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In Twilight, James said that Alice has a “protector”, right? And he said he killed him. But what if it wasn't
true? What if this said vampire is walking this world?, this very moment?  He has the power to make anybody, vampire or
human, to believe what he says. And so he decided that it will be better if he
thought James killed him, so he'll never be bothered again by James.. He turned
Alice into a
vampire, but he decided to leave her for her own good in case anything like it
ever happened again, and make her forget everything.

But every talent has a counterpart: If he suddenly wants her to remember, then remember she will.

Many years later, he wants her to.

He still love Alice, after all these years. And he gave up. He just can’t live his without her.

Can he find her? And if he does….what about Jasper?


Memories flooded through me, when I saved her from the hell her parents
put her into, reminiscences of how I heard her desperate cries through
the night. The feeling of pain went straight to my dead heart when I
searched for the broken sobs and saw tears in her lovely eyes. The day
that I told myself I love her. The night she said she loved me too…The
early dawn when she slept snuggled in my chest, and the morning those
nomads wanted to kill her. She begged me urgently not to leave her
alone. She promised she wants to be with me forever. I was against her
decision for a long time. Until that night came, the night nomads
tracked her exquisite scent and that terrible vampire named James
wanted to have her. To kill her. How could I have had allowed that?
That night I swore to her she’ll be out of harm's way again. Even if it
takes me forever, even if it takes my own life, she’ll be protected.

My eyes almost popped out their sockets as I saw her in front of me. Her, 122 years later.

She was smiling at a teenage girl with bronze locks. I heard that
vampire named Edward-her new found family, gasp. I also saw that a
vampire had his arms around her. My heart broke into pieces. The arms
around her were mine.. But that was a long time ago. Times change. Now
it was another’s.

She met my eyes. She blinked.

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1~ Alejandro POV~

2~Alice POV~page 8
3~Alejandro & Alice POV~page 11



  • Plot by: ѼrexanneѼ~Preface and Alejandro and another character’s POV
  • Co-written by: Mrs. Sky Cullen.~Alice, Jasper, and any Cullen’s POV.

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its great!
hey people! this is a combination of my work and Sky's work! Enjoy reading this long chapter! :D and please do readers, please please add the updater. Thanks! :D
Chapter 3
"Mom" Alice muttered in her sleep. She was having that nightmare again, the one with her good mother dying and her father slapping her because she predicted it. I wish I can take away the pain she goes through every night this thing happens. I wish I can make this not happen again. You can the demon in me argued. Never the goodness argued back.

She started shaking, and I wrapped my arms around her tightly. Shortly after dawn, Last night I decided that I'm going to take her to her mother's grave. Maybe that will help her? Knowing her mother is in peace?

She screamed, and I breathed deeply because I knew she's awake now.
“Alice?” I asked.

“Alejandro,” she whispered, reaching up to touch my face. My unbeating heart seems alive every time I hear my name on her lips.I caught her hand in mid-air, kissing her fingertips. The scent of her blood pinched my nose a little, but I know I can never hurt her. By now, I learned a new diet: animal blood.

“Did you have another nightmare?” I inquired, knowing the answer anyway. She nodded sadly.

I kissed her forehead, but then she reached up to kiss me with her lips, and I gave her what she wanted.

"Get back to sleep love" I muttered against her lips, and she sighed.

"I love you" she said as she slid back on the bed, pulling me along, then snuggled as usual to my chest.

"I love you more" I whispered.

She smiled and fell asleep in my arms, while I lay thinking of how lucky I am to find her.

I love her...But how much time do I have before I have to let her go and forget I ever existed, for her to have a normal life?

When sun crept to the tiny open part of my window, my skin sparkled. I sighed and looked at Alice's hand wrapped on my waist, gently tipped it off and stood up. Once the task was done, I dressed hurriedly , opened the door and went to carefully carry Alice's sleeping figure.

I felt her waking up while I still carried her. We are now in the graveyard.
She looked up, disoriented at the shining sun. My skin was sparkling but I didn't mind, because nobody was around anyway.

“Good morning, sleepy head,” I told her with a laugh.

“Good morning,” she whispered. her voice sounded croaky but I love it just the same.

My eyes found what I was looking for-the surname Brandon. her surname. Her mother's surname.

I let her down quietly, my hands holding hers to make her remember that I am with her through everything.

As I expected, tears crept in her eyes. I wanted to wipe it off, but I know it was useless. She'll just keep crying. I squeezed her hand, but I know she mustn't have felt it because silent tears still dominate her eyes.

