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ok so here the main idea. It takes place in New Moon and Bella gets amnesia after she is riding a motorcycle for the first time. Alice doesn't see it because in the woods where they are at there are werewolfs that are interupting with her visions. While Bella is in a coma Victoria is killed by the werewolfs and Jake doesn't turn into a wolf.
Here's the first, extremely short chapter!!
Jacob’s point of view:
“Ok Bella, this is the clutch, and this is the brake.” I said showing Bella what to do, “Are you ready?”
She nodded.
I took a step back as she pressed down on the gas and shot forward like a gun out of a bullet. She let out a scream of pure joy.
Then it all came crashing down.
The front tire hit a rock and it shook from side to side. Bella was launched from the bike and crashed into a tree.
“BELLA!!” I screamed her name, running to where she laid unconscious.
There was a large wound in her head where blood was flowing freely. I took off my shirt and pressed it to her head. Then I whipped out my cell phone and dialed 911.
I have had this story in my head since like June i want to know if i should post the rest of it? Please tell me what you think!!!

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its a secret that has to do with later on in the story
you'll find out later as long as you keep reading and commenting :D
k cool

Okay everyone...first i want to apoligize for the long wait....i know you all must have gotten impatient so without further ado here is the next chapter
Chapter 6
I sat in the large round CT scan as it started.
“So, what exactly happened to me? Since it appears my brain is Swiss cheese and I can’t remember anything after January 17, 2005.” I said talking into the speaker to my left.
Dr. Sheppard answered back.
“Well, Bella, you were in a motorcycle accident with one of your friends; I think his name was Jake.” His answer stopped for a moment as the machine stopped and he came into the room with a wheelchair.
“Anyways, you hit your head and there was some really bad bleeding. I operated on you and stopped the bleeding, but there was some swelling in your brain and you went into a coma. We weren’t sure if you were going to wake up.”
I sat in the chair as he pushed me down the hall, processing the information.
“Okay, well I get that I hit my head and all and obviously I have like memory loss or something otherwise I would have remembered all of that right?”
“Yes, that would be correct. But that is why we took some scans so we would be able to see if there is anymore bleeding that may be causing your memory loss.”
“Okay, so if I do have like Amnesia-that’s what it’s called right? Anyways, if I do have amnesia what am I supposed to do? Live my life with a whole year missing from my memory?”
“They have counseling, support groups, and some surgeries are proven to be affective.”
I sat there as he pushed me down the hall, thinking.
“Okay, so in other words, I actually WOULD have to live my life without my full memory?”
He was silent for a moment before answering, “In a way, yes. If surgery is not successful, you would have to go without that year of memory.”
“I have another question for you, is it a bad thing if I am actually hoping that I don’t get my memory back?”
“Well, why would you say that?”
“Because, I mean, when I was little I promised my dad I would NEVER ride a motorcycle. Yet here you are telling me I was in a motorcycle accident. So obviously I was a bad kid, breaking my dad’s rules like that. I’m not sure if I would really want to remember something that that made me look bad to my family and friends. But I’m not sure I really have to worry about that, by the looks of it I don’t really have that many friends.”I looked down at my pale hands.
Dr. Sheppard stopped my wheel chair, pushing it over to the side and kneeling down next to me.
“Listen, Bella, you are a very smart, beautiful, young girl and anyone would be lucky to have you as a friend.”
“How to you know?” I asked as a tear fell down my cheek.
“Because of your records.” He opened up his folder, “So it says here that you’re in perfect condition, so that means you don’t smoke, drink, or do drugs, which is always good. Your school records show no absences and straight A’s. So that means you are smart, and I think you are very pretty. So I would want you as my friend.”
I smiled.
“I’ll tell you what, how about I become your first official friend?”
“Sounds like a deal,” I said with a smile.
At that he pushed me around the corner, almost running into a brunette girl. She seemed startled for a moment then anger glinted in her eyes. There was a dark haired girl, Asian by the looks of it, standing on her right. And on her left there was the girl who had presented this morning. Her hair was a vivid blonde and she had a heart shaped face. They were both holding the brunette’s arms and as soon as they saw us they walked off.
