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    • (This story is Bella's point of view)

      My perfect piece of forever was supposed to be the end of the story. But I think it’s time I should talk about what happens afterwards.
      I’ve been thinking about how my life used to be. My dull, boring, human life. My life, before Edward (which I think is pointless). If there was no Edward in existence, what would be worth living for? Nothing. Not every person gets exactly what they want because life isn’t fair. 
      But for me, I have everything I could have asked for and more. For instance all I’ve ever wanted since I came to Forks was Edward. He is finally mine and I’m now known as Mrs Cullen (I’ve always liked the sound of that). I soon enough realized I wanted to marry him and I got what I wanted. I wanted to live for eternity with him, I got my way again. I also wanted Jacob to be my friend after I’d been changed the way it’s supposed to be, and yet again I got exactly that. 
      But what I didn’t ask for was a daughter, which I now have as well. Mine and Edwards’s beautiful daughter, Renesmee. She’s a big part of me and Edward now. I knew before I had conceived her that I was doing the right thing, keeping my precious baby alive. I vaguely remember thinking that my baby was a boy, a little Edward. I didn’t want the baby to have interference from me. But now I realise that just makes her more perfect. But back to reality (which I don’t think exists anymore) I’ve been on a long journey and yet it still continues. So here goes . . .

      Please comment!

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Who is this Tina?  Where does she come from?  Please update soon!

You'll know soon. ;)

.id just read ur tory.,. please keep me updated. :))

Chapter fifteen

We decided to go home today, there was no point in being here anymore. Renesmee didn’t talk much. Well she actually didn’t talk at all, even on the way home. She just sat in silence staring into space. When we got home she went back to the cottage to be alone for a while. Me and Edward went back to the house. Carlisle said he hadn’t seen Jacob since the wedding. Well what was supposed to be the wedding. Alice was on search for the future, for anything that might happen. She was finding it difficult considering she was looking for Jake and Nessie. Jake was harder but it wasn’t impossible.

We just sat talking about why Tina had done this, why would she want to? So any questions with no answers. I was stressed by this, I needed to know the answers. Why? How? She wasn’t here when Jake had said all those things. So who was? Just family. No-one here would do something like that.

My thoughts we’re interrupted when there was a loud banging sound as I watched a box full of Carlisle’s work tumbled down the stairs out of Alice’s hands. Her eyes were like glass, flickering, I knew she was seeing something. And that was when I remembered something so similar to this moment, the time when Alice had dropped a vase and she had seen Irina go to the Volturi. I flinched at the memory. So this was something bad, I ran up the stairs and spoke to Alice.

“What is it Alice? What’s wrong? Is it Renesmee or Jake?”

After a minute of impatience she spoke quickly.

“It’s Jake, he’s gone to the Volturi. He’s asking to be turned into one of us because he knows it will kill him.”

“No.” Edward whispered in shock.

“We have to stop him. We can’t let him die it’s not his fault.” Esme hissed.

“We can’t all go, it’ll only make things worse.” Rosalie said.

“Who will go then?” Carlisle said in a strained voice.

We all glanced around the room deciding what would be the best decision.

“I’ll go. I’m faster” Edward called out.

I shot down stairs and kissed him.

“Hurry.” I said.

“There wouldn’t be anything in the world that would stop me from protecting my daughter and someone as innocent as Jake.” He whispered. And then he was gone.

“I’m going to tell Renesmee, she deserves to know.” I said so quietly no-one human would be able to hear it.

I began to think on my way there. Suddenly I had a feeling that ‘showing’ wasn’t her gift. I was sure it was something else. That was when the pieces of the puzzle started to come together. Tina was I Tanya’s coven, the coven of which Irina had been in. I knew this Tina was close to Tina back when she was alive, well as a vampire anyway. I also remembered the Reason Irina had caused trouble for my family and myself when Renesmee was little. Anger, pain, mistaken. Revenge. That was when Irina didn’t know the truth about Renesmee, didn’t know what she really was. That was also when she met Tina. At that moment I knew Irina had done this, she had told Tina to ruin Renesmee’s life when she didn’t know she wasn’t an immortal child. Irina had got into Edwards head when he had heard all the things Jake had said and so Irina had told Tina to use it against Jake. Tina didn’t have the gift of ‘showing’ like Renesmee at all. Her gift was showing people what she wanted them to see. And so Irina had succeeded, she had in fact ruined Renesmee’s life. Renesmee would finally know that it was all a lie. But by then it would be too late.

Thankyou! You'll find find out soon whether it's safe for him or not. But as i'm not team Jacob what do you think? ;L

I will update soon. :)

Once again its Bella who puts the pieces of the puzzle together. I hope they can get to Jake and change Renesmee's mind in time!

Yes Bella has room to think now that she's imortal. Oh and you'll find out soon enough. :)

Chapter sixteen

Edwards P.o.v

I was almost there, I could tell by my surroundings. I took a flight to Italy and rented a car, it didn’t take long as planned. Time was something I didn’t really have right now.

I was always searching, it was easier to find Jacobs scent because of the awful smell. It was the easiest next to Bella’s anyway.

I got out of the car and started running at the fastest pace humanly possible. It’s a very public place here by the Volturi I don’t really understand why.

I still couldn’t find it yet but I was sure what Alice had seen was true, it seemed like a thing Jake would do. Stupid, yes. But understandable considering what he thinks is the truth. But it can’t be I know that.

Any one back home could have figured it out by now and I wouldn’t even know. It could be Alice with her visions, it could be Bella as she’s always figuring things out. Or it could be Carlisle always searching for an answer.

Soon I found myself outside the gates and came face to face with a guard. Felix. How strange, he’s not usually someone who stands at the gates.

“Hello Edward, wasn’t expecting to see you again.” Felix teased.

“What is the reason for your presence.” He continued.

I opened my mouth to tell him it was an emergency and that I needed to get through and fast. But then my senses kicked in and I caught his scent. Jacobs. But the thing that scared me was it wasn’t his normal wolfy scent.

It was the scent of his blood.

It's not a very long chapter but it's a good one. I knew how i wanted it to end (the chapter) but i didn't need alot of writing for this one. ;) I'll update more soon.

PLEASE Update like reallly SOON!! Its realllly GOOOD!

Oh i will i'll start writing now. ;)

LOL, thanx and i'l start writing the next chapter now. ;)


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