The Twilight Saga

Lizzy thought she was an average teenage girl living a normal life and going through normal problems like everyone else....But that is what she thought

She'll soon find out that she was wrong......





Chapter 1


She is mine
she's have to die
she's have to awaken.
They said then they reached out their hands and choked me. I am going to Die, I am going to di-

I jumped up scared, it was in the middle of the night. I touched my throat; it felt real like someone choked me.
"That was the tenth time I got that dream," I said still very scared. I looked at the clock: 4:12 a.m. I groaned and got up, "Since I am already awake, I guess I will get ready for school," I said as i got dressed. Then someone whispered, "Be careful, Izzy," I turned but no one was there. 


I walked to school a few hours earlier, "It is 7:00 a.m right now," I said looking at my watch. "Lizzy," said a voice. i quickly turned and looked at the person. I froze. He was beautiful with black hair with icy blue eyes, but I shivered when I saw him, too beautiful. He smiled a perfect white smile, "Your blood smell so good," he said as he attacked me. I ran away, but he was too fast. Then he put his teeth on my neck, I screamed.  I blacked out, the last thing I saw was blood and forest green eyes.



I opened my eyes and looked up to see Elena, Cary, and Tom. I groaned, "Where am I?"
"In the nurse's office," said Elena.
"We saw you laying around in the hall,"
"Oh, i am fine now," I said then I got up unsteady.
"Watch it!" said Tom as he helped me. Cary started dancing, then she smiled.
"Today, we are having two new, hot students!" she said happily.
"Great," I said rolling my eyes as Tom helped me to class. I shivered when I thought about those icy blue eyes.



"Hi everyone!" said Mr. Smith, an elderly man who everyone liked. "Today, we have new students, come in!" he said happily like usual. Two guys stepped in, they had on hoodies that covered most of their face, there was only two things that was showed, their eyes, one golden, one jade green. I watched them quietly, clearly surprised. Mr. Smith just looked at them and said, "Your names?"
"So Knight"
"Kay Knight" 
Those names sounded familiar, but I didn't know where and when. A blunt memory of the past I didn't knew.

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Nice story

Chapter 10



Lizzy POV


“So? So, please answer me. You have to open your eyes.” I was begging him to open his eyes to show me that he was still alive. His body was limp and cold to the touch. Oh God please don’t let him die. Not like this. I shook him again and again. He finally stirred and heaved a sigh of relief; he wasn’t dead. I looked him over again to see his wounds. He was bleeding from his ribs and his stomach. I had to stop the bleeding somehow. I ripped open his shirt and was amazed by his physique, my breath caught in my throat. Wow. What would it feel like to have this body pressed against mine? I thought Kay was handsome but So was beyond description. That wasn’t important right now, I though to myself. Shaking my head, I decided to tear pieces of clothe from my dress to stop the bleeding. I needed a lot more than one piece by the looks of his wounds.

“I’m sorry, So, but this will hurt a lot.”  I said to him before applying a lot of pressure to the wound on his ribs. So flinched at the intensity of the pain. He still didn’t open his eyes. I wonder if he would die in my arms. I started to yell for help but no one could hear me.

“Don’t waste your time calling them.” So’s weak voice said, sounding like a far away place than right next to me. “No one will come to my aid.”

“Why won’t anyone come? Are you not from here? Aren’t you related to Kay?” I was asking So all these questions that I needed answers for that it never occurred to me that So was healing himself.

“Lizzy, it doesn’t matter so forget about it.” He said and sighed deeply.

“No, I won’t just forget it.” I said firmly back at him.

“You really are stubborn when you are ready.” He said back to me.

“I’m stubborn. Coming from you that is a joke.” I snapped at him.

“Coming from me? You are the one who drank the stupid potion.” So retorted. Potion? What was he talking about? I sat there staring at him with his eyes closed.


"Potion? So what are you talking about? I never drank any potion." I told him. So's eyes snapped open and stared at me in total shock. 
"Sooner or later you will." He said forcing himself to rise up off the ground. I placed my hand to stop him from moving in case his wounds open back up. 
When the heel did it close? "So, please explain to me what is going on here." 
"Don't please." I begged him not to move.

“I need to get away from here.” He said removing my hand from his chest.

“So please just listen to me.” I said stopping him with one look in my terrified eyes and he could see the depth of my feelings for him. The love I have for So way over comes that of my feelings for Kay. “Tell me the truth, what are we to each other before I went missing from here?” I asked him for the last time. 

“You really want to know?” He asked me, looking even more hurt then before. I was about to ask him if he was in pain when he, I don’t know how, got up and turned to me. I nodded my head. “Then come with me and I’ll show you.” He said stretching his hand for me to take.  


I took his hand and he hauled me off the ground. Before I could ask him where he was pulling me behind him. I wonder if he was still in a lot of pain because I knew his wounds were severe. We walked to the garden near the fountain with the seasonal water. He stopped abruptly and asked me, “Do you find anything about here different to you?” Okay, well now he has lost me. What was he talking about if anything here seems different to me? I looked around the garden again. Yes, it does seem different to me somehow but I don’t know how.

“In a way but how is this suppose to answer my question?” I asked him. He looked at me with longing, pain and love in his eyes.

“Lizzy, at this very spot where we are standing had a huge tree, blocking us from the palace and gaping eyes. Here where we are standing, if you dig deep enough you will find what we are to each other.” He said gesturing to the ground.

“Here. Right where we are standing. You expect me to dig?” I asked him. He shook his head and then he smiled to himself.




So Pov 


I was smiling to my self at her innocence.

“Lizzy, just think about what you want to do and see what happens.” I said to her. 

“What?” she asked me looking completely confused.

“Just want whatever is below us and see what will happen.” I said and she nodded her head in understanding.  I looked at her as she was focusing on the box she buried here before she Kay found out about us. The ground was shaking lightly and the earth was being over turned at our feet. Then it stopped as Lizzy jumped back at the sight of the earth digging up at her feet.