Her other hand fell on her mother's grave head stone, and I looked away. Staright to the name Mary again. This time, it was followed by Alice. I was amazed and angry at the same time.

“Oh my gosh Alice,” I whispered. “It’s your grave.”

I pointed at her name's inscription.

In memory of Mary Alice Brandon.
Daughter of Mary-Anne Janice Brandon and Jonathon Brandon. Sister of Cynthia Brandon.
Rest in Peace

I heard her grasp and I wrapped my arms around her fast. She cried against my shoulder, while I resented i ever told her what I saw. When she calmed down, or when I think she did, I let her go.

She walked straight to her so called grave, and kicked the headstone so hard. I ran over to her side, knowing I was foolish because I let her hurt herself. I looked at her eyes, meeting them with my own but her eyes stood motionless, frozen in shock. What is happening? I was panicking deep inside, but then I remembered my theory that she can see the future. I breathed then waited tensely until at last the dead look in her eyes vanished and was replaced by....fear.

“Alejandro,” she whispered so low.
“Yes?” I asked.
“Some people are coming.” she declared.

I then knew what was going to happen. I caught their scent. The same way they might have had caught mine. The same way they might have had caught Alice's.

I scanned the graveyard, knowing that they were here now too.

Vampires are here now too.

The first warning I got was when a twig snapped behind me. I looked quickly, then I saw them. One was with ivory-clad skin, and the other with long blonde hair. They both had red eyes.

"Greetings" the dark tall one said.

I narrowed my eyes at them. Alice stood frozen beside me.

Something caught my attention, possession maybe, but I somehow knew that the other one who haven't spoken a thing yet was looking at my precious love. A fresh wind blew by and then he froze.

Then he started running.

If I was a fraction of a second too late, his teeth might have had gotten past me and straight to my beloved's neck.

I growled, and so did he. Metal sounded from our collision, while I seized this stupid vampire who threatened my love.

The running fire in the red of his eyes was in a frenzy. I tightened my grip around his neck and was about to behead him when I heard Alice's scream. "Don't" she yelled, her hands covering her eyes.

"James!" The other vampire yelled, and the monster inside me grew. The demon who wanted to kill my love's name is James.

I looked at the other vampire, He looked at me too, then I remembered my talent.

"Go" I instructed, then added "forget this ever happened."

He, of course, ran to the other direction.

I then snapped my attention to this James. I was blaming myself for not bringing a matchbox with me, when Alice came over. The hunter struggled again against my grip in vain, but his strength was nothing compared to my years of newborn training.

I was debating on myself how I would torture this vampire-behead him then dance over his ashes? But then I felt Alice's hand on my shoulder.

"Don't" she said, her voice cracking.

"But he was planning to hurt you." As if to prove my point, the hunter hunted struggled again.

"Let him go Alejandro. You're not like him. you're not a monster." She whispered with her eyes closed as tears fell on her eyes.

Slowly and with great effort, I contemplated her request. Should I let this criminal go?

"Please" Alice begged, and my memory took me back to the days that single word was the only one she could muster.

I gained eye contact with the red eyes of the hunter, registering on my mind how many times red eyes like this died under my own hands.

"Forget this ever happened. You killed me, I turned Alice, end of story. Don't ever come near her again, you monster." when his eyes told me understood my command, I loosened my grip on him. He stood there motionless, until i ordered him to get lost and find that other tall dark vampire.

When he was gone, truly gone, Alice started running to me, sobbing.
I wrapped my arms around Alice, while she cried against my shoulder.

I am a monster. i was so selfish convincing myself I can make her happy. Now look what I did, I presented her to harm. I nearly got her killed.

I don't know how I managed to send both of us back to our room, because I was contemplating many things inside my head.

Should I turn her to a monster like me?
She had seen too much to be left human.

I turned to her again.
"Hmm?" she was still shaking from the experience, but she managed a weak smile.

"Forget me" the words were out of my mouth before I can control it, and the power in it was unmistakable. You can guess my surprise when she just shrugged and smiled. "never" she said, the smile was set, but sheer determination shined in her small eyes.

I was amazed and puzzled at the same time..Alice is immune to my power? How can this be? Why? Why her, of all people? She needs to forget me, for chrissake! Then a thought passed in my mind... I won't be able to leave her human like this. One day, when I somehow get myself killed, that despicable James might get revenge on her. One day, some other vampire might kill her. One day, her father might lock her away in that asylum again.

But to turn her to a monster like me...? She would give up her life. No children, never moving forward. Trapped in time forever? Am I willing to let her sacrifice that? An eternity of thirst and blood lust?

