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So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
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Chapter 11: EPOV

“Bella I think I’m in love with you” I say to Bella and shejust stares back at me with a shocked expression on her face. I wait to seewhat her reaction will be but she just keeps staring at me with those beautifulbrown eyes. Finally she smiles ad looks up at me and I do something I’vedreamed of since the first day I met Bella, I kiss those beautiful soft redlips of hers. I wrap my arms around her waist and she puts her arms around myneck and it’s the happiest moment of my life. We kiss for about another minuteand then we part and its as if the world around us wakes up again and unfreezesbecause the moment I kissed Bella everything around us stopped and all I wasaware of was Bella ,so I smile back at her.


“I think I love you too” Bella says to me, and if possible,hearing her say that makes me even happier than I was before.


“So who was the guy who was talking to me before anyway? Hedidn’t seem like he believed I didn’t know who he was” Bella asks curiously aswe start to walk along the beach and I can’t help but chuckle as I take herhand in mine.


“Poor Derek, you know you really wounded his ego on thatone” I tell her still laughing. The loud music from the party starts to driftinto a hum and all I can hear are the waves crashing onto the sea shore and the wind blowing strongly.


“Seriously who is he? Is he a singer” she asks me. We stopand stare at the beautiful night sky and the stars shinning brightly and itsall so romantic and perfect I wouldn’t want it to be any other way.  


“You really don’t know? Hmm I guess that shouldn’t surpriseme. And no he’s not exactly a singer he’s more of an actor, Derek Evan-“ I saywhen Bella cuts me off surprised.


“That was Derek Evan? Yeah I’ve heard of him, my friendAlice is a big fan” she says rolling her eyes which makes me smile. We slowlysit down on the sand and just stare out into the night and the sea and Bellarests her head on my shoulder so I wrap my arm around her waist and it’s thesweetest moment ever. I’d never felt this way about a girl before in my life,and I’d had plenty of girlfriend being a rock star and all. Everywhere I wentgirls fell all over me but none of them really ever made me feel like I feelwhen I’m with Bella and I hadn’t even known her for very long yet. And somehowI could feel Bella felt something special between us too. It was like we had areally strong connection between us and I suddenly realized how much it wouldhurt me to be away from Bella now and the thought scarred me. I knew I couldn’tbe away from Bella permanently anymore. The song Stop and Stare by One republic came on and the moment was sowonderful I wouldn’t have changed anything.


“Would you like to dance?” I ask her and she nods. We get upfrom the sand, I put my arms around her waist, she around my neck and I holdher close to me as we slow dance.


“I love this song” she says to me.


“Me too” I tell her and start singing along to it.



As I dance to the song with Edward he starts singing along to it and it just makes the song so much better. And I can’t help but notice Ifeel like a different person when I’m with Edward. And I can’t deny the factthat there’s a connection between us and every time he touches me lightly Ifeel electricity run through me  and whenEdward had kissed me I had forgotten all about what I’d said to Alice about notseeing him anymore, that thought was just absurd to me now. Sooner than Iwanted the song ended and we headed back to the party where the song I GottaFeeling by the black eyed peas started playing and Edward and I danced to that too, Edward and I sang along together. I would have never danced like this at aparty, one reason because I was usually clumsy and because I was shy and Iwasn’t really a party person. Not even Alice could ever get me to dance withher at parties and yet every time I was with Edward I did things I would neverdo before. I didn’t even care that some people we’re staring at us. 


Then we took a little break and headed to the bar to get adrink.


Edward ordered our drinks and the bartender went to preparethem and I noticed there was a beautiful blonde girl by the bar who seemedfamiliar but then this was a famous people party so it wouldn’t have surprisedme if she was a model or something. While we waited for our drinks the songPlease don’t go by Mike Posner started playing and Edward wrapped his armsaround my waist and kissed me softly. It was such a sweet kiss and I kissed himback and I was so focused on Edward I barely noticed the flash from a camarathat went off. We stopped kissing to find there was another one of thosepapparazi’s behind the bar and that he had just taken a picture of Edward and Ikissing. I was starting to panic but then I realized that at least my facewouldn’t be showing in the picture because I was kissing Edward.


 “God I’m so sorryabout that Bella, they never give it a rest, I swear I have no privacy at all.Though I didn’t think they could get in here too” Edward said looking at mewith apologetic eyes. By now the photographer had left probably satisfied withthe picture he’d gotten.


“It’s ok it’s not your fault. I just hope my face doesn’tshow too clearly in that photo” I say worriedly.


“Why? What do you mean?” he asks me as if it’s not obvious.


“Well it’s probably going to get published like the photosfrom the restaurant and well…” how could I tell Edward that my dad would killme if he knew the truth about where I really was tonight? Or the fact that Iwas dating a rockstar? And how would people in school treat me if they foundout?


