me! Tell me everything now.”

We sat in silence and then I spoke “ Tanya’s friend showed Renesmee the time before she was born, when you hated her, said things about her things, like Don’t ever compare me to that thing!

It’s a monster, it’s killing you.

Why hasn’t he got rid of the blood sucking demon.

Just like his father.

I knew he would always kill you.

It’d be better you were dead than one of them.

See the swelling monster in my head.

Life sucking monster.

Something that I hated so much had taken place in the body I loved….. She saw the images for herself and wouldn’t believe me when I said I read her mind because she believes that the girl wouldn’t have a reason to hold a grudge against her and even if she did she could have made herself think that to keep me in the dark. She said she doesn’t want to see you ever again for the rest of my existence and she’s still on the island but wants to be left alone for a while. That is it.”

Jacob stood there for a moment and then started to tremble.

“Why!? Why did she show her that, it wasn’t like that I didn’t know.” Jacob exclaimed.

“We know Jake we just don’t know why she showed her that.” Bella hissed

“She doesn’t want to see me ever again?” He choked.

“Ok fine I’ll leave. I won’t ever interfere with her life again.” Jacob whispered his eyes burning in pain.

And with that he left the room and didn’t come back.

We explained to the family what had happened and we told the humans that Renesmee was ill and the wedding wouldn’t go on until a later decided date.

Tina had fled explaining to Tanya that her friend needed her. But Tanya believed me and so did the rest of her coven. They were our family they knew we wouldn’t lie to them.

Jacob didn’t come back and we tried to think of why all this had happened. We stayed at isle Esme and Renesmee did come back. But we knew we would have to leave the island soon. Everyone else was back at home trying to understand the life changing situation that had taken place.

How did Tina know what Jake had said?  Only family was present when Renesmee was born.  Can't wait to find out more.

Aro probably saw it in Edward's mind!  Could he have something to do with this?

That was well good :P


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