“What the hell?” she asked. I giggle lightly and shook my head.

“That is your power, Lizzy. I know Kay wouldn’t have told you about it again. He always was jealous of your powers.” I said thinking about him some years ago. 


Chapter 11


I stared at him, then at the ground, then back at him.
“You’re serious?” I asked him. He nodded and told me to keep going. I stared back at the ground, more dirt dig up, and then I spotted a silver box. It was beautiful with sapphires and golden flowers carved into it. I slowly took it out and opened it. Inside was letters. I stared at So and raised an eyebrow. He just stared at me. I gently took out a letter and read it:

Dear Lizzy,
This is a poem just for you:

If I could have just one wish,
I would wish to wake up every day
to the sound of your breath on my neck,
the warmth of your lips on my cheek,
the touch of your fingers on my skin,
and the feel of your heart beating with mine...
Knowing that I could never find that feeling
with anyone other than you.
By Courtney Kuchta

I feel like this won’t come true, but I just want to tell you that I love you so much. I want you to be mine forever. I want your embraces forever but I can’t, I know I can’t. Let me say it again.
I love you.


I stared at the letter and blinked away tears. I turned and stared at So. He stared back at me, his shirt soaked with blood, but no injuries. I just stared at him, he was beautiful. Even with blood he was beautiful, his golden brown eyes shines brightly in the moon’s light, his brown hair looks soft. I looked away from him and back at the box.


I watched her closely as she reached in and pulled out another letter. I watched as her face turned from happy to sad, then happy again. I know she is reading my letters to her, letters telling her to forget me, how our love can’t come true. But still here we are again, only her and me. Like if we were connected with a invisible thread. Whatever I do, I couldn’t stop myself from coming near her. Without a warning, I walked over to her and hugged her,
I froze when I felt his arms around me, his somehow warm, familiar breath on my neck.
So, really who are you? I asked him in my thoughts.

Chapter 12



I was reading through more letters written from me to So and from So to me. I was fighting back my tears until I read the one letter written on the same day from the both of us.


Citizens of Eripmav,


It is hard very hard to tell you this after so long. I am no longer in love with my fiancée, Kay.


He has never been the person I love nor will he ever be. I know now that I am destined to be with So, and I am willing to continue being the princess of Eripmav only if you accept him as your future king and my rightful husband. The future of this country is in the hands of your decision.


It is either you want me and So to rule or you want to have no rulers at all, and no one to keep the sun shining in our lovely lands. I will never let myself be hurting just to keep my country happy. I will leave and make it an endless night if it brings me total happiness.


I will only rule with the love of my life at my side and no one else. I am forced to let you know this, now before it gets too late.


I can’t let your future Queen be tortured and enslaved to the evils of your chosen future King.


When this is all over the truth will be revealed to everyone.


Elizabeth and So





I turned and face So with tears streaming down from my eyes. It was because of me that there isn’t any sunlight here anymore. What happened to me? What happened to us? Why can’t I remember anything? He stared at me and then said, “You haven’t finish reading as yet.”

I turned and look at the last paper, it was crinkled and the writing was slightly smudged. It read:



Dear So,

I can’t take this anymore.

Please meet me by our tree at twelve midnight.

We are leaving exactly twelve and never coming back.

The next time they hit me, I’ll really destroy this country.

They never listen to me. No one cares about the way I feel; no one cares about you and me.

I will not get married tomorrow unless I am getting married to you.


Love Lizzy.



“I ran away the on the night before my wedding.” I said with endless tears flowing out of my eyes. “I was leaving for the sake of my happiness with you.” I said sobbing in between words. “So please tell what happened that drove me and you and this country like this.” I begged him from on the ground.

“Lizzy, I made a pact with my brother that you will have to find out the truth by yourself. You will have to regain your entire memory now that you know what we were to each other.” He said looking as if he regretted not telling me the entire truth about my past.

“Did I ever make it here on that night?” I asked him getting off the floor. He didn’t look at me directly in my eyes. “So, did I make it here to meet you that night?”

“Lizzy, I can’t tell you that.” He said moving back from me.

“So, please tell me what happened that night.”

So shook his head again and stepped back from my outstretched hands, “Lizzy, I can’t tell you about that night. I helped you to escape once and I won’t let you live through that hell again. It is not right for anyone to go through what that...” he broke off midway in his sentence. So’s hands formed firm fists as if he was ready to punch someone or something and his body started to shake.


I had a strong urge to close the space between us and hug him close to me. I wanted to comfort him and soothe his anger. My body had a mind of its own and I felt myself move to him. My arms wrapped around his neck and pulling him close to me. Pulling his face to mind close to mine so I could feel his breath on my lips. I knew what I wanted now and all I wanted for some reason was So.





