The Twilight Saga

So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
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I like it, but to clarify, is Alice a vampire in this story? And who else are vampires or are they all human?
lol thank you i will post the next chapter soon and they are all human
thnx i will =)
when r u gonna post chapter 2 ?????!!!!!!! i can't wait any longer !!!!!!!! *no rush* l0l
l0lz soon i promise
Chapter 2
The bell rang so we got up from the table and headed to our next period. The classes passed quickly and the only thing Alice and Sami seemed to talk about was Edward Massen, well actually that’s what all the girls in school seemed to talk about. On our way to the lockers to put our books away I heard 2 girls talking about Edward-no really- and how awesome it would be to meet him in person. Gosh he is just a singer! Who probably thinks a lot about himself because he’s famous and has all the girls falling head over heals from him.
We walked to the parking lot and got inside Alice’s yellow porch. Sami climed in the front seat and I went in the back seat. We got to Port Angeles in no time, Alice drove pretty fast.
“So Alice what are you planning on wearing?” Sami asked.
“I’m thinking a red tank top and a black mini skirt” Alice replied. Alice was always into the newest fashion and she always dressed super flashy even to school.
“Awesome!” Sami said.
“What about you?” Alice asked Sami.
“Well I saw this new dress, its lavender and black and it looks super good on me but I can’t afford it. My mom lowered my allowance last month for failing the biology test ugh!” Sami said. Alice and I laughed.
“Yes biology has never been one of your best subjects. Ummm actually what is your best subject anyway?” Alice asked her.
“P.E” Sami replied and Alice chuckled.
“Don’t worry Sami I will lend you the money” Alice would do anything when it came to fashion. We walked in the store, I sat down on the waiting chair wile Alice and Sami looked for clothes.
I wonder why all the girls were all crazy about this Edward. He must have a really nice voice. Well I will find out on….huh I wonder what day was the concert Alice said weekend. After-what seemed to me like a very short time- Alice and Sami came back with a pile of clothes to try on.
“Wow that’s a lot of clothes” I said.
“Well me and Sami already know what we’re gonna wear this is for you” Alice told me. Oh my gosh! It is gonna take me hours to try all this on.
“ok” I said a little hesitant. Alice pulled me up from the chair and dragged me to the dressing room.
“Ok try this on first. It’s my favorite!” Alice smiled at me. She handed me a black tight mini dress. I took my clothes off and started pulling up the stupid incredibly tight dress. I finally pulled it up and realized it had no sleeves. Well Alice will be Alice. I came out of the dressing room so Alice could see it. Sami’s mouth flew open and Alice looked proud.
“Wow! Bella you look hot” Sami said.
“thanks, but I think it’s a little too short” I said.
“What! Bella trust me it’s perfect” Alice said.
“Can I try something else on plz Alice” I begged.
“Fine! But you look great” Alice snapped at me.
She tossed me a light blue dress with a gold ribbon in the middle.
“Try that on” she said.
I went into the dresser and this one was a little longer than the other and at least it had sleeves-spaghetti straps-but they were sleeves and I came out of the room.
“What do you think?” I asked them.
“ it looks great Bella” Sami said.
“Well not as great as the other but it looks good do you want it? I got the matching shoes” Alice asked.
“Sure” I said. Whatever to go some where else. Sami got the dress she wanted and Alice got her tank top and skirt. We paid and Alice dropped me off.
“Um Alice when exactly is the concert?” I asked before I got out of the car.
“Saturday so Tomorrow at 8:00 p.m but I’m going to be here at 6:30 ok so be ready on time” she said firmly.
“Yes ma’am” I said and they laughed. We said good night and Alice drove off.

