The Twilight Saga

Lizzy thought she was an average teenage girl living a normal life and going through normal problems like everyone else....But that is what she thought

She'll soon find out that she was wrong......





Chapter 1


She is mine
she's have to die
she's have to awaken.
They said then they reached out their hands and choked me. I am going to Die, I am going to di-

I jumped up scared, it was in the middle of the night. I touched my throat; it felt real like someone choked me.
"That was the tenth time I got that dream," I said still very scared. I looked at the clock: 4:12 a.m. I groaned and got up, "Since I am already awake, I guess I will get ready for school," I said as i got dressed. Then someone whispered, "Be careful, Izzy," I turned but no one was there. 


I walked to school a few hours earlier, "It is 7:00 a.m right now," I said looking at my watch. "Lizzy," said a voice. i quickly turned and looked at the person. I froze. He was beautiful with black hair with icy blue eyes, but I shivered when I saw him, too beautiful. He smiled a perfect white smile, "Your blood smell so good," he said as he attacked me. I ran away, but he was too fast. Then he put his teeth on my neck, I screamed.  I blacked out, the last thing I saw was blood and forest green eyes.



I opened my eyes and looked up to see Elena, Cary, and Tom. I groaned, "Where am I?"
"In the nurse's office," said Elena.
"We saw you laying around in the hall,"
"Oh, i am fine now," I said then I got up unsteady.
"Watch it!" said Tom as he helped me. Cary started dancing, then she smiled.
"Today, we are having two new, hot students!" she said happily.
"Great," I said rolling my eyes as Tom helped me to class. I shivered when I thought about those icy blue eyes.



"Hi everyone!" said Mr. Smith, an elderly man who everyone liked. "Today, we have new students, come in!" he said happily like usual. Two guys stepped in, they had on hoodies that covered most of their face, there was only two things that was showed, their eyes, one golden, one jade green. I watched them quietly, clearly surprised. Mr. Smith just looked at them and said, "Your names?"
"So Knight"
"Kay Knight" 
Those names sounded familiar, but I didn't know where and when. A blunt memory of the past I didn't knew.

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First chapters good. Gotta keep reading:)


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