“Who was that?” I asked with a small laugh.
“I’d rather not get into it.” He said with a sigh.
“Oh come on! As my new official best friend you’re supposed to tell me these things, right?”
He shook his head then spoke.
“That, the brunette in the middle, was my girlfriend. She’s angry with me at the moment.”
I nodded as we continued down the hall. We stopped at the elevator waiting for it to open.
As the doors slid open, a fiery looking red head stepped off. When she saw Dr. Sheppard she gave an evil smile then walked passed.
“And what was THAT about?”
“Promise not to be mad?” I nodded, “THAT was my wife.”
I coughed, seeming to choke on air.
“DUDE! What is up with that?”
“She-my wife that is-cheated on me when we were living in New York, with my best friend.” I looked at him, a disbelieving glance on my face, “Yeah, I was shocked and hurt. So I moved out here to Seattle about three months ago and met Meredith Grey, the brunette you saw. We hit it off and we were happy. That is until my wife, Addison, showed up last week and so now….” He trailed off in thought.
“Wow dude, that’s rough…”
He let out a laugh, “Wow this is sad…” he said trailing off.
I gave him a sharp look, “What do you mean?”
“I mean that my life is so lonely that I’m forced to talk about my personal life with an eighteen year old girl.”
“Hey, I may be eighteen but I’m very wise for my years.”
“Oh really?”
“Yeah, you see losing my memory has given me a whole new view on life and it seems like it has made me wiser. So in other words you’re lucky you have me as your friend.”
He let out a sarcastic laugh and patted me on the shoulder as we entered my room. I grabbed hold of his hand and used him as I stood up. I felt my head rush a bit but I was quickly back off my feet and laying in my bed.
“Now I hate to leave but I do have other patients,” He said giving my hand a quick kiss then turning for the door.
“Derek,” I said stopping him before he left.
He turned around, “Yes?”
“Thank you.” Was all I said.
“Rosalie,” I could tell he meant business, using my full name like that, “Do you understand what you need to do?”
I nodded in compliance, “Yes Eddie-kins, we’ve been over this a hundred times.”
I was to distract the night guard so that Edward and Carlisle could slip into the record room and steal the file, and then I was to ensure the tape was erased before leaving.
Edward nodded, obviously having of read my thoughts.
“Now let me just add one last touch,” Alice said, holding what looked like a crystal cherry belly button ring.
“What are you doing with that Alice?”I asked suddenly worried.
“Don’t fret, it’s proven to attract male attention.”
“Yeah but how are you getting that thing on me?”
She kneeled down, un-screwing the ball on top and sticking what looked like super glue on each end and sticking it on. It stayed and actually looked real.“Shall we go then?” I asked as Alice handed me my papers and I followed Carlisle and Edward to the Volvo.
Not much later we pulled into the hospital parking lot in Seattle. I got out, walking through the doors and over to where a rather large watchman sat. Right around the corner was a door labeled “Record Room”. With a slight grimace I walked over to him, slamming my papers on the desk slightly, catching his attention. He looked up, his eyes widening.
“Hi, I’m Allie; I was told that I should drop my paper off here?” I said, attempting the sweetest flirty voice I could.
“Excuse me?” he said, startled and confused.
“My papers? To be a candy striper.”
He continued to stare at me dumbfounded.
I smiled, walking around his desk to stand near him.
“What’s that?” I asked, indicating to the computer screen.
He glanced at it then back to me. He didn’t realize it but the moment he was distracted by the monitor, two vampires had slipped past the desk and into the record room.
I could hear their conversation.
“Look at neurosurgery, and find Bella’s name.” Carlisle said.
“Okay, got it!’ I heard Edward say, his voice hinting ecstatic.
“‘Isabella Marie Swan, checked in after a-” Edward’s voice caught for a moment before he continued reading, “a motorcycle accident. Severe head trauma blatant. Bleeding in the brain halted, resulting in brain swelling. Patient in coma for two weeks before awakening. Amnesia clear upon awakening.” Edward’s voice trailed off.
I couldn’t help but catch my breath as I listened to Edward talking, the guard in the background continued to ramble on about his comic book. I nodded and smiled as I listened to Carlisle comfort Edward.