Chapter 13

I felt his arms going around me, holding me closer to him. His face super close to mine, his eyes locked with mine. Without another thought, I went on my toes and was about to kiss him when suddenly a black dog jumped in front of us. I jumped and landed on my butt. So frowned as he poked the dog, talking to it. Then he ran over and helped me.
“Sorry, about Is,” he said to me as he helped take leaves off me. I brushed myself and stared at him.
“My dog” he said pointing to the black dog. “My shadow dog” Is walked to him and sat down next to him. He laughed as he kneel down and pet it. Is licked him, then turned and smirked at me……smirk? I blinked and stared at Is. She glared at me, like if saying, he’s- mine- back- off. I just gazed at her. So got up and went to me, Is behind him. He smiled at me. “Want to pet her” he said pointing to Is. Is barked and chased her tail, but by the way she looks at me, she don’t want me to touch her. I was about to say no, but then something inside says yes. I lean down next to Is. She saw me and stared at So. So grinned and nodded at her. She turned back and stared at me. I gulped as I reached out a shaking hand and touched her. Her fur was soft and warm. I smiled as I keep petting her; all she did was stared at me. I finally stopped and got up, Is quickly ran to So. So laughed, then he walked to me and held my hand, He looked at me and smiled.
“Where were we?” he asked me. I was about to ask what, but then he leaned down and kissed me. It was gentle and careful, unlike the other kiss. I wrapped my arms around him again and kissed him. It felt like it would go on forever, but then he pulled away from me and smiled. “Go” he said softly glazing at the moon. “You should sleep, sweet one” he said as he looked back at me, then he kissed me on the forehead. Then he turned and ran, disappearing back to the castle with Is. I stared after him and smiled. Then I turned and walked back to my room.
I turned on the light, still smiling, I walked in. Then suddenly a hand grabbed me. I would screamed if the person didn’t covered my mouth.
“Shh, Lizzy” said a familiar voice. My blood turned cold by his voice, it was menacing, and cold, but I knew this voice. It was Kay.
I walked back to my room and sighed. Is glared at me and turned back to her real form. A teen with silvery blond hair and spring green eyes, pale skin and tall, so called the perfect model. She sat on my chair and pouted.
“Why did you kiss her” she asked me.
“Because I love her”
“But…I love you!” she said. I sighed and sat on my bed.
“But I never said I love you” I said to her. “You are my pet, you wanted it”
“Because I want you!” she said, then she jumped up and attacked me with a hug.
“Isabelle, get off” I said, but she just hugged me tighter.
Why are you here,” I murmured under his hand. He looked at me and smiled.
“Just want to see my wife”



Chapter 14

The real Kay


Lizzy Pov


What the hell was Kay doing here? And what the hell did he mean by he just wanted to see his wife? The last time I checked I was only engaged. It was to the tip of my tongue to ask him when did we get married but I instead I asked, “How did you get in here? And why did you choose this hour of the night to be in my room?”

“Is it that bad to be here in the room of the young lady that I will be marrying next week?”  he asked me. Well it really wasn’t that bad if you put it that way but then again---

“What the hell do you mean by ‘that I will be marrying next week’? I never agreed to any date.” I stated surprised that he will set a date without my knowledge.

“I didn’t set a date, your parents did and I agreed with them. What’s so bad about us getting married on the day of your birthday?” he asked me. Wait next week was my birthday? I asked myself. “It will be the most wonderful wedding in the whole entire dimension. A white and lilac wedding, just for you and me.” He continued to say.


I needed to get him out of here so I could go to So in the next part of the castle to tell him what they were planning.

“Well it was very nice for you to visit me tonight. Well as you can see I am very tired and I need some rest.” I said faking a yawn. “So if you can excuse yourself and leave so I could get ready for bed.” I said to him walking to the other end of my bed digging in my drawers for a night gown.

“You’re running me out of your room? This is nothing like the Lizzy that I remember and love.” He said as if my behavior was surprising to him.

“I beg your pardon. I believe we have not yet wed each other and I doubt we used to share the same bed. Ever.”  I retorted hotly at him. I mean I know I won’t share my bed with him willingly.

“Lizzy, Lizzy, Lizzy.” He said in the same innocent tone as I answered him.

“Please don’t triple Lizzy me as if I’m lying or I don’t know what I am talking about.” I snapped at him.

The look he gave me made me think otherwise. “Coming from you Elizabeth, you being the one who was so willing to prove to my brother that you belonged to only me. You were more over-powering than I thought. With all your seductive ways and the teasing things you used to do. If you think So will want you now after what you did with me before you left here, Lizzy, think again.” Kay hissed at me.

“I never did anything to or with you.” I yelled back at him, hoping someone would here me and come to my rescue.

“Call it what you want Elizabeth but you know it is true.” He said half smiling at me.

“Kay, you are crazy to think I will ever give myself to you.”

“Lizzy, have you ever asked yourself why you’re so sexually attracted to me and my stupid low-life brother?” he asked me walking around the bed towards me.


How could this be possible? I’ve never wanted any other guy physically like the way I want both of them. Could he be telling the truth? If it is true then I am Kay’s and I can’t ever be So’s. I’m not pure. He ruined me before I ran away. I sat on the edge of the bed with my night gown in my hand. I couldn’t believe I would hurt So like this, I mean I don’t remember anything about what Kay and I used to do. I really didn’t want that to be true. I didn’t know when it happened but I couldn’t live with the fact that I belonged with Kay now. I read all the letters but how can I go with So and explain what happened between me and his brother. I was crying to myself when I felt Kay’s hand lift my face to his.

“Would you believe me if I told you that was the reason why you ran away from both of us?” He asked me looking as if he regretted his words and they were hurting him as well. I stared straight into those jade colored eyes of his and saw warmth and love and safety. How could this be the same person I wrote those letters about? “You ran away knowing that if you were pregnant before we wed it would have been a nightmare to the entire country. You didn’t want to bring shame to your family and you couldn’t choose between me and my brother until the night before when we did what we did. You wrote me a heart breaking letter telling me that if you a bound to have our child you will raise it on your own. You gave it to Is to give to me.”

“Is? Is as in So’s pet dog.” I asked him.

He smiled and nodded his head, wiping away my tears, “Is isn’t really a dog. You never trusted So because of the way Is feels about him. Isabelle has slept with So for a very long time since she will follow him to the end of the world. She even fought with you for him. You do deserve more than what So is offering you.” He said to me starting to move away and heading to the door he said, “Your maid, Bella, I think is her name left that for you a while back.” He pointed to the glass on the bedside table.


Kay Pov

I stood at the door watching her look at the glass as if inspecting it or something. Then she raised the cup to her lips. Well, well, well. So wasn’t smart enough to tell her about the desire potion. And she is more than ready to complete her darkest wish for her country. Being immortal has it ups and it downs. Let’s see if So will he more than willing to have her after she is impregnated by me. I thought to myself walking back around the bed.