“And what?” Edward says and gently lifts my chin up with hisfingers so I meet his eyes.


“And my dad would kill me if he knew where I was right now”I say it right out straight and watch as his expression changes to worried.


“You mean he doesn’t know? Bella how old are you?” hequestioned as if afraid of my answer.


“17 and the only one who knows I’m here is Alice” I say tohim and he smiles looking relieved and a little shocked.


 “what’s the matter?”I ask curiously.


“It’s just….surprising, I’ve never gone out with someone whodidn’t want the world to know about it. Sometimes it just feels like everyonewants something from me and that it’s not like they really want to be my friendthey’re just interested in my career and the fame it would bring them to hangout with me” Edward tells me and looks away. I put my hand on his face and hefaces me again.


“Edward I like you for who you are, not because you’re asinger I don’t care about that stuff, I care about you” I tell him.


“And that’s why I love you” he says making me smilebrightly. Edward is about to kiss me when someone clears their throat behindus. I look to see it was the pretty blonde girl who is now with a big tallmuscular guy who smirks at us when we turn around. Edward laughs and says.


“Bella this is the band’s bass player Emmett and hisgirlfriend Rosalie Hale” Edward introduces us.


“Hi it’s nice to finally meet you Bella. We’ve heard a lot”Rosalie says politely and then it hits me that I have seen her before becauseshe is a model.


“Nice to meet you too” I say back politely and of course Iblush.


“So this is the famous Bella. You know I should tell youEdward hasn’t shut up about you for the past three days. Though I can see why”Emmett says chuckling and really he doesn’t look so tough anymore he seems morelike the funny and teasing older brother I never had. Edward rolls his eyes andlooks away embarrassed and Rosalie flicks Emmett on the head and I can’t helpbut laugh.


“Anyway where are Jasper and Jade?” Edward said changing thesubject and then bartender handed us our drinks.


“Well I don’t know about Jazz but Jade must be getting intosome kind of trouble” Emmett said and everyone laughed except me because Ididn’t really know Jade though I knew she was the drummer of the band and thatshe was pretty young and super talented. And Jasper must play the electric guitar.


“We should look for them, this party is getting old anyway”says Rosalie looking like a bored princess.


“Ok ill text them and tell ‘em to come over to the bar so wecan go” Edward says and takes his phone out.


“So Bella how old are you?” Emmett asked me.


“17” I replied casually.


“Yeah she could probably get into that club, what do you think Rose?” Emmett asked Rosalie, oh so that’s why he wanted to know. Inanother time I would’ve declined because it was pretty late already butspending some more time with Edward, wherever it was that we went, would beawesome besides who wouldn’t want to hang out with them, they seemed reallynice and fun.


“Please if she’s with us she could probably get into area51” Rosalie says making everyone laughs. Then I see Jasper and a small girlwith black and red hair and bangs that practically cover half her face walkingover to us.


“But you know I don’t really feel like going to anotherparty why don’t we just go hang out at that restaurant at the hotel?” Rose saysand to be honest that sounded much better to me.


“Ok yeah let’s do that” Emmett and Edward agreed.


“There you guys are” Emmett said to them as a techno songcame on.


“Heyy, what’s up guys? Oh hi you must be Bella, I’m Jade” saysthe girl with the cool hair over the loud music, who starts to dance to thesong playing.


“Hi nice to meet you” I tell her and then Jasper says hi andthen get ready to leave. Edward takes my hand as we walk threw the huge crowdof people dancing or drinking until we reach the entrance/exit where themillion papparazi’s are still there so I put my sun glasses back on. Itprobably looks ridiculous at like 10:00 at night but I didn’t want to berecognized if does pictures went public.


“Some of the photographers are probably going to follow usso we’ll take our separate cars and we’ll meet up at the hotel” Edward says. I see Emmett and Rosalie get into a reallycool red Mercedes with Jasper and Jade and as Edward and I are getting into hiscar a reporter starts to interview us.


“We’re LIVE here in downtown L.A at one of the most exclusivebeach parties of the year. Here with us right now is superstar sensation EdwardMassen and his mystery date. So Edward who is this mystery girl you’ve beendating for the past week? We’re all dying to know!” says the brunette in a highpitched voice and I suddenly get really nervous because it’s live and there arecameras all over.


“She’s…a very amazing and wonderful girl, and that’s all you need to know” Edward says almost making my heart stop and forget about the cameras all around. Then we get in the car and drive off.


A/N: hey guys thnx 4 reading !!! hope u enjoyed this chapterit was all Edward n Bella and theres more to come :)) sorry about the delay onthe chapter (wow it seems like I’ve been saying that a lot lately) anyway  I’m going to post much more regularly from now on so thnx 4 ur patience!! Plz plzcomment!! I luv 2 hear ur thoughts on this!! Thnx <3




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