The Twilight Saga

What do you do when the person  you loved, the person you were meant to be with was promised to another when he was promised to you first? Meet Helen.




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-This click here to see what Helen looked like as a human. The picture of her in the banner is what she looks like as a vampire.



Flashback from 1918

I was the maid for his family, and I busied myself dusting the furniture and washing the kitchen floor. He was out hunting but it was an extremely hot day in Chicago, Illinois. His mother was demanding and always watching me from the corner of her eye, unable to put faith in me that I might actually be able or capable of doing something right. You see my mother was the head maid of the house, so once I was born I was destined to follow in her footsteps, I couldn't
really do anything about what family I was born into.

My sister, Rosie, pranced into the room as she always did and decided to bother me. She was two years younger than me at the age of fourteen, but she acted like an infant. “Helennn!!” she whined, drawing out the 'n' in my name,“can you cover for me when I sneak out tonight?” she asked, whispering quietly so Mrs. Masen wouldn't hear her talking as she was. I shook my head 'no', signaling I wouldn't do as she asked. “Why?!?! It's not like you have a beau or anything! Unlike you I actually have a life!” she whined, a little louder this time. I felt my body tense at the mention of 'beau', although I tried not to visibly show it much. I had, in fact, been thinking about when I would see him again, where and what time.


I quietly excused myself as I heard a door open and the rowdy talk of men just coming back from a hunt, and glass of beer. I tried not to listen to his voice, but I found it in the middle of a mix.

“She was a looker alright!” he exclaimed, laughing along with the others.

I knew it was always tradition for all the men to come to the Masen's after hunting, but right now I didn't want to deal with it, with hearing him talk about this girl, this amazing girl who wasn't me. I felt my heart slowly break in two, as I realized the nights we had together were just a joke to him, all the things he said were probably just lies.


It was later, after everyone went to bed when I was sweeping the floor by the staircase and I heard footsteps come down the stairs...his footsteps. I tried to remain calm, but kept on sweeping...I couldn't really stop, I didn't have time to waste. I felt hands pull me into a tight embrace as they gripped onto my waist. I turned around and let my eyes roam across Edward's face. It was beautiful, with a solid jawline, perfect nose, bronze tousled hair, with hazel eyes that bore into me, down to the essence of my soul. Although I wanted to hug him, kiss him, let him hug me, I resisted and pushed him away, not looking at the hurt and
question in his eyes.


“I heard about her. Did you really think I wouldn't?” I said, my voice steady, although I felt as if I were going to fall to my knees.

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Chapter 2: (Still in Flashback)

“Her?” he asked questioningly.

“She must have been real stunning, if she was a looker,” I said, quoting his exact words. I looked at his face and watched it dawn on him. I turned away and began sweeping again, still unable to meet his eyes.

“What was I supposed to do? The guys stopped at the bar on the way back, and there was a pretty girl there... what was I supposed to do? They were asking why I wasn't talking, and then they began asking me if I had a girl..” he said, pausing for breath. I glared at him...pretty girl? So he thought the girl was pretty. His jaw clenched when he realized what he said. “Continue,” I said dismissively, but he did.

“I couldn't very well answer! Do you know what would happen? My mother would have your mother fired and you, Rosie and her would be gone and homeless! I love you, Helen! I always will! I'll love you until the day I die!” he exclaimed.

“How can I believe you? How can I know your not lying!” I yell, not caring if I woke up anyone, I raised my hand to strike him but he pulled me closer to him, under the stairs and kissed me, long and hard. When we finally pulled away from each other panting, he knelt down, and took my hand in his.

“Marry me, Helen. I can't walk this world alone, I can only walk it with you by my side. Marry me, and you're family will always have money, you won't have to worry about food. Marry me, Helen, because I love you.”
aww, that was awesome... PLEASE update me :) and add me as a friend if that will be easier for you to keep me updated....
This is amazing so far.

Update soon.
I love it!
End of Flashback

Chapter 3:

I awoke feeling immensely happy, although that feeling didn't really stay with me as I realized what time and place I was in. On a beach in Miami, in the 21st century. I can see the sun slowly rising so I put on a sun hat and walk to a palm tree, where there is shade, and so I may not be revealed. It's been a long time since 1918, a long time since I last saw Edward. Although the lack of knowledge about where he is, he still endlessly enters my mind, more times than you would know. It was also the year the influenza reined supreme, and he was to enlist in the war, I would never see him again, and before I knew it, influenza claimed my life too.

Except I didn't die. I should have, but I didn't. I was laying in my cot at the hospital, ready to fall asleep and never wake up until I see some foreign man standing over me, and it took a moment for my eyes to register but when they did I widened them. This man was even more beautiful than Edward, although in an entirely different way...I could guess you could call it a 'darker way' since everything about him seemed to be mysterious, his demeanor, his dark hair and pale skin, or maybe it was his almost-glowing scarlet eyes. Whatever it was I could never remember it exactly.