Lizzy Pov

I picked up the glass and remembered So’s words to me ‘Don’t drink anything that is red from Kay’ but this isn’t red this was white, like milk. “Kay, could you stay and tell me about my past?” I asked him before drinking from the glass. When I stopped I felt a little light headed. I placed the glass on the table when Kay was telling me about growing up with him and his brother and why her parents chose him over So. It was really fascinating to kind of hear about my past.

“Would you mind if I kissed you?” Kay asked me softly almost as a whisper.



Chapter 15


I stared at him, suddenly I was full with lust for him. I nodded my head and smiled. He smiled and cupped my face, then he kissed me. It felt soo good, it was gentle, then it got harder. He pushed me down on the bed and kissed me more. He traced butterfly kisses down my collarbone, making me moaned slightly. But something felt wrong, I couldn’t put my tongue on it. I kissed him back and ran my hand though his hair. He undo the braids from my hair, making my hair go wild and into my face. He took off my dress and started kissing me everywhere. I moaned louder. His beautiful green eyes stared right into mine. They were full of warmness and love, but there was something else…. He kissed me again on my lips.


“Lizzy, Lizzy” he murmured my name. I smiled and pressed myself on him, tugging on his shirt. He smiled and took it off. I put my head on his chest.

“I love you, Kay” I said, but it just felt wrong. He cupped my cheeks and smiled.

“I know” he said as he leaned down and kissed me again. He shifted over my body and, by God, it felt great.

"I want you, please I want everything."




I kissed her, it felt good. I am going to hurt him like before she left. Pain him, when she gets pregnant with my son, will he still love her? I wondered about that.



I kissed him back, then I glanced to the door and froze. Standing there was So with his arms crossed. He stared at me. His lips turned into a straight line, but still he looked emotionless, but I swear I saw the hurt in his eyes before it turned emotionless. Behind him was the most beautiful girl I ever seen, she had silvery long blond hair and dazzling spring green eyes, a goddess. She stared at me and narrowed her eyes. I gasped and covered myself with the blanket. Kay looked at So slightly amused. Amused? I thought in shock. So stared back at him.

“I guess I was interrupting something again.” So said, his beautiful voice full of pain.

"So.." I wanted to go to him. Why? I love Kay, I don’t love So. Remember said a little voice in my head. I shook my head, this is right, I love Kay, I desire Kay. I want Kay. Remember said the voice again.

"You always had bad timing brother." I hear Kay say to him. I looked around until I saw a knife. I jumped at it and cut myself with it. My finger felt like it was burning. I bit myself from screaming. Behind me, Kay was yelling for me. But I ignored it and was put into a memory:


“So, so” said a black haired girl with blue eyes. That was me, I thought to myself in shocked. She was about 15 or older, but she looked just like what I looked now.

“Lizzy, I am right here” said that voice that made my heart beat faster. I turned to see So, his golden brown eyes much childish, but still beautiful. He smiled at the memory Lizzy and hugged her.

“Lizzy, I thought you would come” he said. That Lizzy hugged him back, then pulled him back and kissed him.

“Of course I would be here, I l-” she started to say, but then a black dog jumped in front of her. Is, I thought.

“Is, stop!” he said, Is stopped and walked to him and licked him. Kiss him, I thought bitterly to myself. Then suddenly the memory switched.

“So, I can’t!! Not if I can’t marry you!” said the me, tears ran down her eyes.

“Lizzy..” said So as he pull the me in for a kiss, then he looked into the me’s eyes, “We will think of something” he said. And that was the letter, I thought to myself. Then we switched again.

“S-so” said the me, there she was in bed with Kay. So was standing frozen and heartbroken at the door

“L-lizzy.” he said his voice hard. Just like just now, I thought to myself, only Is isn’t there. The me cried and got on some clothes and ran outside, and fall into a portal. Then the me was gone.

I screamed and went back to the present.

Kay walked to me.

“Don’t touch me,” I snarled. I turned, hoping So was there. He was, but with a sad smile. He turned and walked away. Is followed him, she glanced back at me and glared. But on her pretty lips was a smirk.




Chapter 16


So Pov


Is followed me straight back to my rooms.

“You know this wouldn’t matter if you only listened to me.” She said rubbing it in. I turned and faced her leaning on wall close to the door.

“Could you for once just turn back into a dog so I can have some time to myself in peace?” I asked her through gritted teeth.

“You are the one who didn’t want to love me, remember? You wanted her and look at what she turned around and did to you.” Is said to me in a hotly manner.  I was so infuriated about everything and she was just aggravating me even more. My hands balled into two firm fists and I punched the wall, at the side of Isabelle’s face, with my right fist. “Go ahead and take it out on me. You will never understand So. I love you. I truly love you and I will wait until you finally see it.” She said and pushed me away for her to move. I watched Is sitting on the couch while she looked at me.


Was I wrong to love Lizzy?  I asked myself. Isabelle had a very good point. I could have just loved her and remained happy than to put myself into a predicament where my heart will always get broken. I mean how could she do this to me? Do that with him willingly…. My thoughts trailed off as it sank into me. Will Lizzy really sleep with Kay willingly? Would she risk our love? Did Kay make her drink another potion? How far will he go to get her to love him? I couldn’t get the answers for all the questions going through my mind but I knew I could always get them one way or the other. I looked at Is sitting on couch and she seemed to be waiting on my answer or my confession of having feelings for her. What really ticks me off is that Is was the one who wanted me to go to Lizzy just now. She was practically forcing me to go there.


I wanted to ask her why she wanted me to go there but then again, she was always anxious for Lizzy to see her true form. I shook my head and opened the door and stepped outside. Before the door closed behind me, I heard Is call out my name. I started to walk back to Lizzy’s room.



