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So I got this idea for a new story with some of the twilight characters and some new characters. Bella is 16 and Alice and Samantha (her best friends) want to go to this concert and Edward Massen is the singer. All the girls are head over heals for him but bella is not. They go to the concert and Edward falls in love with Bella but bella is not really into him so he trys to make bella fall in love with him and bunch of crazy stuff happen……… anyway tell me if you think I should write more plese, thnx. I promise it will get a lot more interesting …
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lolz yes ur 1 again hahaha yeah *clumsy bella* wat r the odds !!!!!!!!! x_x
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Love this one too.
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thank u i will chapt 4 is on its way.....
Chapter 4
We danced and danced for a while, then the music went from tecno beat to low dancing. Edward looked into my eyes and then asked me if I would like to slow dance so I said yes. He put his arms around my waist and pulled my arms around his neck. I had to focus very hard to remember to breath. Inhale….exhale.
While we danced a lot of people were staring at us. After a while we got tired and sat down to talk.
“So what’s your name?” he asked. We danced a long time but didn’t really speak.
“Bella” I answered.
“Bella” he whispered and smiled.
“I’m Edward” he said and we both laughed. We talked about lots of thing, he told me all the places he’d been on his tours and his life as a singer and all that. Then he asked if this was my first time at one of his concerts.
“Yes it is, my friend Alice invited me” I said. If it wouldn’t have been for Alice I would have never meet him.
“Did you like it?” he asked me.
“No” I said and he frowned. “I loved it” and continued, he smiled and asked for my number.
“732-552-4114” I told him and he took out a really fancy phone and put it in.
“Mine is 732-825-9594 but please don’t give it to anyone else” he said. Wow I can’t believe he gave me his number.
“No problem” I replied and smiled. Then I saw Alice and Sami walking towards us.
“hey guys” I greeted them.
“Hi” Alice said and I could see Sami was shy.
“Edward, these are my friends Alice and Samantha” I introduced them.
“Nice to meet you” he said politely and Alice replied.
“So how did you like the concert?” he asked them.
“Oh it was awesome!” Alice said enthusiastic but Sami didn’t speak.
“Would you want to come again? I’m having another concert in New York next month” he asked them.
“Umm sure that would be awesome” Alice said. He reached into his pocket and took out 3 concert tickets,3 backstage passes and 3 after party tickets then he handed one of each to us.
“Awesome, we’ll be there” Alice said.
“Thank you. I can’t wait” I said and he smiled at me.
“Umm I don’t mean to be rude but Bella I think we should get you home its 2:30 a.m” Alice announced. Wow it is really late.
“Oh wow I got to go” I said. Charlie is gonna kill me.
“Oh well I had a great time Edward and thnx again for the tickets” I said and he looked a little sad.
“You’re welcome, well I really look forward to seeing you again and I will sure give you a call” he said.
“okay bye” I said and we left.
“Oh my god Bella! I leave you alone and you meet Edward Massen in person. I can’t believeit. How did it happen? I saw you dancing together What did you talk about? Tell me everything!” she said.
“Ok Ok. Well I accidently walked into him and-“ Alice cut me off.
“You walked into him. That is so you Bella anyway continue” she said.
“So I apologized and then he said I could make it up to him dancing. So we danced a while”
“Wow did you slow dance too?” she asked.
“Awesome. That most have been interesting”
“Did you get his number?” Sami spoke for the first time.
“Yes. He asked me for mine and he gave me his” I said.
“Wow and I can’t believe he gave us concert tickets and backstage passes. He must want to see you again” she beamed.
“I think he was just being nice” I said.
“I’m sure he wants to see you again come on who’s the guy expert here?” she asked sarcastically.
“You are Alice” I said.
“I saw the way he was looking at you, trust me he wants to see you again and he gave you his number” she said.
“”What rock star gives you his number just because you walk into him” Sami said in a -its so obvious voice that sometimes annoyed me a lil.
“Ok maybe your right” I said and we were already at my house.
“Oh god Charlie’s gonna kill me!” I panicked.
“Don’t worry I called him before” she assured me.
“Oh thank you so much Alice for everything, you’re the best!” I said.
“I know. Ok goodnight Bella” she said and I got out of the car.
“Dream of Edward” Sami teased and I smirked.
“’night guys” I said and walked in the house.

*Thnx for reading. Hope you enjoyed and plz comment*
thnx i will post more soon !!!!! =D
Can't believe it sharing phone numbers, this becomes more and more exciting. Please don't stop keep writing.
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