*Here was chapt 2 hope you liked and don’t forget to comment* =D
lolz thnx Adrii !!!!
i loved it .....i wonder whats gonna happen now ??? l0l keep me updated !!
yay!! glad u liked it ! chapter 3 is on its way !
thnx i will post more soon !!!!!!!
Chapter 3
I woke up and looked out the window. Wow it was surprisingly sunny today. I got out of bed and looked at my alarm clock it was 9:00 a.m and I headed to brush my teeth. Alice would be here at 6:30 and if I wasn’t ready she would-like a dress up doll- dress me up herself, gosh.
After I brushed my teeth I went down stairs and there was a note from Charlie on the fridge. I read it:
Went fishing with Mark I’ll be back around 5:00. Have fun at the concert!
, Charlie
Oh yes I will have a lot of fun. I fixed myself a bowl of cereal and sat down to eat. I really didn’t feel like having a big breakfast today. The phone rang so I got up to answer it.
“Hello?” I said
“Hey Bella its Alice” she said.
“Um hey Alice what’s up?” I asked. The concert wasn’t for like another 6 hours, she couldn’t expect me to be ready yet.
“Well I don’t trust you so I decided I’m going to dress you and do your hair myself Bella” she told me.
“Alice I think I can put on a dress by myself” I whined.
“Yes but knowing you your not gonna be very creative with your hair besides you know im like a makeup artist. No one will recognize you” she said. It was true Alice was really good at that kind of stuff.
“Fine Alice you can dress me yourself”
“Yay!” she almost squeaked.
“What time are you coming over?”
“I’ll be there at 3:00 sharp Bella” she said firmly like last night before we said good night.
“Take a shower and putt the dress on ok before I get there” she instructed me.
“Sure Alice” I said.
“Ok well bye I have to get dressed” she said.
“k bye” I hung up.
I headed upstairs, took a shower and put the dress on, then I heard someone honk their horn downstairs. That was probably Alice it was 2:58. I chuckled and went to get the door.
“Hey Alice” I greeted her. She was wearing her red tank top and black mini skirt. She looked incredible.
“Hi” she said quickly and dragged me up stairs. I didn’t notice she had her huge cosmetics bag with her. She sat me down on a chair and started doing my hair. I tried to ignore when she pulled my hair too hard.
“No one will recognize you when I’m done with you Bella” she said.
“Ok Bella I’m done” she said. I opened my eyes and I didn’t even recognize my face. The face in the mirror was beautiful but a stranger to me. Then I noticed my hair, it was done up and a little curly.
“What do you think?” Alice asked.
“Wow Alice your amazing I absolutely love it thanks” I said and gave her a hug.
“You’re welcome ,oh be careful, don’t wanna ruin your new face” she said.
“Um what time is it?” I asked.
“Time to go pick up Sami” she said and we were out of the house. Sami didn’t live far from me so we were already here. Alice honked her horn to let Sami know we were here. 3 minutes later Sami came out she looked beautiful.
“Hey guys. Wow you look great!” Sami told us.
“ thnx so do you” I said.
“Concert time!” Alice said loudly and we all laughed.
The streets were crowded with screaming fans, cars, limos and lots of photographers. Alice-I don’t know how- found a parking space.
“Alice you bought the tickets right?” Sami asked.
“Of course and surprise” she said as she took 3 after party tickets.
“Omg Alice how did you get tickets for the after party!?” Sami exclaimed.
“I know people” she said and laughed. We got into the concert and found our seats. We were really close to the first row.
“Awesome seats” I said and Alice smiled. Suddenly the lights went out and a purple center light came on.
“Ladies and gentlemen give it up for Edward Massen!” the announcer yelled and everyone rose up from the seats and started screaming “Edward, we love you!” then he came into the spot light. He was georges he looked like a male model and he had the most beautiful green eyes.
“I want to thank you all for coming out tonight and we would like to start the night with our favorite song Forever Love” he said in the most beautiful angel like velvet voice. I could see why all the girls were crazy about him.
Then he started singing. He had a beautiful singing voice too. It was amazing to even think he was human. I loved the song it was incredible then he looked at me while he was singing or at least I thought he did. The song ended and the next one started called it was the hardest thing. Before I knew it intermission was here.
“Are you enjoying the concert guys?” Alice asked us.
“Are you kidding its awesome!” Sami said.
“yeah Alice its awesome ! thnx for getting the tickets” I thanked her. Then intermission was over and he started singing again. It felt like no time went by but the concert was over. Edward said goodnight to is crowd and everybody was screaming his name.
“Time for the party!” Alice said, we went to get her car and we saw the limo leave.
“Do you know where it is?”I asked.
“Of course but we are gonna have to walk there cause their will be no parking spaces but don’t worry its not far” Alice said. We started walking and finally made it.
“Names please” the body guard asked Alice.
“Mary Alice Brandon, Bella Swan and Samantha Carter ” she said and he nodded.
“Umm yes go right ahead. Enjoy the party” he said as we entered. It was amazingly decorated and everyone was dancing.
“I’m going dancing guys see you later” Alice said and headed to the dance floor. Then I bumped into someone. I looked up and it was Edward Massen.
“Oh I’m so sorry I didn’t see you” I apologized and then he smiled. It was the most beautiful smile I had ever seen.
“that’s ok” he said.
“You can make it up to me, would you like to dance” he asked and my heart almost stopped beating. I looked at Sami and she smiled.
“Sure” I said and he pulled me to the dance floor.

*Hope you liked and don’t forget to comment* =D


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