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Hey everyone -I thought I'd take a minute to remind everyone of some key rules for the forum, since lately it seems like members are posting some things that don't belong here.

Threads that don't belong on the forum:

-Fan-fictions and other stories. These belong in the appropriate groups, not the forum. For fan-fictions, please post them in the Fan-fiction group, which you can find   here:

For stories/writing that is not Twilight-related, you can post them in the other writing groups such as the Writer's Cafe, which you can find here:

-Role Play Threads. Role playing is not allowed anywhere on the site except for in the role play group, which can be found here:

-Illegal content. Lately we've been seeing a lot of threads asking for emails, or site addresses to send copies of the copyrighted Eclipse script. Distributing this script is illegal, since the members here don't own the rights to it. It's copyrighted, therefor members are not allowed to distribute it. This goes for all copyrighted material, such as pirated music, movies, and books. Asking for email addresses is also not allowed, nor is it allowed to post yours.

-Spam threads. I think some members are confused about what spam threads might be. Basically, a spam thread is either complete nonsense, or a thread that has no real topic of discussion. Threads that say "What's up" and nothing else are considered spam threads. If you'd like other members to add you as a friend, please don't make a thread about it, add comments on other members' pages. Starting a thread telling everyone to add you is considered spam, since it's not a topic of discussion. Posting the same topic over and over again is considered spam as well. "Am I pretty/hot?" threads are also considered spam. This is not a dating site, or a looks-rating site and threads like this have no place here.  Please only post each topic once. If you're unsure if your thread may be a spam thread, please ask us before posting it. 

-Hate threads. Attacking other members is not allowed here. Any abusive threads about another member will be deleted and the poster will be issued a warning or ban, depending on the content. It's considered disruptive, and harassment. This includes hate threads pertaining to moderators. We're also members of the site, and we need to be shown the same respect.***This has been altered, as we're more worried about hate threads than we are well-intentioned threads.

- Repeat threads. Please use the search bar before posting a new thread. If it's a thread asking which team everyone is on, it's been posted already, so please join one of the existing threads on this topic. We want to avoid having several threads on the same topic so the forum is easy to navigate.

-Chain letter and other forward content. Lately we've been seeing posts around the site that are considered spam. Anything that resembles "Repost this in 5 other threads/groups/pages and you'll receive good luck, etc" is not allowed anywhere on the site. This includes private messages. A lot of members are getting really upset about all of the spam around the site, and I can't say I blame them. Please be mindful of what you post.

-Nasty, hateful comments on threads. Lately we've had some pretty snide remarks from some members. Particularly when people post fan-fictions or spam threads. The appropriate thing to do is to report spam or other inappropriate threads to the moderators. Instead, members are insulting and bullying the authors of these threads and trying to police them. This causes problems for obvious reasons, and makes members feel very uncomfortable about posting here. Some members are new, and don't know their way around yet. Helpful comments are fine, but please report the threads to us and keep all rude comments to yourselves. 

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I thought I'd post a reminder, since there are a lot of spam threads lately.

-Posting threads to get people to join another website is not only against the rules here, but it's spam.

-Posting threads about your boyfriend without any real topic of discussion is also spam, so please stop posting these, we've been seeing a lot.

These are the only curse words allowed on the site: ass, damn, dammit, hell and piss(ed). You may not add anything on the end of "ass", and you may not direct any of these at anyone else on the site, for example, you may not tell someone else to go to Hell, you may not call another member or a mod an ass, etc. If you don't see a curse word on that list, then don't post it. If you have a question about whether something is allowed, ask before you post it, but like I said, if it's a curse word and you don't see it in the list above, it's not allowed.

Acronyms that are allowed: lol, lmao, omg, wth - You may not add an "f" to any of these, even if you mean it to represent "freak/freakin". If you mean to type freak or freaking, then type the entire word out. You may not abbreviate any curse words that are not in the list above, that includes using symbols to mask out words. We've been finding a ton of profanity and masked profanity on the site, so I thought everyone could use a reminder.
When you see a hate thread, do not start spamming on it with pictures and gifs, you're only giving the OP exactly what they want, and making the problem worse by making the thread popular and active. Just report it to us and don't post on it.
I'd like to add that if you're not a moderator, it's not appropriate for you to police other members. What I mean by this: If you see another member violating a rule/guideline, or if you see a thread that violates a rule or guideline, report it, do not post on the thread and tell the OP it needs to be deleted, or that they need to change the topic/post, etc. This normally gets members upset and does much more harm than good, so please just report the violation/issue and let the mods take care of it.
Keep threads on topic and use only to discuss the OP. This is not the place for bickering about antis and non antis, trolls, personally attacking others, etc. in fact, the entire forum is for discussing topics in a civil manner only. So please be respectful of other people's threads and stop derailing them with bickering matches. We've been seeing a lot of that lately. We understand that discussion naturally moves away from the original topic a lot of the time, but fighting with each other is not an appropriate way to use the forum, nor is it allowed since it falls under disruption and harassment. This is the last time I'm going to say this and if it continues, bans will be issued.

Please use the search bar, guys. I know a lot of people are really excited about the new movie, but please use the existing thread for talking about Eclipse, we don't need twenty threads asking what everyone thought about it. Thanks!
I need to remind everyone not to post any writing or fanfiction on the forum. Role plays are also not allowed on the forum, and they will be deleted without warning or notice. Please post these things in the appropriate groups.
Hey guys, just a heads-up, posting surveys with random questions is considered spam, since there's no topic of discussion. You may post these in your blogs as long as they follow the rules, but please don't post them in the forum.


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