Lizzy Pov


“Lizzy what’s wrong?” Kay asked me, sitting on the edge of the bed next to me. I was in a really tight position. My clothes were on the floor and on top of that I still wanted Kay but I don’t love him. What was wrong with me? My hand was still hurting but it was starting to heal. I looked back to the door, wishing So would walk back in and take me away from here. My mind was in working perfectly fine but my body and emotions was not under my control. My body wanted and moved to meet Kay’s. I couldn’t believe I was touching him. I moved even closer to him, so close I could feel the heat radiating off of him. My mind screamed to stop and my body had a mind of its own.  My hands wrapped around his neck pulling him into me. Our lips found each other and the next thing I notice was my body moving on top of his. I fixed myself properly on top of him so that he was rather comfortable and he could enjoy everything my body wanted to experience with his.


I felt the sheet slide off of my body as I bent over to kiss Kay, my hands were tangled in his hair while his were hugging me closer to him.



Kay Pov



The potion was really kicking in. I could see the mixed expressions in Lizzy’s eyes. She was trying to fight herself but who am I to stop her from doing this to me? I couldn’t help myself but I wanted Lizzy more than ever now knowing that her erotic side was like this. She rolled on top of me, pinning my body to the bed and then she started kissing me. Her lips were soft and our lips mended together perfectly. I inhaled the scent of her and she was heaven to me. The feeling of her hands in my hair was sending a shiver down my spine. I rolled her over so my body was over hers. I helped her out of her remaining garments. Her bra and her underwear. I watched Lizzy’s body respond to my caresses in ways I doubt she even knew was possible. Her body was a glorious shape of curves and creamy satin. Smooth and silky to the touch, I passed my hand all over her.

“It isn’t fair.” Lizzy said breathlessly to me while I trailed kisses down her neck to her chest and then her stomach.

“What isn’t fair?” I asked her, my breathing ragged. Looking up at her face I could see that the potion has completely taken over her mind and body.

“You’re completely clothed and I have a feeling that you are causing yourself a lot of pain.” She said pointing at my trousers. I chuckled lightly and smiled looking at myself.

“If you feel so then come and help me feel a lot more comfortable.” I said to her. The moment she bit the inside f her bottom lip and gave a low growl, I was completely lost in my lustful mind. Before Lizzy could reach for me, I started to take off my clothes.


So Pov

I bent the corner in the hall to Lizzy’s room. I stopped at the door with my hand in the air to knock.



Chapter 17


Do you really think that I would tell you what I saw, probably already know what. Yes, they were making love again. I sighed and crossed my arms again. Then I threw ice at Kay. He looked up at me and hissed.
“Oops sorry that was an accident,” I said smiling angelically and innocently. Lizzy looked up in daze and stared at me.
“So” she said. “What are you doing here?”
“Just forgot to give my blessing to your marriage” I said still smiling like a little angel. “I hope you have a lovely life together,” I said then I walked out and shut the door. Isabelle was right. I sighed as I walked back into my room. Is was waiting there for me.
“I told you,” she said once again. I sighed again.
“I know, I know” I said as I lay down on my bed and closed my eyes to think about her. Then I heard my phone buzzed. I put it up and looked at it, one new message. I clicked on read and read it:
Hey my dear cousin!!!!
How are you? Are you still angry, sad about you know what? Don’t worry about her! Anyways just want to say Hi!!!
Your Cousin,
PS When you come back, we are going SHOPPING!!!
I groaned as I put down my phone, that cousin…. I turned to still see Is staring at me. I sighed.
“Come here, I will pet you on your head,” I said, meaning I will play with your hair. She smiled and got up and went to sit by my side. I gently played with her hair. She closed her eyes, clearly enjoying it. I sighed again, sorry Is. I am so sorry.
I stared at the door where So went out. So, So. I shook my head. I don’t love him, it’s Kay, Kay. Kay wrapped his arms around me again and kissed me.
“Are you ok, hon.?” he asked. I nodded and got closer to him. He chuckled, “My dear brother gave a blessing, I didn’t expected that,” he murmured as he pushed me back down on the bed. I winced for some reasons. Then he leaned down and kissed me hard on the lips, it felt weird and too strong. My eyes started to go out of focus. Memories exploded into my head. I closed my eyes and focus. Then I remembered something, me, Kay…I struggled, but he keep kissing me like if I was supposed to be with him. This feels just…weird! Then I remembered something that I wished I didn’t.
I can see the me walking to Kay’s room, she looked angry for some reason.
“Kay, where is So?” the me said to him firmly, her lips in a tight line. “Why are we here?” Kay just smiled at me.
“Lizzy,” he said as he slowly got up. Then he grabbed me and pushed me down on the bed. I struggled to get up, but his hands were locked on my arms. He lean down and kissed me, one of his hands went under my shirt, touching my back. I shivered and struggled again, but he was too strong. His hands touched my whole body. I struggled and struggled and struggled and….
“SO!!!!” I screamed as I pushed Kay away from me. I stopped and looked around and looked down. I was undressed with…I turned and stared at Kay...with Kay, oh my god! I covered my face with my hands, what have I done?
I stopped petting Is when I heard Lizzy’s voice screaming my name. I quickly got up and went to the door. Is grabbed me.
“So, don’t go,” she said to me as she held on tighter to my arms. I gently took her hands off me.
“I’m sorry, Is.” I said then I ran out of the door. Is started to say something, but I was too far away to hear her.



I stared after him and blinked away tears. So. So. Why can’t it be me? I lay down on the bed. I remembered when we were little; we used to play together a lot. I loved him since then. Then suddenly a new girl comes and took him away from me. He was mine, I loved him first. I wanted him first.
“So, I always loved you even before,” I said softly to myself as I drifted to sleep....


I ran into Lizzy’s room and stared at her for a minute. She was shivering for some reason. I sighed and gently wrapped a blanket around her, and then I picked her up to walked out the room. I turned and looked at Kay. He frowned at me. Lizzy was still shivering in my arms.
“You know that she will still break you, right?” he asked for once brotherly. I sighed.
“I know, brother,” I said then I turned and continued to walk to one of my rooms. I carefully put her down on the bed.
“So,” she murmured as she reached out her hands for me, i shook my head, negatively at her, then she dropped them. It wasn't long after that she fell asleep. I sighed and gently kissed her on the forehead. Then I turned and was about to walked out when she grabbed my shirt.
“Stay with me, please." she asked weakly.



