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Hi twilighters,

Wasn't sure where to post this so its in off-topic.

Have any of you visited Forks as a Twilight Fan? If yes what did you think to it, did it help fuel your imagination for the books and movies?

How many of you traveled from different countries to visit Forks? Anyone from my country UK?

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There is a group of women who go to Forks/La Push almost every year.  One of them would most likely be able to answer your question and they are planning another trip.

Hi JJ, again thanks for the information .

Hi LR ... I went to Forks last year with the OWG and had a real blast.
Are you thinking of going there ?
This year they're going in September for Stephenie Meyer Day that Forks holds every year on Bella's birthday x x x

I would absolutely love to go, shame its so far away :( xx


Hi Kezza,

Yes, its something I would love to do, a trip of a life time, just a dream at the moment though :(

But, I'm happy to hear from any of the OWG ladies who have been able to go.

Some of the ladies are going this September for Stephenie Meyers Day and I'm sure they will have some great photos and adventures to share with us on here :)  .


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