The Twilight Saga

FIFTH CHAPTER! In the result of an accident, Bella wakes up in a hospital and doesn't remember anything of her past. She doesn't know that she is married to the rich and desirable Edward Cullen, a manager of a famous company, nor does she know of her best friend Jacob Black- a not so rich car mechanic. When she trys to pick up the pieces- and gain her memory back- from where she left off, she realises that the high class life she is living in, isn't as easy as it seems. This story mainly takes place in New York City. All Human Story.


I didn't know anything of my past. I didn't know I was married to the Edward Cullen, the most desirable man on Earth. I didn't even know about my best friend Jacob Black, a poor car mechanic. To tell you the truth, I didn't really know anything. A new chapter in my life had just opened up, and I didn't know what to expect- surrounded by cars, money, and mansions. It was all brand new to me.


I moaned very quietly as my eyes fluttered open delicately. Ouch. It felt as though I had an enormous migraine, my head was throbbing painfully. What did I do last night? Damn. Even trying to think hurt. My jaw dropped as I stared around at the room I was in. A hospital. I could tell it was a hospital due to the fact that the room was complete with the starchy white walls, plain tiled floor, heart monitors and the IV pole. My heart beat had evidently quickened ten fold, I could hear its progress on the heart monitor. Calm down, Bella I said. You've been in the ER plenty of times before. But why did this time feel so wrong? Was it because I couldn't remember for the life of me of how I had gotten into the hospital in the first place? I held my breath as I heard a clatter of footsteps and some voices. A male, spoke up, his voice husky.

"What's wrong with her? Why is her heartbeat so fast Alice?" He said panicking. A girl answered back in a quiet whisper.

"Keep it down Jacob! I don't know either! Do I look like a doctor to you? But I'll buzz my father, he'll know what the problem is for sure," Alice said reassuringly but, before she could press the intercom, the door burst open and in came a doctor and a few nurses. The doctor was actually quite handsome, his blond hair and perfect teeth could have actually bought him into a modelling agency. The nurses began bustling around the monitors, taking notes here and there. The doctor approached me, and was startled to see that I had awaken.

"Bella! You are awake! How do you feel?" The doctor asked. Jacob shouted in shock and looked at me quite content.

"BELLS! YOU'RE ALIVE!" He shouted and rested a hand on my face briefly. This Jacob, was pretty good looking as well, his carved muscles showing from underneath his shirt, his perfect teeth were formed into a happy smile, against his beautiful russet color skin. The Alice- girl next to him was also very pretty, she was slight, pale and her hair spiky black. She resembled a pixie in many, many ways. I nodded feebly, and slowly raised one finger.

"Wait. Before any of you gets too excited, I need some answers. Please." I said quietly. They all looked at me confused, and I hastily continued.

"Well, first of all, why am in a hospital, and second- no offense, but who the hell are you guys? I don't think I have ever met any of you before." I said. Jacob's mouth dropped open, but it was the pixie girl Alice who spoke up.

"Is this some kind of stupid joke Bella? You know us, of course you do! I'm Alice Cullen, the doctor is my father Carlisle Cullen, this idiot over here is Jacob Black, and Edward Cullen-my brother- is your h-" Alice said, before being cut off by Carlisle.

"Wait." Dr. Carlisle said patiently. "If she has, what I presume she has, you cannot overwhelm her with all of this information. Bella, what is the last thing you remember?" Carlisle asked.

I raked my brain. It seemed as though an unnatural, impenetrable fog had been set on all of my memories. I couldn't remember anything except..

"Got it!" I said relieved. " The last thing I remember was Charlie and Renee saying bye to me at the airport!" I breathed. Jacob boy moaned and put his head in his hands and muttered one word. "Amnesia."

I gasped in horror. Amnesia? Holy crap!

Carlisle attempted to soothe me, placing a hand on my hand and squeezing it.

"Bella, please calm down. Amnesia is not uncommon after accidents like yours. The accident, you may be wondering was when you were walking down the street minding your own business, when a car struck you from behind. It is quite miraculous that you have escaped with minor injuries, but alas you have developed amnesia. Don't worry. Some amnesia patients actually do recover over time Bella." Carlisle said swiftly.

Don't worry? Don't worry? How could I not worry in a time like this, impossible! Carlisle must have seen the almost insane look on my face, because he opened his mouth to speak again, but was interrupted by the sound of the door opening.

A jumble of loud voices, and many bursts of light first appeared followed by a tall man in a crisp black suit.

"My wife- please- questions will be answered later! Excuse me Miss! I need to get- SECURITY!" The tall man shouted and two burly men came forth and began pushing the crowd away, and the tall man followed after, straightening his tie. I had to bite on my tongue to stop myself from gasping. This man, was beyond gorgeous. He had tousled bronze hair, and piercing green eyes, which went with his pale skin quite nicely. His lips had formed into a slight smile, his pearly white teeth exposed, as the security men asked him brief questions. For some odd reason, I wanted to run up to him, to let our lips touch in ways..

"Bella love!" The greek god shouted and hurried over to me. He sat down on my bed, and suddenly our hands were entwined tightly, and his lips brushed my fingers. I blushed scarlet, and looked at his finger where a large diamond ring was set. Shoot, he was married. I dropped my hand as thought electrocuted.

"W-wait. Before I hold hands with a- a complete stranger..I want to know, who are you?" I asked in a trembling voice. Mr. Gorgeous looked at me as though crazy, and Carlisle pulled him to the side, filling him in. I could hear audible gasps, and groans- which indeed sounded pretty sexy coming from him. Shut up, Bella! I scolded. Mr. Every Girls Dreams approached me and spoke in a soft velvety voice, that sent shivers down my back.

"Bella, this may come to you as a shock, but please be strong. You and I are, well..married. I am your husband, Edward Anthony Masen Cullen." A squeak of horror escaped my lips.

MARRIED? TO HIM? MARRIED? I couldn't believe it.

And before I knew it, I had slipped into an unconscious state.

CHAPTER 2 : pg. 15
CHAPTER 3 : pg. 23
CHAPTER 4 : pg. 30
CHAPTER 5 : pg. 37 REPOSTED ON : pg. 44

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