Chapter 18




I was so angry at So for bringing her here.  All I did was get off the bed to use the bathroom and when I walked back in our room she was there holding onto his shirt. I wanted to slap away her hand from his shirt but I kept my distance and stood at the doorway. All she comes and does is batter her long eyelashes at him and he falls for her. Even when we were kids, she just came from no where and took my So away from me. She doesn’t even love him. How could you be so cruel to people? So has never harmed anyone, he is always true to his word and on top of it he is good. But then she says she loves him and she turns around and sleeps with Kay. Is there anything she won’t do to hurt So’s feelings?  This isn’t the first time she and Kay got intimate. I shook the vision out of my head.


I loved So from the first day I met him in the yard. I was - well I looked like- seven years old. He was playing with his brother and he fell. I never thought about my actions back then but when I ran over to help him up and tend the little scar on his knee, I fell completely in love with those sincere golden eyes of his. With my power of premonition I could only see into the past. I knew when our eyes met we connected but our friendship and relationship only lasted until that wretched little, pain in my neck, girl, Lizzy walked out onto the field that Kay and So were horse back racing. I was just there to support So but she was there to ruin his life.


My anger was getting the best of me and I walked over to the bed and slapped her hand away from So’s shirt.

“Is?!” So said, shocked at my behavior.

“Is what?” I snapped at him. “I am not going to let this good for nothing little witch hurt you anymore.” So stepped back at the intensity of the anger in my eyes.

“What the hell is your problem?” Lizzy asked from on the bed. I turned and faced her.

“My only problem, right now, is you.” I said coldly. “You always use him. You hurt him every chance you get. I am the one who has to console him and I don’t even get an ‘I love you’ from him. All he cares about is you and you don’t even care about him. Admit this to him Lizzy, tonight wasn’t the first time you slept with Kay.” I said glaring at her. Lizzy looked completely taken aback.

“How did you know?” she asked in shocked horror. I snorted.

“Do you think I am only a shadow dog to So? I can see glimpses of the past if I try to concentrate on that person. Your past, the day you ran away from So and this place has a lot of things you will never tell So. Lizzy, you don’t deserve his love.” I snapped at her and turned to see So in a pale condition. I think he was going to be sick or worst he was going to freeze the entire palace.


I quickly moved closer to him. I placed my hands on his chest and tried to get his attention.

“So, listen to me. Please, So, look at me.” I begged him. “So, look at me, look right at me.” I said tilting his face to mine. “Breathe slowly.” He looked at me with tears in his eyes. I knew he was hurting. I shouldn’t have said that out loud but every time I see that wretch I want to wring off her neck. I started to pull So’s fragile body with me onto the bed so he could lie down. When I looked back to the bed Lizzy was still sitting there. “Move!” I said to her and she obeyed quickly. When I was close enough to the bed I guided him to the bed where he sat down.

“Look. I’m sorry about whatever you saw in my past but I don’t remem…” Lizzy was saying before I cut her off. I turned and snapped at her.

“You want to make yourself useful? Go back to your husband, go back to the person you sleep with. Leave So alone, please. You have hurt him a lot already.” I said to her as calmly as possible. I looked back at So sitting on the bed and I got on it and sat next to him. I pushed him, gently, back on the bed so he could lie down properly and I started to stroke his head softly. I didn’t really notice when Lizzy sat on the bed and was holding So’s hand. I really know I should be helping So, but with this hooligan sitting a little away from me and So was really ticking me off.

“Please, Is, I know you don’t like me but at least let me stay with him until he is better.” Lizzy said almost with tears in her eyes.

“You want me to let you stay with him?” I asked her, stunned in disbelief. She can’t be serious right now. “You are out of your mind if you feel I will let you stay in this room for another minute. Now, get out.” I yelled at her from where I was sitting.


Lizzy Pov


I sat there crying at what Is told me. After she yelled at me I got up slowly letting go of So’s hand. I knew Is was wrong about me not loving him but she was right about my past and that is why I’m letting you go. So, please forgive me, I said in my thoughts as I walked towards the door. I took my final look back at So, lying there with his golden eyes staring back at me full with hurt and pain. I couldn’t bear to see the betrayal in his eyes so I hurried out the door and collided into….



Chapter 19


Lizzy POV

I tumbled to the ground and landed hard on my butt. Owwie.
“Oh, sorry,” said a voice. I winced a little as I looked up to see a boy. He was tall and lean and amazingly beautiful like well…everyone here with longish blond hair and green eyes. He reached out his hand.
“Are you ok?” he asked me. I quickly nodded and took his hand as I clumsily got up. He smiled sweetly at me. “That’s good” I stared at his green eyes, they looked a little like…
Before I came finish, Is was at the door. She shoots me a glare, before she turned to the boy and smiled brightly.
“Alex!” she squealed like a little kid, then she hugged him. Then she frowned, “Why are you here?” The boy, Alex smiled.
“What else to see my favorite little sister.” he said. My jaws dropped. Is has a brother?! And is she pouting?!
“Hey, I am not younger, we were born on the same day!” she said. Alex grinned.
“But you were out, one minute after Me.” he said. More shocking, twins?! Is stared at me, and then narrowed her eyes.
“Come in quickly.” she said as she pushed Alex in. “I smell some dirt” Then she turned and slammed the door. I stood there for a minute, boy does she hate me? What did I do? Yes, I know I slept with Kay. But what else? I turned and walked back to my room. The tears that were holding went down my face as soon as I shut the door. I curled up into a ball on my bed. I love him, how can I stop? I don’t want to stop. All I want is to be with him. What did she mean when she said ‘this place have a lot of things that you will never tell’ More question formed in my head as I drifted to sleep. First I was dreaming happily of me and So, then suddenly Kay popped in, then mom and dad, people I don’t remember knowing and finally Is and Alex. They began walking closer to me, their face paler than before. They got so close that I could feel their coldness on my skin. I shivered and gasped for air as they push against me from all of the sides. Their hands went around my throat. I can’t escape, I can’t breath. It’s like if I was outside on a chilly night. I am dying, dying, and dying. I wanted to opened my eyes, but I couldn’t. My hands went into fists by my side, but I couldn’t move it. All I can do is stay there and got choke to death.