My head was in chaos. Alice was sited by the bed, drawing something with the ink and paper I gave her.

Hypothetically, what if Alice and me become mates, forever side by side?... My heart swelled with happiness at the thought, but then another gloomy side appeared. I blamed myself for not ever noticing it before. My enemies from the South might kill her as revenge on me.

In every way I look at it, I was trapped.
We were trapped.

But if I stay away from her, if ever she becomes a vampire, we will be turned into the singular "i".

Immediately I felt numb. I knew my decision.

I am going to change her..but i won't stay with her.

My heart broke, but I remember that I took the gift I was supposed to give her from the cabinet and pocketed it.

"Alice" I called, my voice dead. Her heart beat loudly, and I cringed.

My eyes were shedding invisible tears, as I saw Alice's whole smile.

She made her way to me, and I held her shoulders one last time. My hands then got her right one, and I produced the gift I was planning to give her. It was a piece of bracelet I had made with her name on it.

"This is for you" I said.
"It's beautiful Alejandro. Thank you. I love you" she said, her eyes watering with tears. My heart ached for my next words.

"I'll love you forever" I murmured as I kissed her one last time, her ears, her cheeks, her lips...Then I found her neck.

While Alice lay screaming and shrieking, I held her hand, for three complete days. Then she woke up. She looked at me, and I was a loss for words on how beautiful she looked.

"Alice." I cried while she put her hand on her neck.

"Forget me" she looked straight at my eye. I didn't know what to feel-gratitude or remorse, because I knew one thing: this time, my powers worked on her.

"Yes" she said, and my heart broke to pieces all over.

"Forget the hurt, my sweet love, forget everything, forget the pain, forget meeting me. " I said as I touched my forehead with hers, my voice shaking with the tears I can't shed.

"Yes" I kissed her forehead one last time, then stood up and with one last look at the bracelet I gave her, I ran to the door.

When I was in a safe distance, I ordered her one to awake. When I heard her eyes opening again, this time not knowing me, I ran as fast as I can.

Goodbye, my sweet love.

“I’ll love you forever,” Alejandro murmured as his lips passed my ear. Finally, they rested on my neck.
What did he mean, “I’ll love you forever”? It made no sense at all! Was he going to leave me? Before I could make sense of it all, Alejandro’s kiss turned to a bite as he slowly sank his teeth into my neck.

Suddenly, I couldn’t think. All I could concentrate on was the excruciating pain that spread throughout my body, like somebody had poured gasoline all over me and then set me alight.

I woke up in a warm, musty room that was covered in dust. That wasn’t the first thing I noticed though. The first thing I noticed was the overwhelming burn in my throat. I needed to drink something! Not just anything. I was craving blood. I scanned myself, and saw a bracelet on my right hand.
Alice..oh so I'm Alice? Where am I from? Where am I? But then the burn sizzled in my throat, and I forgot my questions.
With wild eyes, I searched the room around me, sniffing the air for even the faintest human scent, when an image popped into my head.
It was an extremely gorgeous man, with curly blonde hair and pale skin walking through a door. His eyes were a dark onyx, but filled with hunger that seemed similar to my own. I saw myself, with identical pale skin and strange orange eyes leap up to him, and grasp his hand. One word popped into my mind.
We were in what seemed to be a bar. There were people at the bar stools, sipping their beers and looking at us oddly. There was a sign on the window behind Jasper that said “Citizens of Philadelphia, Beware!”
I then saw myself amongst a family of five, smiling widely at them as if I were one of them. They were all still pale, but all of us had amazing golden eyes.
“Emmett, Rosalie? Are you going hunting this weekend? Take Alice and Jasper with you,” a blonde man asked. He seemed to be the father figure in the family.
“As long as Jasper doesn’t hog the grizzlies!” Emmett laughed, his arm around the a pretty blonde, Rosalie.
“But Carlisle!” I complained. “Esme, Rosalie and I were going shopping this weekend. Jasper and I can hunt tonight.”
Esme, a beautiful woman with caramel hair and kind golden eyes, hung her head in shame.
“Edward can go with them,” Jasper smiled. It was such a beautiful smile...
A bronze haired boy groaned, his head falling into his hands. I assumed this was Edward.
With those two simple visions, I knew what I had to do. I would find Jasper in the bar in Philadelphia, and together we would find the Cullens (a name I had no idea how I knew) and join their family.
But first, I had to get rid of the burn in my throat.
I wonder if there are any grizzlies around? I thought happily, skipping out of the room.
I couldn’t keep still that night. I was just that excited, yet bored at the same time.
The cold wind swept my short, black hair into my face as I rounded a corner, coming face to face with some intoxicated men. I shuddered at the taste of beer and drugs filled the air, trying to ignore the pleas for me to come join them as I walked off into a deserted street. At least then I could breathe.
The fire in my throat was horrible, like someone was holding it there permanently there.
Part of me was begging to go back and snatch one of the men to quench my thirst, but I knew better than that. I had to get to Philadelphia. I had to find Jasper.
According to the images that continuously flashed through my mind, Jasper was my true love, and together we would go to a coven of vampires called the Cullens. According to the images, we would live a better life there, together, and be able to quench the fires in our throats with blood from animals.
I don’t know why I trusted these images, no, visions. For any normal person, seeing the future would make you abnormal, and an outcast.
I was already different enough though, I suppose.