As they snuck out the door accidentally slammed, causing the guard to turn around.
I quickly caught his face in my hand turning him towards me. I smiled, leaning inwards and meeting his lips to mine. It was a quick kiss, but it lasted long enough for me to press the eject button on the video camera set. As I stood back up I grabbed the cassette and crumbled it in my hand, designating it into a dust.
I gave the guard a smile and walked away.
I didn’t get home until around midnight, I had to sneak in quietly. As I walked by the living room I saw Charlie passed out on the couch. The TV was still on, so I turned it off and put Maggie down on the couch, shaking Charlie awake.
“Wha-what is it Bells? What time is it?” he slurred out slowly.
“It’s late, let’s get you upstairs.” I answered back
“He rubbed his eyes looking at the couch, noticing Maggie.
“Bella, am I really that tired or is there a dog on the couch?”
I let out a laugh then answered, “That would be a dog, Jacob got her for me as a belated birthday present.”
“Oh, okay.” He said, standing up and go upstairs.
I laughed and turned off the light, following him up the stairs.
***The Next Day**
I woke up early to Maggie barking. After I put on my glasses I could see that the sky was gray and bleak and rain trickled out side.
I sighed and stood up, shoving on my checkered rain boots and grabbing a jacket to go over my skimpy tank and a hat to go over my frizz. Then I grabbed my umbrella and Maggie, and went downstairs and grabbed a cup of coffee, adding whipped cream and cocoa and caramel Then I went outside. I put Maggie down and waited as she went about her business.
I walked around the yard, twirling with my umbrella. I slipped on some mud, my coffee cup crashed to the ground and i was about to hit the wet ground as well when a pair of strong arms caught me.
I looked up to see the guy I had met running the other day; I think his name was Mason.
He smiled, looking down at me.
“It seems we keep meeting like this,” He said with a laugh as he helped me to my feet.
“Uh yeah,” I answered back shyly, “Thanks.”
“No problem.” He smiled back.
“Ummm…Mason right?”I asked timidly
He grinned widely and answered, “Yes, and you’re Bella.”
I smiled and blushed, “Right,” As I looked around shyly I realized I couldn’t see Maggie, “Mason, have you seen my dog?”
He looked around curiously his eyebrows coming together in confusion. We stood there together for a couple of minutes, looking around the yard for any sign of Maggie.
Finally we heard a little yelp around the corner of the house. We ran over to the side of the house to find Maggie jumping around in a puddle, a small blue jay standing at the edge chirping at her.
We let out a laugh as we l watched the scene before us. I let out a sigh as finally the bird flew away, and I grabbed up Maggie, holding her at arm’s length.
“This has been fun but I have to give someone a bath.”
“Do you need any help?” Mason asked with a small laugh.
He nodded.
“Well then yeah, sure.” I walked into the house, kicking off my shoes and holding the door for Mason. He entered and took off his shoes. He ran his hand through his bronze hair, giving it and amazing tousled look like he was a in a commercial for hair products. I had to admit, even though I was in a relationship, Mason was Hot.
“The bathrooms right up here on the left, I said as I led him up the stairs.”
He followed behind me obediently as we entered the bathroom.
I placed Maggie into the tub and turned on the water.
“Here you’re probably gonna need this,” Mason said handing me a shampoo bottle.
I took it with a shy smile and poured a small bit on Maggie, working it into lather.
“Here, let me help.” Mason said with a smile, leaning over the tub with me and placing his hand on mine. I felt a slight electric shock as his cold hand touched mine, “You’re doing it wrong. You want to go with the fur line, not against it. That way it’s more comfortable for the dog.”
He gave me a dazzling smile as he held my hand, moving it over the dog.
I looked into his face, smiling flirtatiously at him. Our faces were coming closer together, our lips were about to touch when his phone went off.
“Excuse me,” He said, sounding irritated, “Yes Alicia?” He was on the phone for what seemed like 20 seconds before he hung up.
“That was my sister. She’s having car troubles and needs my help. So im sorry but I have to go.” He said standing up, wiping off his hands on a towel.
“Um wait,” I said standing up, “What are you doing tonight?”
