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Forever and Always ~Sequel to Why Love When You Can Hate~ *Seth and Embry Imprint*

**This is the sequel!!! If You haven't read the first one, don't read this one!! Click this sentence to go to the first story! Thank you to those people who neglected to read the fact that this was the sequel in the title.


Forever and Always


Maya’s POV

                How could I make him choose between me and his pack? The choice was obvious. They needed him more than I did. Going through this alone had been the original plan, right? Now I wasn’t so sure.

                The imprint was meant to bring us together, not pull us apart. I was positive he was the only thing in the world I wanted more than anything.

                I didn’t just want him to be there, I needed him to be there. But it was a slight improbability since he needed to be with the pack, more than he needed to be with me.



Mia’s POV

                An army? How did two idiots equal and army?

                The only part that had registered was that my wolf was leaving me. The rest was a mystery. He trotted back to me, now in wolf form.

                I ran my fingers through his soft fur and kissed his snout. “I love you, Embry Call, and you best not forget it.”

                He snorted and nodded, which I took for an, “I won’t.” He gave me a last lingering look before disappearing into the trees and slipping through my fingers.

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I will XD
love it and keep me posted. the end was sweet.
MORE!!!!! NOW!!!!
maybe later ;)
i love this story :) keep me updated


Chapter 8 – one week later…

Mia’s POV


                The first week was the easiest. With the dance only two weeks away from the initial date of learning about it, we didn’t have much time to get a date, a dress, and a ticket. I flirted my pretty little head off trying to get a date. Yes, it was girl’s choice but most of the guys were taken. It was actually really depressing. As far as I knew, Embry didn’t have a date either. I heard a few girls had offered but he declined. What was his game? Was he waiting for me to break?

                It wasn’t an impossibility. There wasn’t a single guy (that wasn’t creepy—excuse me if I prefer not to be stalked) that wasn’t taken. Though, tons of girls seemed to be flying solo.

                On another note, Maya never came home from her date with Seth. She was at school the next morning, though. She told me that she had stayed over at Seth’s to anger mom. It made sense. Anybody would want to piss off their mother after what she said. She was also as happy as could be. Her and her imprint were all over each other eighty percent of the time. Not nasty all over each other, but the lovey-dovey all over each other. They couldn’t function without touching.

                It was disgusting. Kind of. It was good to see her happy and with her babies’ daddy.

                I was leaning against my locker, waiting for Maya to be done with Seth. They were making out with a passion. I saw Embry talking to a girl named Admira. She had the usual La Push girl look with super long, black hair and a lovely tan. She trailed a finger up Embry’s chest, making him grin. Just the grin—the fact that she could make him grin when I could barely make him smirk—hurt my heart. Wasn’t the imprint supposed to pull us together? Why did he flirt with all these other girls when I was right here? I was his imprint, wasn’t I? Or did he lie? I felt a pull toward him. There was no doubt about that.

                I sighed and banged my head against the locker, earning myself a curious glance from Maya. Admira walked away from Embry, sashaying. He watched after her, a wide smile on his face. I looked at Maya, “Seth can take you home. Bye,” without another word, I left. I couldn’t stand to see Embry with another girl. I was in love with him, I knew that much, but I wasn’t ready to give in to the imprint.

                I slammed the door, jammed the key into the ignition, turned on the car, hit my head against the steering wheel and screamed for all I was worth. The parking lot was mostly empty so I was sure nobody could hear me. I just screamed and screamed and screamed and it felt so good.

                There was a knock on my window. I looked up to find a very good looking guy standing there. He was a classic La Push guy except very muscular. Not as hot as Embry, but way up there with him. I rolled down my window. He grinned. “Are you alright?” He asked me in a deep rumbling voice.

                I ran my hand through my hair. “Yeah, just angry, frustrated.”

                He nodded, “I’m Mitchel,” and stuck out his hand.

                “I’m Mia,” I gave him a firm handshake.

                He chuckled, “Mitchel and Mia.”

                I giggled and studied him a bit more. “Do you have a date to the dance?” I blurted.

                “It’s sad to say that I don’t,” He grinned widely.

                “Let’s say I meet you on the beach in an hour and we can see if we can get you a date?” I winked at him.

                “I’m game,” He grinned at me. “I’ll meet you there.


                I walked along the beach, looking for Mitchel. He was not easy to pick out of a crowd. I was half way down the beach when, finally, someone called out my name.

                “Mia!” They called. I turned to see Mitchel, only to find a guy named Jeremy there.

                “Yeah?” I didn’t know him well. We had spoken a few times during class but we weren’t what I’d call friends.

                He stopped in front of me, placing his hands on his knees and breathing hard. Now Jeremy stood out in La Push. He had blonde hair and blue eyes. He was about six feet tall with a medium build. Sadly, he was kind of creepy. He was nice, but too nice. I saw him watching me all the time:  in the hallways, in class, walking to my car. Jeremy scared me and I didn’t know why.

                “I was… wondering if… you would … go to the dance… with me?” He took a deep breath between every few words.

                I frowned. I wasn’t expecting that. Now I had to figure out how to turn him down gently. “Isn’t it girl’s choice?”

                “Well, yeah, but I figured I could ask you then you could ask me?” He offered me a smile.

                “I was going to ask somebody else…” I trailed off.

                “But I’m here now. Offering to take you. Why should you have to ask somebody else?” He looked angry.

                “This person already knows I’m asking him—” I was cut off by his lips crushing mine. I tried to push him away, but he pinned me against a tree. I fought hard to push him off. He was too strong.

                “Ask me to the dance,” He growled.

                “No,” I muttered under the force of his lips. He pressed harder against me.

                “Do it!”

                “No,” I said weakly. I couldn’t fight him. It was no use. Suddenly, he was ripped away from me. I opened my eyes just in time to see Adam bite into Jeremy’s neck.


(W/N: sorry for the long wait!!! But I finally mustered up something and this was it o_o My main priority right now is writing my story "Unfit to be a Mother." It can be found on FWAR if you're interested. I apologize, but updates will be few and far between..)

Wow! Major cliffie! But I <3'd it! Update soon!



Love It!!!!!!!!!

Give in Mia...i would, especially if i loved him.


Update me!!!
update me soon......i love itttttttttttt


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