He leaned down as if to kiss me, rested his lips on my neck, and bit down. He held his hand over my mouth so I wouldn't scream. I was screaming inside though, my body was on fire and my mind was going crazy...oh the burning, the burning hurt most of all. It seemed to never stop. I think I passed out, because I woke up in a coffin, with my hands folded neatly over my chest. I basically dug myself out of the grave, and it took a while to get myself situated (you know with the whole blood drinking, glittering in the sunlight, volturi, that whole ...mess). You must be wondering what I'm talking about so I'll just tell you. I'm a vampire, not the fictional, melt-in-the-sun vamp, I'm talking real, living vampire. I was changed when I was sixteen, in 1918. I don't drink human's blood, and I rarely drink land animals blood. My diet is mainly dolphins, sharks, and other sea animals.

Their blood tastes much sweeter and refreshing than most other animals, and the chase is more fun. I've met some of my kind along the road and usually all of them hate this life that was chosen for them. I, personally, enjoy my youth. The thought of living forever excites me. There's so many things I can do, and be, and being poor is never going to be an issue again. I mean, I'd have all the time in the world to get money, so what ever. For the first thirty years I put myself through proper education and got a job as a doctor. After I acquired a large amount of money I decided to explore the world.

I'm running you see, and I rarely run away. I was hunting through Italy because they had the best quail in their oceans, and it was nighttime. After I was full I swam over to shore and lay down on the sand. I heard quick movements, like those of my own and I sprung to my feet. I wasn't quick enough to escape though, and there were two of them, both dressed in black cloaks. The had their hands around my neck, and on my shoulders, holding me down. This was how my kind died. I closed my eyes ready to die, and then decided I should take one more look at the world before I was gone from it...again.
awesome!!please keep me updated!!
this is kool keep writing
Do you think the helen in the banner looks more like the character should or the blake lively banner i had? (if you haven't seen the blake lively one, just imagine her with purple eyes and brown hair).
Chapter 4:

You see, the thing with being a vampire, I can also read minds. I guess you call it a 'gift' if you want, but most of the time I really do not care what people other than myself are thinking.

Her eyes, they're violet... thinks the one who's holding down my shoulders. The one with my neck in his hand finds me fascinating, and he wants me to be his mate. I gulp (even though I don't need air anymore) and say,”Well boys, you've done your job here, I best be going now.”

They were bickering about what to do with me while I jumped into the sea and swam. Before long I was at the border of Canada, ready to cross into a place called 'Seattle'. In knew they were tracking me, and I could usually tell how close they were by reading their thoughts, kind of like a built in radar. I quickly crossed into Seattle because it was at night, soaking wet and tried to find the nearest barber shop.

I ducked into it and lay my gold card on the counter, asking if they can do a quick die job. I finger my honey blonde hair and figure, or hope I'll still look beautiful if it's dirty blonde instead. I can hear their thoughts, and they're hesitant to cross into Seattle, because a coven named the 'Cullens' are here, and their territory is not to be encroached upon. I look out the nearest window and find it is down pouring.

I thank God, if there is one, and wait for the lady doing my hair to be finished. After a while she is and I step outside. I look for the nearest woods and run into them.

As I cross into more cleaned up woods I hear thoughts, all connected, louder than the churning waves and pelleting rain. It was a strange thing, all those thoughts, and I knew they must be wolves. I've come across a few in my days, and I've had to kill them all before they killed me.

This time I'd just pretend to be a defenseless human and it would be okay, after all I had to find these Cullens. I had to convince them to let me join them, or else it was back to captivity. I ran my fingers through my hair, ripped off pieces of my already soaked sun dress, and lay in the dirt, pretending to be unconscious.
Chapter 5:

They near me and I can hear their thoughts more loudly, harder to ignore, and all connected.
'She's a blood sucker. Listen. You can't hear anything other than the rain and waves.'

'Look at her, she's gorgeous...'

'But she might be one of them'

'She could just be unconscious or something, and we might not be listening close enough!'

This time they don't bother sharing thoughts, they start yelling at each other openly. While they're distracted I start to breathe, moving my chest up and down as if in-taking air. Even though they're arguing they still have thoughts, so I listen to those for my own amusement.

One mind sticks out in particular, although I don't know his name. For some reason he seems to have a deep loathing for all and any members of my kind, sparing no mercy unless it was necessary. I wondered when it would ever be necessary, if his hate ran that deep for me, and my kind.

“What if she is---”

“She's not Jake chill.” Finally, I know this guy's name.

“She's endangering us all! Think of Bella,” he spits.
This sounds awesome! Please update soon! :)
In this story it's more of because of his deep hatred and resent for Edward that he's like that, because he loves Bella and hates Edward. Like what he really wants to do is kill Edward, it has nothing to do with really anyone else.


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