“That’s depends,” He said with a sly smile, “What are you asking me?”
“Well, my friends and I are throwing a party. Jessica, one of my best friends, has a vacation house out near La Push, the reservation, and it has like a pool and a hot tub and it’s literally right next to the beach. So her parents are out of town for the next week and we’re throwing a party, and you’re invited.” I said with a smile. I knew Jacob would be there and all but I didn’t care. Mason was really attractive and I wanted to see him again.
“It’s at La Push?”
“Well the house isn’t but the beach is.”
He sighed for a moment, “I really want to, but I can’t.”
“Why not?”
“Prior engagements that my mom won’t let me out of just for a party.”
I sighed but nodded in understanding.
With that he left, and I was left to clean Maggie by myself…
***3 hours later***
“Bella, are you done yet?” Jess called banging on the bathroom door.
We were at her Dad’s house he had recently acquired after her parents split up. They were still at that no talking stage so neither one of them knew about the other being out of town, leaving Jessica to do what she wanted.
“Yeah one sec!” I said, pulling my suspenders over my shoulders and running my hand thru my hair one last time.
I opened the door to and impatient Jessica who was wearing her bathing suit as well.
“Dang girl, you look hot.” Jessica said with a laugh, grabbing my hand and twirling me around
“Why thank you, you're not too shabby yourself.” I said with a laugh
“Wow I still can’t get over the tattoo,” She said with a laugh, squatting to look at my stomach, “its super hot, especially with belly ring.”
“I’m telling you, you should get one. With all the stuff going on with your parents’ divorce, they won’t even notice.”
“Yeah, I’m sure of it. I mean, the only reason why Charlie isn’t here right now calling up our mothers is because he doesn’t pay attention.”
“But he knows you’re here.” She said curiously.
“Yes, but he does not know about the party.”
“Are you sure?”
“Yes, trust me. If he hasn’t realized my belly buttons pierced and I have a tattoo, he won’t realize we’re throwing a party.”
“What if someone calls the cops?”
“Will you stop worrying Jess? No one’s gonna call the cops, we’re a mile outside of Forks, the only people who would even remotely here us are the people on the Reservation, and most of the kids are coming to the party and the grown-ups don’t interfere with the Fork’s police. So we’re safe.”
“What if Charlie wants to check on us?”
“He won’t. He’s in Seattle for the night at some Police force conference or something. He won’t be back until tomorrow evening.”
Jesses nodded in understanding, her worries coming to and ease.
“Now then hot stuff, let’s put some make up on that pretty face of yours,” She said grabbing me and sitting me down in front of her vanity.
“Jess, what is that stuff?” I asked indicating to the bright blue stuff she was going to put on my eyes.
“Some special eye shadow I bought yesterday. Since I filled the living room with black lights, if we go in there, it will look totally like Ke$ha in her “Your Love Is My Drug” Music video, the part where she’s with the snake.”
“Really? That is so awesome!” I said with a laugh.
“Yeah and I bought some of the paint for everyone to put on when it gets dark so we can all dance!”
“Did I ever tell you I love you, Jess?” I asked sarcastically
“Oh I know, but I still deserve a hug.”
I sighed, standing up and giving her a huge bear hug and kissing her cheek.
“Better?” I asked sarcastically as she wiped her face.
“Yeah, loads. Do you know where Ang is?”
“Yeah I have no idea; she should be here by now.”
As soon as I said that, the door bell rang.
We ran downstairs and opened the front door to find Ashley standing there, donning baggy sweats and a tank top.
“Ang, hun, you did get the memo about this being a pool party right?’’ Jess asked sarcastically
“Yeah I know, but my mom was home and she wouldn’t let me out of the house dressed like well that,” She said indicating to me.
“What’s wrong with my swim suit?” I asked, sounding hurt.
“Well Bells, nothing, if that is you want to attract attention.”
“And what’s wrong with that?”
“Well nothing, it’s just that my family wouldn’t exactly approve, you know. Being the daughter of the preacher and all.”
I nodded in understanding.
“Well in any case, we’ve gotta hot you up.” Jess said, grabbing Angela by the arm and pulling her inside and back up the stairs, her heels shuffling on the marble floor.