I tried to look cold as I trudged through the dark streets, watching as people stared at me as I walked past.
I’d already passed a sign that said “Welcome to Philadelphia” by then, but I was still a long way away from the small bar where I’d meet my true love. I tried to use this to cheer me up as I trudged past shops and salesmen and all different sorts of people. Some were foreigners who had sought refuge here after the Great War, but others were just ordinary citizens, going about their business and making an effort to keep inconspicuous.
I sighed. How could anyone live in the human world while everyone was like this? All depressed and moping around, feeling sorry for no one but themselves.
I shrugged the thought off, taking refuge in a nearby tavern. Surely they would have room for a dripping wet woman? Especially a pretty one.
The man that looked like he owned the place gave me the cheapest room available- a one bedroom and one bathroom room with a decent view. It was more than I could hope for.

As I unlocked the door and stepped inside, I realized why the room was so cheap. It was filthy, and smelt moldy and musty. There was a big hole in one of the walls, and the floral wallpaper was ripped and torn.
It didn’t really worry me though. I only needed a room for that night so I didn’t look suspicious walking down the streets on my own. People surely would have thought me to be stealing or something like that!

Sitting down on the bed, I allowed myself to think. What would Jasper say when he met me? This part of my visions was uncertain. He hadn’t met me yet, so I couldn’t determine what his reaction would be to meeting me. All I knew was that it was a good reaction.
As the people downstairs quietly snored, or talked in their sleep, I closed my eyes, hoping to see Jasper behind my eyelids...
His pale, strong face, his perfect onyx eyes, and his amazing curly blonde hair that would make any girl swoon over him.
I imagined that strong, perfect man holding me in his arms, promising to love me forever. It seemed impossible, yet so right at the same time.
That man had saved me. If it wasn’t for him, I would be insane.
My fingers tapped against the bar impatiently. It was half an hour after he was supposed to be there. Where had he gone?
I sighed. Maybe my “visions” were wrong. Maybe they weren’t even visions. Maybe they were my hopes, my dreams. Maybe Jasper didn’t even exist.
I closed my eyes. No. I couldn’t accept that. Jasper was real. I knew it. He had to be real!
As if on cue, the bar door opened, and in walked the man of my dreams- Jasper.
His curly blonde hair swayed in the breeze ever so slightly, dripping with rain from outside- just like my vision.
His onyx eyes quickly scanned the bar, examining each face with a lust that couldn’t be hidden, and I leaped out of my seat. I couldn’t wait any longer. I had to approach Jasper now- not after he had figured out what I was!
Leaping off my bar stool, I skipped right over to Jasper and snatched his hand, much to his surprise.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been waiting for you,” I whispered. His reaction completely surprised me.
“I’m sorry to keep you waiting, ma’am,” he said with a clear yet amazingly beautiful Texas accent, whilst taking his hat off and bowing. It was obvious he was trying to hide his grin.
With his hand in mine, everything suddenly seemed impossible. This- This angel had accepted me, before we’d even met. It was an amazing feeling to know that for once I was accepted.
Before I realized what I was doing, my arms wrapped around his neck, and I buried my face in his chest. Hesitantly, he hugged me back, and I’ve never felt safer. When I hugged him back, I noticed something, my bracelet was missing.

Oh well, I thought. it was just an ordinary piece of jewelry...
It wasn't.
here's the bracelet:D
llove the chapter!!!!!!
please keep me updated!!!
love shauny
loved it as always! poor Alejandro :(
cute!!!! sooo good!!!! im still a bit confuzed though. is this part of the story like a flashback? cuz at the top it says its after bd, so...........
yeah it's all flashbacks :D
Love it update soon
awwww luv it
luv it.


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