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Leah is deciding to leave LaPush forever.Because she cant handle seeing Sam any more and knowing that his getting married to Emily. 

                              What will she do when she falls inlove again?Will she run away or Stay? 






















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Chapter 1: New Life


I changed into wolf form.I was trying to get the hang of changeing on will,still after a year.I jumped across the ledge to my house. I grabbed some clothes in my mouth and changed behind a tree. I smiled.When i saw jacob making breakfest i tried my hardest not  to giggle. i walked to the back door a went in.

 "Hey,Leah how was your walk?".Jake asked as flipped a pancake. i sat at the table.

"oh well it was fine,jake." I said.

It was still akward between us.i was surpised as anyone when jake wanted to come with me a year ago.He said he wanted to get the hell away from bella and Edward and Sss---Him. We dont say their names to one another.


"Remerber what today is?" I asked. He nodded i saw the tears forming in his eyes.we didnt talk much.i swear i need afilter on this thing. I stood and started to clean the mess.

"Im sorry jake i didnt want to make you sad.i just sometimes need a filter on my mouth." I tried to redeem myself. I started to wish the dishes.

"Leah." He said

"What." i said

"LEAH!". he hollered

"What." I said and turned around.


He put flour in my face.i gasped.


"Jacob Black"I screamed! He gigled like a school girl.I grabbed a egg.


"Leah, leah please dont these's are brand new."He beeged and looked down to his jeans. I slamed the egg in his hair. I laughed so hard.

"Oh,Im gonna get cha." he said. He slamed me into the back the couch,makeing us flip over the couch.I was laughing the whole time.


  I ended up on top of him.Our faces were so close I could smell the syrp from our pancakes. He leaned in.i did to.

-Leah what are you doing.This is jacob!-

I got up and ran to my room.I slamed the door and sanked down.I felt the tears in my eyes poaring down my face. I fell asleep hopeing he still stay.




I couldnt belive what had just almost happen. I almost kissed Leah. I didnt even think! I mean I know i love her. But i dont want her to know that just yet.! I dont even know if she even thinks of me that way. I got up and cleaned the place up.


i went outside for some air. Then i heard Leah slightly snoring i smiled. I went to her window and climbed through it. She layed in front of the door asleep.I picked her up lightly and layed her in her bed.I kissed her forhead. and whispered

"Goodnight,Leah iloveyou with all my heart." I said with passion. i soon went to bed as well. Seeing what tomorrow brings....

oh plz go on!
sounds good :D
Nice !! =D
ok  will!
Chapter 2 is coming under way! i just gotta finsh a few things before typing it. :)

keep me updated please


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OMG this is a great story!! Plzz keep me update!!

Awww! Thank you!
you're welcome :)

Okay im gonna get started on the 2nd chapter!!!


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