An hour later we were all in our bikinis, our clothes over top, our hair was done, and our makeup on our face.
The caterers had all arrived and set up everything for the party.
“What are we doing about drinks?” I asked noticing the lack of it on any of the tables.
“Outside on the bar, Kevin’s older brother Tom is a bartender and agreed to serve drinks.”
“Great, now when is everyone supposed to arrive?”
“Any minute now,” She said lounging down on the couch.
A few minutes later the door opened and a flow of people entered. About fifteen minutes passed and the party was in full swing. People were jumping in the pool, the music was blaring, and everyone was dancing and eating and having drinks. It was really fun.
I walked round looking for Mason. I knew he said he couldn’t come but I still hoped he had somehow made it.
“Who are you looking for?” Jess said with a small grin. I could smell the strawberry martini on her breath.
“Jess, I can’t believe it! We’re not even half an hour into the party and you’re already drunk?”
“Awwww come on Bells…don’t be such a kill joy! And you never told me who you’re looking for. I don’t think I’ve seen your oober sexy boyfriend anywhere yet.”
I let out a sigh, there was no keeping stuff from Jess, “I’m looking for this guy I met the other day, I invited him to the party, I’m not sure if he’s gonna come though.”
“Well until you see this hot mystery man I believe there is someone else who’s looking for you,” She slurred pointing to the deck’s doors.
I turned around to see Jake entering the pool area.
I turned back to Jessica with a smile, grabbing her drink and downing the rest of it.
“Wanna go swimming?”I asked to Jess.
“Fine but you owe me a drink,” She said with a sigh.
We agreed and took off our clothes to expose our swim suit, leaving our shoes on.
We snuck around the side of the pool, until we were behind Jake, I wrapped my hands over his eyes, and he turned around.
“Guess who?” Jess asked with a small laugh.
“Ummm Jessica?” He asked with a laugh.
I leaned forward and crushed my lips to his.
He jumped back, falling into the pool, leaving me and Jessica standing there laughing.
“What the he11 guys?” He said, wiping the water off his face.
“Sorry we couldn’t resist,” Jessica said with a drunken laugh
“Is she drunk?” He asked getting out of the pool and indicating to Jessica.
“Just a bit,” I said with a laugh, looking at him seductively
He smiled and looked at Jessica, “Now if you’ll excuse us, Jessica,” He said with a grin, “ I’d like some alone time with my girlfriend.”
She smiled, bowed, and left, heading towards the bar.
“Shall we go to the beach?” I asked romantically.
“Sure,” He said holding out his hand.
I smiled turning to look at him and jumping on him wrapping my legs around his waist. He smirked, folding his arms around my lower waist and holding me there. Our lips met as he walked forwards, going down the stairs and onto the beach. He walked towards the right lowering me down, standing me in the sand. I smiled as we stood there kissing. My fingers twisted in his short spiked hair. His hands moved up and down my back, grabbing my backside and pulling me upwards. I let out a laugh and we continued to kiss. He lowered me into the sand, lying on top of me.
We continued like that for a long time, just kissing. It was all truly magical until someone loudly cleared their throat.
I looked over to see Jessica and Angela standing arm in arm impatiently.
“May we help you?” I asked annoyed
“Dance party’s gonna start soon in the black light room.” Jessica started, “I believe WE should be the first ones in it.”
I sighed and looked up at Jake, “Sorry Jakey but their right,” I said patting his bare chest, “I gotta go, we can continue this later.”
He sighed and stood up, grabbing my arm and helping me up as well. I hadn’t realized it but the sun was already setting over the water and it was getting darker.
Back up on the pool deck all of the tiki torches had been lit and everyone was still dancing, swimming, drinking, and having fun.
“Wait,” Jess said stopping me, “You still owe me a drink.”
I let out a sigh and went over to the bar, “One strawberry martini and one of those,” I said pointing to the turquoise blue drink with mint leaves in it.
“Good choice,” Tom said with a wink, “May I see some id’s?”
Jess and I looked at each other guiltily.
Tom let out a laugh, “I’m just kidding.”
We smiled and took the drink, toasting to each other and downing the whole thing. The drink was really good; it had a fruity taste to it with a bit of a minty-sour after taste.