I went back to So and gently stroked him again, he whimpered quietly, his eyes flickered a little, but it stayed open. Those eyes, those golden eyes I fell in love with were so full of sorrow and pain that I wanted to cry. The poopiehead dared go near him and made him like this. He wasn’t like this! I murmured to myself and cussed under my breath, his eyes flickered from me to Alex, a little smile went on his face.
“Long time no see Alex”.” he said. My brother nodded softly, his hands crumbled into fists.
“It’s her again, isn’t it?” he said slowly though gritted teeth, his body began to shake with anger.
“No, don’t, Ale.” So said, then he closed his eyes and fell asleep. I gently kissed him on the cheek and looked back at Alex. Her face as hard as stone. He gripped the handle of his sword, and then he turned and started to walk away.
“Where are you going?” I asked. He stopped and turned, a small foxy smile went on her face.
“To finish some leftovers.” he said, and then he turned back and disappeared out the door.


I walked into Lizzy’s room to find her choking. I quickly walked over and hugged her, she struggled against me, and so I just held her closer. Murmuring sweet words into her ear,
“Go away!” she yelled. I lay down next to her, still holding her. “So……So….I love you...” she murmured, I smiled sadly as I kissed her.
“I know you do, I know.” I said. “But you will always be mine, you know.” Then I kissed her neck. “Always”





Chapter 20




“You know that doesn’t mean he’s going to the kitchen, right?” So said from over on the bed. I nodded my head. Wait! When did he get back up? He was unconscious a moment ago. I looked at So, who looked a lot more healthier, and shook my head when he sat up on the bed.

“What do you think you are doing?” I asked him walking back to the bed and sitting next to him. I know I shouldn’t be overcome by my feelings for him but it was just so hard not to. My heart sank when he forced a smile at me.

“I’m going to stop your brother.” So said and I still couldn’t believe he was going to save that good for nothing little wretch. When So tried to get of the bed, he swooned and sat back down. I quickly tried to steady him.

“You are going nowhere mister. Plus if you try to find Alex, he’ll see you coming. Remember?” I said to him, trying to look like I really didn’t care what he chose anymore. “You can go if you want, but I am not saving you from the hurt you will get if you stop him.” I said with a wavering voice as I got off the bed and headed to the other room.

“Isabelle!” So yelled after me and I stopped to turn and face him. I tried my best not to cry. Tears pooling at the bottom of my eyes.

“So, you know what, I wish you and Lizzy and Kay live happily ever after.” I snapped at him, crying now, I turned and ran into the next room and shut the door behind me.


Leaning back onto the door I slid all the way to the ground, sobbing uncontrollably. I felt a pound on the door and I was startled to hear So calling my name.

“Isabelle, please open the door.” He begged, still pounding on it.

“I’m sorry.” I said softly to the door. I can’t bear to see you in anymore pain or hurt again. I’ll leave today with my brother and never come back. I thought to myself getting off the floor. I started to pack my things so I could leave when Alex came back. It would be the hardest thing I will ever have to do but I had to.





“Is please.” I begged from the outside of the door and she still didn’t open it. I took a deep breath and froze the door lock before pushing it free. “Is, listen to m…” I was about to say when I saw a trunk full of her clothes on the next bed. I heard a sniffling sound coming from the dresser and I turned to see Is taking out her clothes and walking back to the trunk. “Is, what are you doing?” I asked her, afraid to hear her answered, I swallowed with great difficulty.

“I’m going back home.” She answered without even looking up to at me.

“Isabelle, you can’t leave.” I said softly.

“Why? Why can’t I leave, So? Who’s to stop me?” she snapped at me. I could see that she was trying not to breakdown in tears. She was hurting a lot but I couldn’t do anything to console her.

“Because you are bound to me. You’re my shadow dog.” I tried the only thing that will keep her here, which kept her here for all these years.

“I’m your shadow dog? So, that isn’t going to keep me here. I stayed here becaue I love you. I care about you, when no one else did.” She said, piercing me with her glare.

“I know.” I said softly. “That’s why I want you to stay.”

“So, I am not staying here to see you get hurt by her again. I am sorry but as long as she is in your life, I won’t be here anymore.” Is said and she continued to pack her things.


How can I stop her from leaving now?

She needs my love but I loved Lizzy. Isabelle is my friend and I care for her, even if she doesn’t see that. I couldn’t let her leave now and I knew it would hurt to even more if it hurts her to do so. I needed a way to stop her, make the only person in my life that wasn’t here for selfish reasons walk out of my life. I will give her everything she wanted from me. Now and Forever.

 I walked up to her and caught her wrist in my hand. She looked up at me as she struggled to be free.

“Let me go.” She said, trying to pull her hand from mine but I tightened my grip and winced. “So you’re hurting me.” She said and I smiled softly.

“Now you know how I feel watching you pack to leave me. Isabelle,” I starting to say and wiped her tears from her cheeks. Is was really beautiful, but it hurts me to know that I am the cause of the pain I see in her eyes. I needed away to sooth her pain. I didn’t know when it happened but my fingers lingered on her full pink lips, tracing the length of them. I felt her body shivered next to mine as she inhaled deeply. I stepped closer to her looking directly into her eyes.

“So, let me go please. This is not right. What if someone walks in and sees us like this. What would they think?” she said backing away from me. Still struggling to be free she stepped back until her back was pressed against the dresser.

“What would they think?” I asked her with a mischievous smile on my face. “They already think you are living with me for my pleasure and not my safety, and some think you are just a dog. Why should we bring down their hopes when we both have feelings for each other?” I asked her bending forward to kiss her.


I felt Is shiver as she pulled away from my grasp when I loosened my grip on her arm. She stumbled to the other side of the room. She was acting as if I was going to rape her or if she was a virgin or something.

“Y-y-you need to stop. And now I need to leave. S-s-so can you please leave the room now?” She stuttered out quickly. Since when was Is so frighten of something she so claimed she always wanted.

“Is, why? Why do you want me to stop?” I asked her, taking some slow steps towards her. I had to admit for a girl who was afraid of her own emotions and feelings she chose the best place to run to, I thought looking at the bed and then back to her.

“So, please stop. We can’t so this. And plus you don’t love me, you love Lizzy. This would be betraying her.” She said looking anywhere else but at the bed, which she stood two feet away from.

“Betray Lizzy?” I asked taken aback for a while. I stared at Is in pure disbelief. She was trying to be just towards Lizzy, after she showed me what Lizzy and Kay was doing. “Come on, Is. Lizzy betrayed me a long time ago and you didn’t. As you said before, you don’t get enough attention from me. So I am here to give you all the attention you want. But on one condition.” I said to her holding up my finger. She was breathing heavy, I could tell by the way her chest, which displayed her well formed breasts perfectly under her top, was moving rapidly.

“What’s that?” She asked me stepping back further into the corner of the room.

“You should know that already.” I said, looking from the bed to her.

“You can’t be serious.” She said after she caught my glances. “I am not giving up myself to you.” She said willfully. Sounding a lot more like the Is that I normally talked to on a day to day bases.


I looked at her now fully in her face. She had absolutely no where else to run.

“Actually you will.” I said matter-of-factly. “If you want to leave the room that is.” I said then I looked back to the door and I made a wall of ice to block the way out.

“So, this is complete craziness. So stop joking and move.”

“I know but they say everyone is crazy one way or the other. So, my dear Isabelle, will you do me the honor, today, to make the bond we share even stronger?” I asked her curtly. “I’m not taking no for an answer.” I told her. She looked at me, the bed and then the floor and she nodded. I slowly guided her to the bed and…..



Alex POV


I was about to knock on Lizzy’s bedroom door when I notice it was open. I pushed it softly to see Kay sleeping to the side Lizzy, who was looking up at the ceiling.

“Lizzy.” I called her and she looked at me. “Can we talk for a moment?” I asked her and she nodded. I looked from her to Kay and walked back out of the bedroom to wait for her to get dressed. I hope my vision was going to happen today or this just might never work and my sister will never have the future I see for her. For once it will have a happy ending, if my timing is right. I felt the door open behind me and I turned to see Lizzy fully dressed and waiting to hear what I wanted to tell her.

“Can you walk with me for a while?” I asked her and she closed the door behind her.

“You’re Is’s brother, aren’t you?” She asked me and I said yes. “Why are you here?”

“You won’t believe me until I show you.” I said to her walking the way to So’s rooms. “You know how my sister can see the past? I mean you must know because she told you already. I am different from her in all ways possible. I see the future of everyone else but my own. And your future is completely bright. Children and parties and a husband. But so are my sister’s and I want it to be like that without any changes.” I told her opening So’s door and walking to Is’s room which a wall of thick ice was blocking us and I smiled.



“What’s going on? And what do you mean our future is the same? Is can’t have a husband without So’s permission. She can’t have children out of wedlock in this castle.” Lizzy said righteously and I shook my head.

“Who said anything about not having So’s permission? She will be happy and so will he.” I said then trying to make a clearing in the ice for her to see. “Can you give me a hand with this? Make a small whole in it so you can see through, use your powers.” I said to her, ushering her to look inside the room. This was going to be really interesting to see how quick she’ll run back to Kay and make all the necessary arrangements.




Chapter 21



I can’t believe he is with me, not with the wrench! I grabbed at his shirt and pulled him closer. Kissing him gently, he ran his hand under my shirt and kissed me back.  I gasped, running my hands in his hair. I love him, I love him so much. His cold hands then traced down my neck as he looked right into my eyes. He leaned closer and kissed my collarbone.

“So.” I whispered his name over and over. “I love you.”

“I know.” he murmured as he pulled the sheets over both of us and should I really tell you? I will tell you one thing; there are a lot of moaning and gasping.


Alex POV

I smirked as I watched as Lizzy looked away in shock and pain. That is what So felt when you were sleeping with Kay, you don’t deserve him. I thought to her.

“He wouldn’t do that, he loves me!” she said softly trying hard to believe it

“Not after what you do to him, you wrench.” I hissed at her as I slammed her against the wall. I smiled as she winced.

“You don’t deserve him.” I whispered to her, before letting her go and walked away. “Go back to your husband, you lying wrench.” I said to her and continued waking away, slowly enough to hear her dropping to the ground sobbing.


I started to cry, my hand rubbing my arm from his grab. How does he know?! I love him, I really do. My heart felt like if it was shattered into little pieces as I sat there and sobbed. In a distance I could hear Alex laughing at my pain, my sorrow. I unsteady got up and walked back to my room, collapsing before I got pass the door. Love, the feeling of love I have is only with So, but when Kay grabbed me and gently kissed me. Right then I needed comfort, and who can give you that. If not your lover’s brother? I am a cruel being, Alex is right I hurt him too much. But he is wrong about one thing. I love So, I know that from the his sweet words and his touches that send tingles down my body. I was never using him. Love is a demon so is my love for my beloved So. I glanced at Kay, too blind by my love, that he looked like So suddenly with his beautiful golden eyes. I reached out to him. A word left my mouth.




I was shocked by the name, but I kissed her back. If she thinks I am So, that is better. The wedding was in two nights. I comforted her, kissing away her tears, but I couldn’t help, but to smirk.  Think I have won my little brother.

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