Jess and I got three more each as Jake got a shot of Vodka and Ang got a virgin daiquiri.
After another 4 drinks I felt really good, like when I was on morphine in the hospital, it was like a delicious numbing feeling.
Jess and I linked our arms together and stumbled into the black light room. No one was in there yet, only the body painters.
We stood there laughing as they used brushes and painted lines and squiggles and such on our body, then one of them took out a can of hair spray and covered my bleach blonde hair with it, turning it bright pink, Jess and I looked at each other with a drunken laugh.
Then we went into the middle of the room as other people entered.
The music start blaring, “Your Love Is My Drug” by Ke$ha, then “Bad Romance” by Lady Gaga. By the time Bad Romance ended the room was filled will people painted and dancing with each other. I felt hands on my hips and turned to find Jake.
He smiled a large white smile and took my hand in his, pulling me into him. I smiled too and grabbed myself to him. We danced while kissing and such.
I saw Jessica pass and she slurred slightly, “Guys get a room, no one wants to see that.”
I smiled wider taking Jakes hand and pulling him out of the room. I stumbled slightly in my heels, steadying myself on Jake’s shoulder and taking off my one shoe, then my other. I threw them in a corner then continued walking with him.
“You know,” Jake said with a laugh, “I believe you owe me from earlier.”
I smiled, “I believe I do.”
I leaned forward, kissing him first on the lower lip, and then moving upward. We stood in the hallway, his arms around my waist, mine over his neck, our lips practically glued together. We stood like that, just kissing, the only time we wouldn’t be, was when we’d have to stop to breath, his lips still wouldn’t leave me, he’d kiss my neck or my nose.
Eventually some people began to leave the dance room, sneaking off with the boyfriend or girlfriend. We sighed, frustrated at our privacy being interrupted. Jake took me up, holding me to him. He carried me out to the beach, back to the spot we were laying on before, and sat me down, laying right next to me.
“You know, I love your suspenders,” He said with a laugh pointing to them.
I smiled and kissed him gently.
“Thank you.”
He smiled and looked out at the water, the moon reflecting on the water.
“Do you wanna go swimming?” He asked, looking at me, a keen light in his eyes.
“Sure,” I said standing up.
“Skinny dipping?” he asked, a bright smile on his face
I let out a laugh, “Jacob Black, I cannot believe you would suggest something such as that!”
“Well you know, I just thought that because of earlier, you might change your mind?”
“I may be drunk,” I said pointing my finger at him, “But you are not getting lucky tonight. We already talked about this.”
He let out a sigh, playing with my suspender, attempting to be seductive.
“No Jake, you’ll just have to deal with what im wearing,” I said indicating to my somewhat skimpy bathing suit.
He let out a sigh and plucked me up, carrying me into the water.
So that ends chapter 6. i hope it satisfied your cravings. First i just want to say that even though im sadly starting school in 2 weeks, im planning on getting a couple more chapters up before then. Secondly, in case you havent realized, i enjoy making everyones outfits on polyvore, and if any of you guys HAVE a polyvore, i would appreciate it if you would please comment on my sets please. and thirdly i just hope you all enjoyed this chapter. and ps the pic of lady gaga at the beginning is what Bella's hair looks like, i realise i never posted a pic of that.
love forever
Alice the Pixie
why of course the chapters longg
i know how much you love them so its for you :)
and im already working on the next chapter so happy face!!
post more soon
**new reader** I love this story. This last chapt was very good. I can't wait to see what you do with this story. Will Bella get her memory back? Hum I wonder.

Update soon. Also I must agree I love the longer chapts even though I'm sure they take longer to write.
thank you soo much
and yes...
i as well love long chapters but they do take longer to write and i dont really care. i understand that fans love it when they have more to read so i do my best to make long chapters and have them out at reasonable intervals. sometimes i dont exactly do my best at that but i make it up with longer chapters :)
but i pinky swear the chapter will be up soon, maybe in a week or like ten days?
Alice the Pixie
love it

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OMG i love it thank you sooo much!!!
luved it..... can't wait for more :)
update very soon!!


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